10 Years of Ricardo Villalobos at fabric 24/11/2012

To have a truly awesome night out, it takes more than just one’s favourite nightclub, favourite international DJ and favourite resident DJ.  There has to be the initial idea, finding a dancing partner, the week-long build-up of excitement, the over-excitement leading to an accidentally messy night a day or two beforehand, something of a mission […]

Extreme Weather: Exciting Or Devastating?

It is well known that I get very excited with extreme weather, I love downpours, damaging winds, disruptive snowfall, etc. I think one could be (wrongly) accused of being heartless as said exciting weather causes great disruption, sometimes destruction to people’s houses and businesses, and now and again loss of life. But one of the […]

Resident Advisor Top 100 DJ Poll

It’s that time of year to vote for your favourite DJs (I assume that my readers are cool enough to ignore the bullshit poll from the crap magazine). To vote, you had to be a member before 20th November and only have until midnight on Thursday 22nd November to vote.  I approve of this short time to vote, to […]