Compliment – First Great Western & My Lost Suitcase

I don’t just moan.  I don’t only complain.  I like to offer my thanks when I have received good service too.  And when I left my suitcase on the train the other week, I received excellent customer service from First Great Western. Honestly! ****** This is not a complaint.  I repeat – this is not […]

My New Job: The Important Stuff

I know what you’ve been thinking all week – what temperature is James’ new office? Well, you will be pleased to know that it is very comfortable, albeit bordering on slightly chilly around 11:30am. It’s a very nice modern office in Moorgate, our floor has a multitude of small companies, mostly, if not all, start-ups, […]

Complaint: Tesco & Some Crap Chicken

Actually a recent complaint this one! ****** Dear Tesco Gosh do I have a 1,000 character limit? Wish me luck on that. One night recently, I was drunk. Do you have one of those annoying friends that starts every story with “I was really drunk”? I’m going to have to get to the point pretty […]

Complaints: Sainsbury’s & Short-Dated Chicken Part 2

This is a follow-up from an earlier e-mail to Sainsbury’s, when I was getting so fed up of them delivering short-dated chicken (amongst other things).  My original e-mail is here – it will help to put our love affair into context if you haven’t already read it. ****** Dear Sainsburys Thank you for taking the […]

Complaint: Harrow Council Housing Benefit

I was not amused during my recent spell of unemployment, to be awarded just £87.40 a week in housing benefit.  My rent is £600.00 a month – not exactly an overwhelmingly expensive amount in London. But apparently the government decrees that I should be able to find a room in a house for £378.73 a […]

Complaint: HMRC & My Proposals To Repay Unpaid Tax

Whilst I was unemployed, I received a demand from HMRC for £87.02 of unpaid tax.  As you can imagine, I was not especially amused, given that I had roughly £80 a month after rent. My first reaction was to ignore it.  Then they sent me a follow-up letter advising that I needed to pay the […]

Complaints: Sainsbury’s & Short-Dated Chicken

A complaint from last year, in May, after my Supermarket Slut project and part of my ongoing relationship troubles with Sainsbury’s Online. ******* Hi Sainsburys Do you remember me? We used to be close.  Really close.  We used to date each other every weekend. But then you kept sending me short-dated chicken…and I can only […]