James Went To Some Exhibitions

It always tickles me when you speak to an immigrant and they reel off all the places they have visited; Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower Of London, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum, Transport Museum… You name it, they’ve done it.  You name it, I haven’t. It isn’t because I don’t want to […]

BBC Election Complaint 2

Arguably a tad tenuous but hey. ****** Dear Sir/Madam I note again that you have spent huge amounts of money covering what is now clearly a left-wing, socialist-promoting event, in Glastonbury. This is completely against the BBC’s charter to specifically be spending so much money and time on one long political event, designed to brainwash […]

Complaint: Badvocado

Written when I was unemployed… ****** “Oh not him again”. Yes I know, you thought that you wouldn’t hear from me again now I’m unemployed (technically on gardening leave which means I do things like sorting out kitchen cupboards looking for out of date tins of pineapple), as I am now just a yellow sticker […]