Probably The Most Disastrously Worrying Event Of My Adult Life

Today is payday. Some people will treat themselves to the finest steak they can locate.  Others will upgrade frm 613 Oxford Road to a more refined Ascot hooker.  Others will eschew their usual 5% pure Colombian for their dealer’s special £100 Bolivian (the only reason I know about this is because I read an article […]

Ibiza 2013 – The Review of My 11th Trip

Ahh Ryanair.  It is amazing how many morons are on the Ryanair flight to Ibiza.  Can anyone answer if other destinations have such a high proportion of nobheads on their respective budget flights? I decided that it would be more fun to fly with Ryanair from East Midlands…first going south to Basingstoke, then west to […]

Daily Express Weather Headlines

Little is more perturbing to the amateur weather forecaster, and certainly will be to those professionally qualified, then the spurious sensationalist weather headlines in the Daily Express. Weather forecasting is actually rather important, not only to the individual but to many businesses across the country – people will make decisions based on such sensationalist drivel […]

James & Kathryn in London

Firstly I would like to thank the European Union for granting me as a proud European citizen a minimum holiday allowance. Every year I allocate some of these days to actual holidays (in other words, Ibiza), some to travelling to and from Hull, some to recovering from nights out at fabric, some to just random […]