Another Successful Weekend Navigated

Well that was another very enjoyable weekend navigated successfully. I am not quite sure if I will successfully navigate today, however. Wide awake until the early hours last night – falling asleep today. Surprise, surprise, Cilla. I guess anyone who watched the Champions League final on Saturday does not need me to tell them just […]

The English Football Association Should Withdraw From FIFA

I really cannot see why we should continue to be so disregarded by Sepp Blatter as the head of FIFA. It is quite extraordinary in his denial of issues of corruption. If the English FA have any balls, then they should withdraw from FIFA, and I would not be surprised if many other countries across […]

Unsuccessful Job Application & General Life Update

I feel quite reasonable today, I even got up early and was 30 minutes early for work – crazy stuff!  Means I can leave at 5pm which will be much appreciated. I didn’t get the sales support role that I applied for.  I did have a feeling in the interview that I didn’t get it […]

Putting Into Practice What I Learnt From The Apprentice

I like to think that I am constantly evolving and learning, so I have now decided I can put into practice what I learnt on The Apprentice the other night. Greatly encouraged by getting 5p off a chocolate muffin yesterday at the cafe at work, with hardly saying a word, today I went down with […]

Hello Bank of England – Sort It Out!

You may have seen that inflation has jumped to 4.5% in April. Yet, the Bank of England, who are in charge of trying to ensure that inflation sticks to a target rate of 2%, are not doing anything to control inflation, through increasing interest rates. Is this acceptable? This article argues that savers now need […]