Dear Sainsburys – I Need Bratwurst

Dear Sainsburys I require some Bratwurst. However you do not stock any Bratwurst. My only other options are to shop at the horrid Tesco store, or to book a Ryanair flight to Germany. Are you able to assist in me being able to avoid the above options? Kind regards James Winfield ******************** Dear Mr Winfield […]

Premier League Predictions

I thought I should impart my wisdom as to my predictions: 1. Chelsea2. Arsenal3. Manchester United4. Liverpool5. Manchester City6. Tottenham Hotspur7. Everton8. Stoke City9. Newcastle United10. Crystal Palace11. Sunderland12. West Ham United13. Hull City14. Burnley15. Southampton16. Queens Park Rangers17. Aston Villa18. West Bromwich Albion19. Swansea City20. Leicester City Anyone in disagreement with me? Also I […]

Ricardo Villalobos @ fabric 09/08/2014

I hadn’t been to fabric all year.  And I hadn’t seen Ricardo Villalobos, my very favourite DJ, since last summer – when I just couldn’t get into what he was playing. London clubbing is a mission even though it is only 30 minutes away on the train, it is difficult to persuade friends to make […]