Sven Vath & Cocoon @ Building Six 22/11/2014

A year isn’t a year unless I have danced to Papa Sven and it is my 10 year anniversary since I saw the Cocoon light, ditching the likes of David Guetta, Paul Van Dyk and Erick Morillo for a far more sonically satisfying, albeit at first a rather confusing form of dance music.  Where is […]

30 Things That Are Pissing Me Off Right Now

Around one third of this blog was supposed to be me ranting.  All it seems to have become is what have I done. This is what is pissing me off currently: 1. The inaccurate name of this blog. 2. Pavement cyclists. 3. Mini-earthquakes when trying to sleep caused by doors being slammed. 4. Account managers.  […]