Power Shortages

Just in case you didn’t realise how useless our current government is – they have allowed a situation to develop where we could have power black-outs in the UK within a few years.

Though if the recession gets much worse then industry will use less, people will less be able to afford it so will use less, and all will be good 🙂

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John Terry – My Opinion

From what the newspapers say, it seems that John Terry has been having extra-marital relations with one of his England team-mates partners.

Hull fans last night were not too impressed. Perhaps a little infantile, but well, my sense of humour is willing to go down-hill – footballers are hardly upstanding members of society usually.

Some were quite predictable such as “Terry, Terry, where’s your wife”
And “Ashley, Ashley, watch your wife”

But my favourite by far was “Mrs Bridge is going down”

Wait a minute though…if that was me who was lucky enough to have had relations with two hot women – I would get a slap on the back. I would get kudos. So why the clamour for John Terry to resign as England captain?

If you ask me, he should run for Prime Minister. Alternatively he should be given a peerage so he can sit in the House of Lords.

There is a precedent – remember Bill Clinton?

Valentine’s Day Suggestions

Now according to House of Fraser junk e-mail I received, this catching ornamental birdcage is the perfect present for someone on Valentine’s Day.

It can also be used as a hurricane lantern for pillar candles.

What the fuck?

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The Meaning Of Work (or not)

I really do not know why I bother.

Well quite often I don’t bother, especially on a Friday.

Today I chased an internal department for an answer to something, which yes might be a little time consuming, might take them 30 minutes or so when most of my queries to them take about 2 minutes.

But my original request was dated 23rd March 2009. It is 2nd February 2010. I think this is the 7th time I have chased.

Granted I have an e-mail dated 24th September 2008 that I am yet to respond to, but I spent the best part of two days in 2008 only to conclude that there was no debt to recover, just a myriad of time-consuming credit notes to raise, hence I am ignoring it.

Come September 2010, I can write-off the whole balance on this particular account.

If of course I still do this job. Which clearly I don’t want to. And haven’t wanted to for quite some time now. Motivation is low, but I still achieve. Just a little less than when I was motivated.

I blame the recession. It persuades people to stay in their current role, as it is safer, so therefore there are less other open positions to be able to apply for. And means that people enjoy their same old jobs less, and are less motivated to do a good job.

I better go collect some more debt.

February 1st – Weather Forecast

My original long-term prediction of a cold and snowy February, made many months ago, may have got off to a surprisingly accurate start.

However I now need to amend it however as milder (and wetter) weather is likely to be the dominant force for the next 7-10 days.

But I am still sticking to my guns for the remainder of the month, with much colder weather from around 10th-14th onwards.

I do fancy a relatively dry start to Spring, though a wet and warm May. And summer? Much drier than the last few years for most of it (probably one wet month, most likely July), but far from the 2004 heat-wave.

My Lack Of Motivation – Documented

I was in the mood for an argument this morning, and I achieved this within an hour of work.

The comments in my appraisal document are somewhat different to the appraisal meeting where there was nothing negative. So I have fought back.

Although James is in general a very bright and efficient team member and usually a good performer, this year he lacked motivation and drive, despite several team motivational endeavors and support made available. It is a fact that the workload increased this year. However, despite the extra aid supplied to James to ensure his workload is set to a more manageable and effective level, James’s performance dropped significantly in 2009 as he recognized it himself, which is already a step forward to the route of improvement. A Senior Management deadline has also been missed (BPP) . Year end figures against his 2009 financial target will however only be available in the end of December.

My response:

I am very happy with 2009, I think I have made an excellent contribution towards all of my targets, the team targets and the company’s imperitives as a whole. I admit that I have somewhat lacked motivation at times in the second half of the year, but this was due to the significant amount of stress received due to the previously deteoriated relationship with my manager (now thankfully repaired and working well) and the exceptionally long time that the grievance procedure took to resolve it, the lack of objectives, the frustration over the lack of support from other departments such as AR and many continually unresolved issues such as hundreds of accounts missing from Collections Management, poor responses from Atradius, amongst other grievances.
The deadline was missed for BPPs, however I would like to think that it would not have been had I received the instruction to complete them two months beforehand as I believe I should have done.
Overall though, I do believe that I have performed very well, given the circumstances, and expected improvements within the department and a focus on resolving the difficulties that I face in being as effective as I would like, will be resolved to allow for another very good year, and hopefully further improved year, in 2010.


Anyone else fancy an argument? I am well up for it 🙂

The amount of shit I had to put up with last year thanks to ineffective management and the lack of response and support from other departments, makes me seriously wonder why I bother at all. And why am I still here? Oh yeah, annual bonus payment so I can afford to go to Ibiza. They better be paying one!!