Reasons To Be Cheerful 28th June 2011

1.  I have 5 weekends in a row with really good plans; this one Martin’s birthday, 9th CITP (number 6), 17th meeting my sister, 23rd having a catch up with my best friend from university days, 28th (albeit a Thursday) Nicolas Jaar at fabric, maybe, just maybe, Ricardo on the Saturday.  July looks very good […]

A Weekend More Boring Than Work! Hurry The **** Up Pay-day!

That has to go down as one of the more boring weekends that I have had this year, and I am increasingly having boring weekends…well 1 in 4 are anyway which is way too much for my liking.  No money and no friends around to keep me entertained culminates in inevitable boredom.  I actually had more fun at work […]

The Problem With Socialism Is That Eventually You Run Out Of Other People’s Money (Oh, And My Thoughts About The Weekend And Exciting Things!)

Oh, Maggie, thank you ever so much. I have just read an interview with her, back in 1976, a full 3 years before she became Prime Minister.  It is a fascinating read, if you have the time.  She really was on the ball.  So many comparisons between then and now. Just one quote for my […]

My Thoughts On How To Save The Euro & The Greek Crisis

There are two schools of thought on how to save the Euro when it comes to countries like Greece (which is the one currently most in the shit), one controversial, one very controversial.  Actually, there are three if you count the current one of keep lending to Greece but I’m not counting that as a solution […]

I Want To Piss In A Resevoir

This is my new hero.  A man called Joshua Seater, urinated in a resevoir, causing it to be emptied of it’s 8 million gallons of water… I had a lovely 12 hour sleep last night though I think I needed it to help me recover from the weekend, given that Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday […]

My Music History – 1994/95 – Twilight FM

I’ve always had an obsession with at least one form or other of dance music pretty much from when I first discovered it back in 1989, though until 1994, my only opportunity to hear new dance music was via the 2-3 hours of Pete Tong’s Essential Mix on Radio 1, from 1991. Discovering Twilight FM, a […]