Scottish Independence

Two years until the Scottish Independence vote. Now I would prefer the United Kingdom to stay together. However, if Scotland becomes independent then Labour would lose all those Scottish MPs and the chances of future Conservative governments and majority governments would become much likelier.  Oh no 😉 No more Gordon Brown’s.  No more Scottish interference […]

Weekend Of Dreams Or Weekend Of Austerity?

I can tell I haven’t been clubbing for a few weeks, my dancing feet are starting to itch. And there are 3 amazing line-ups in London this weekend. Tonight there is Wolf + Lamb, PillowTalk (live), No Regular Play and Slow Hands at the Loft Studios. Saturday night the wonderful Nina Kraviz at Village Underground and also […]

Conclusions & Reminders From My Weekend

I had a really enjoyable and fun-packed weekend. These are my conclusions/reminders: I still really like beer. But I also definitely have a new-found taste for not wasting Sundays and being a bit more alert on Mondays. I love London. London is ridiculously more exciting than Reading. £4.80 a pint. Ouch. I have lived in […]

Ed Miliband’s One Nation Bull

So did anyone watch Ed Miliband’s Labour conference speech? No, thought not. Neither did I. But I did put myself through the highlights, and most notable was that he used the phrase “One Nation” 44 times apparently. I didn’t count but plenty of political observers did. One Nation. From the Labour Party. Oh please. Shut […]