My David Miliband Next Job Theory

I’m doing politics today. I hesistate at posting anything which may promote the Labour party (or more accurately known as the anti-Tory party…or we need power to finance our houses as we are unable to behave and work to an acceptable standard in the corporate world to get a job like the evil Tories tell you to party), I […]

Heavy Drinking Better Than Not Drinking

Good news fellow binge-drinkers and alcoholics. A new 20-year study has shown that non-drinkers have a higher mortality rate than heavy-drinkers. It is a shame that drinking tends to reduce my bank balance, but I’ll take this good news and celebrate with a drink tonight…and tomorrow…and Friday…and Saturday

Updated Weather Forecast

The British weather has many varied ways of being unpleasant.  Fortunately for weather-freaks like me, I enjoy varied weather, especially extreme weather.  So I did get a little excited about some particularly unpleasant weather which over the weekend looked like it was on it’s way. Some of you may however be pleased that it has […]