UK 2011 Q2 GDP Growth of 0.2% – And The Future Of The UK economy

I note that GDP growth for the second quarter of 2011 is only 0.2%. Nobody should be worried about this.  As the below historic graph shows, quarterly GDP growth has always been very volatile.  Just look at the quarters of very low or no growth after the recession in the early 1980’s for an example. There are […]

So What Have I Been Doing/Going To Do?

You may have noticed a lack of blogging recently – I tend to have these phases of 2-3 weeks where I reduce my productivity, and this was one of those – firstly I had a crazy party weekend, then a week of chilling, then last week going back to work I found quite difficult due […]

The Most Important Website Of The Day (And The Next 4 Days?)

No, not my blog, before you think I have really gone way over the top with the whole ego thing (yes I do control the weather before you ask but that isn’t enough to have the most important website in the world). Cricket. Yes. England vs India. If we win the series by two clear […]

Video Diary of Cocoon In The Park by…people on Youtube

These are the best videos kindly uploaded by other Cocoon In The Park folks to Youtube. It is a pretty reasonable description of my best day of 2011 which has put me on such a high all week. I hope you enjoy. I will also compile a list of the tunes played at some point. […]