Get In! Or More Accurately – Get Out

The news today is that 46,000 homes were repossesed last year – a 14 year high (link in title).

That figure is far too low for my liking.

I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who borrowed what they cannot afford. They all pushed up house prices so many young people who cannot afford them. So they deserve to suffer the consequences of their bad decision-making (I’m not saying that I want anyone homeless, just not to be home-owners if they cannot afford it).

Really, the Bank of England should have put up interest rates many years ago when the bubble was forming. Regulatory authorities should have had their eye on what the banks were doing to allow this. And the Labour government should have spent some of their vast sums generated from stamp duty on new council housing stock, thereby increasing the stock of housing and reducing demand (yes a Conversative saying build more council houses!).

Of course, the Labour government would not dare upset the middle classes whose votes they depended on for re-election in 2001 or 2005, by introducing a policy which may have made their houses worth less.

Hence we are in a bit of a pickle with the old economy. All of the above are to blame for the recession. Not just the bankers. Not just the government.

Pound – Euro Exchange Rate

For a while I have been expecting the pound’s value to plummet against the Euro, possibly to something like 80p to the Euro, thanks to our huge budget defecit and well, screwed economy.

But I forgot about the effect of countries like Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain on the Euro itself.

Those countries are closer to economic collapse than the UK (as we just spent £200billion on papering over the cracks to try and help Gordon Brown get re-elected Hugo Chavez style) and had they not been in the Euro their currencies could well have been devalued by now – at least in the case of Greece anyway, and then the others could follow suit as market jitters went elsewhere.

Hence worries about several Euro-zone countries could lead to the Euro becoming significantly weaker.

Whether that would translate into cheaper holidays to Ibiza or worries about the UK economy would just translate into both currencies equally losing value, I’m not sure.

If I remember correctly, The World Bank thinks the long-term Pound-Euro exchange rate is circa 1.3. It would be nice if it got back to that level.

Time to cheer that we are not the only very badly run economy in Europe 🙂

The link in the title goes to some very mis-guided opinions on the BBC website about Greece being bailed out by the EU.

Which I am fully against.

It is like me taking out loans for £50k, spending on prostitutes and cocaine, and then asking my friends to bail me out when my creditor’s want their money back.

Not that I am incinuating that those high up in political institutions in any country would ever spend their (taxpayer’s) money on prostitutes or cocaine.

Lost The Game?

I just lost the game.

In case you don’t know the rules:

You are now in the game
The object of the game is not to think about the game.
If you think about it then you must announce your defeat.
Then you are back in the game.

Facebook group in the title.

Making Your World Better, Part 1

One of the reasons that I write this blog is that I want to enlighten my reader’s lives.

This is a very practical measure.

The self-scanning machines at the likes of Sainsbury’s are excellent for efficiency, I find. However I do not need to be constantly talked through the whole process. I know what I am doing. Please place item in bagging area. Have you swiped your nectar card. Insert cash. Shut the fuck up.

Well, to my delight, I discovered that before you start scanning, you can change the volume – a few clicks can mute the voice so all you hear is the satisfying bleeps as you scan your purchases.

At least at your till anyway. Enjoy 🙂


I like efficiency. I really do.

Whenever someone asks me what do I want to do with my career – part of my answer is to make processes more efficient.

So imagine my current displeasure in the advice that a task I do 2-3 times a day on average, and takes about 5 minutes, now needs a labourious amount of extra paperwork attached to it, so each of these tasks will now take about 20-30 minutes.

For reasons unexplained. I only have the instruction. No explanation is available to me.

I am fighting it.

But on the plus side, it gives me something else to moan about, so really, I could not be happier 🙂

Richly Yawning

I came across this today. Now I do like Richie Hawtin’s music, not as much as I used to but still I do like it. However…

CONTAINER is an event series seen at the intersection of conceptual ideas between the electronic labels m-nus and raster-noton.
In the last ten years both labels have set high standards for sound and visual performance.

With a strong affinity to minimalist design and a compelling musical catalogues, the collaboration between Richie Hawtin, Olaf Bender,
Carsten Nicolai and other label artists breathes new life into the electronic music scene.

CONTAINER events introduce an experimental platform of performative interaction that promotes the labels’ overlapping conceptual structures to form a unique laboratory of sound and visual expression.

Were it a little later in the day and myself more awake then I would write a somewhat more elaborate descreditation.

For now, all I have to say, is…


When Times Are Hard, Ask David James For Advice

I am copying from the BBC website here, forgive me

* * *

Pompey and England goalkeeper David James told BBC Radio 5 live of the “frustration” felt by the players.

“You try and tell the lads that you do get paid even if it’s a week late, 10 days or whatever – we are getting paid one way or the other,” said James.

“We’re not sure if we’ve got anyone else to sell to get paid.

“The fact is we do get paid and there are other clubs with players who aren’t getting paid and historically there have been other clubs that players haven’t got paid, so it could be worse.”

* * *

Its me again. If you click the link in the title, you will see it is in relation to Portsmouth Football Club’s financial situation.

I am commenting on the player’s financial worries. Yes, I agree with David James, it could be worse.

Now maybe because I earn roughly an average wage, I just do not understand the financial pressures on these footballers. See I thought ahead when financial bad times hit, and saved a little money just in case I lost my job (though I was always completely confident in my employer’s financial stability).

It seems that David James is saying to the other footballers at the club, “don’t worry if you don’t get your £10,000.00 (maybe I am over-estimating their wages but I suspect not) that you are owed for this week’s hard work…it will come some time”.

If I was on a wage of £10,000.00 a week , and it wasn’t paid on time, oh my what would I do?

Kick something?

Oh and don’t even get me started on his grammar.

Music To Download/Listen in February

Each month I intend on compiling a list of sets that I have found that I am downloading, or have been recommended to me. I will update it as the month goes on rather than have lots of individual new posts. Please feel free to make suggestions.

The first is a discovery by my very good friend, Matt Powell

Joris Voorn Part 1

Joris Voorn Part 2

Mikhail – I’ve never heard of him previously but this is the future – minimal disco

Loco Dice at Warehouse Project

Timo Maas

Marc Romboy


Ivan Smagghe at Fabrik (he was fantastic at fabric’s 30th birthday!)


Magda & Heartthrob at T-Bar on NYE

Seth Troxler 5 hour set part 1

Seth Troxler 5 hour set part 2

An hour of Ricardo Villalobos from fabric – listen live

Troy Pierce

Christian Smith Essential Mix

Loco Dice

Damian Lazarus

Seth Troxler listen live or download

Heidi on Radio 1

Zip & Raresh

Marc Romboy

Josh Wink

Marc Romboy

Thanks to my delightful friend Ellie Gibson who assisted me with the html stuff!