This weekend was a reminder of what a wonderful group of friends I have, so many people taking the time out to give some support to those going through such a difficult moment of their lives, a life-changing event, something that is almost unimaginably unbearable.  Such a unique and beautiful group, they have changed me […]


I should be at Cocoon In The Park right now, having a brilliant experience. I have a ticket but the cost of the trains and hotel that were required made it prohibitive. It hurts.  Yes I could have gone and used my overdraft and repaid it later.  That isn’t my style. I am pissed off […]

Ricardo Villalobos @ fabric 06/07/2013

I was fabulously excited last week before going to fabric for the first time this year, convinced it would be my best night out all year.  Just in case you don’t know, fabric is my favourite nightclub in the world, and Ricardo Villalobos is my favourite DJ in the world. We arrived around 1am after […]

Strawberry Distress

I think this is a return to form for my complaints… *************************** Dearest Sainsburys I have a friend that moved out to Australia and she has been watching Wimbledon and is very upset that she cannot get British strawberries in Australia. I wanted to rescue the damsel-in-strawberryless-distress so I agreed to send some over in […]

Farewell Mervyn King – Total Failure

The British honours system doesn’t always get it right.  Fred Goodwin and Jimmy Saville were two that I re-salutated from Sir to Scumbag long before their titles were removed. Mervyn King is another one who needs to be dethroned. There are many who seem to in praise of Mr King, mostly due to his record […]