Jamie Jones (and others) at fabric 24/09/2011

I have been wanting to see Jamie Jones for 2-3 years now and have consistently failed to persuade any of my many clubbing friends to join me, and my frustration got to the point where I decided that I was just going to go by myself. However, I did in the end have some excellent […]

James Winfield In Ibiza – Chapter 9 – 2011 (part 1???)

They still let me in!  Good job they check my passport thoroughly. Ibiza – my favourite place in the world.  So much beauty, so much fun to be had, so much ability to heal oneself…but also to destroy oneself. This might be quite a long blog post, so feel free just to look at the […]

An Evening At The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari – That Really Cool Thing In London

  This is kind of what it looked like – we were all stood or sat inside that circular curtain of tubes where the film was projected on.  Photo stolen from Time Out.  My camera is shit, forgive me. Allegedly the first ever film to feature a twist, a 1920’s silent film. At first I […]