My Lack Of Motivation – Documented

I was in the mood for an argument this morning, and I achieved this within an hour of work.

The comments in my appraisal document are somewhat different to the appraisal meeting where there was nothing negative. So I have fought back.

Although James is in general a very bright and efficient team member and usually a good performer, this year he lacked motivation and drive, despite several team motivational endeavors and support made available. It is a fact that the workload increased this year. However, despite the extra aid supplied to James to ensure his workload is set to a more manageable and effective level, James’s performance dropped significantly in 2009 as he recognized it himself, which is already a step forward to the route of improvement. A Senior Management deadline has also been missed (BPP) . Year end figures against his 2009 financial target will however only be available in the end of December.

My response:

I am very happy with 2009, I think I have made an excellent contribution towards all of my targets, the team targets and the company’s imperitives as a whole. I admit that I have somewhat lacked motivation at times in the second half of the year, but this was due to the significant amount of stress received due to the previously deteoriated relationship with my manager (now thankfully repaired and working well) and the exceptionally long time that the grievance procedure took to resolve it, the lack of objectives, the frustration over the lack of support from other departments such as AR and many continually unresolved issues such as hundreds of accounts missing from Collections Management, poor responses from Atradius, amongst other grievances.
The deadline was missed for BPPs, however I would like to think that it would not have been had I received the instruction to complete them two months beforehand as I believe I should have done.
Overall though, I do believe that I have performed very well, given the circumstances, and expected improvements within the department and a focus on resolving the difficulties that I face in being as effective as I would like, will be resolved to allow for another very good year, and hopefully further improved year, in 2010.


Anyone else fancy an argument? I am well up for it ๐Ÿ™‚

The amount of shit I had to put up with last year thanks to ineffective management and the lack of response and support from other departments, makes me seriously wonder why I bother at all. And why am I still here? Oh yeah, annual bonus payment so I can afford to go to Ibiza. They better be paying one!!

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

Now whilst I may now be getting into the older disco sounds, I thought a mention of my favourite track when I was 18, back in 1998, may be in order too.

This was the time when to hear the very latest house music, you had to listen to Pete Tong or Danny Rampling on Radio 1, and the first time I heard it was when the Miami Winter Music Conference still had musical relevance – this was before music was shared over the internet.

Between 1994 and 1996, I mainly listened to jungle or drum’n’bass as it later became known/transformed into. I then went through the speed garage fad. I also had a soft spot sometimes for US garage played by Graeme Park.

But this was something new.

I first heard Danny Rampling play it in April that year, very shortly after the Winter Music Conference. I used to love the tune, I played it over and over. It really got me back into house music for the first time since probably 1992/93 (as it was either the girlie handbag variety or dull and progressive) and was the most played song in Ibiza, the very first time I visited. And to think that I went clubbing almost every night for 2 weeks back then!

Performance Development Plans

How do you tell your manager that your plan for the next year involves writing your CV and finding a new job which doesn’t bore you to death every day? And try to spend more time writing your new blog, and less time working/Facebook.

Well me being me of course, I try my best to be honest.

Though I have been discouraged from putting this on the official document stating my plan, so had to make up some bullshit to make it look like I see my future within the current department. After all, I do procrastinate and I wouldn’t be shocked if I was still here in 12 months. I do like a good moan, so what would life be liked if my job was inspiring and satisfying?

Of course, I finished off by saying “I look forward to spending the next 12 months working hard with you to achieve all the objectives set for myself this year”.

Needless to say, we both had a chuckle.


On another note, I would like to supply a weather forecast for February. Back in late autumn, I predicted snow before Christmas, but to be gone by Christmas, only to come back with a vengeance in January for a while, and February to be very cold and probably snow-filled.

I got most of it right, bar the timing of the January snow.

But I’m not so convinced on February being really cold all month now, too much conflicting data.

So I’ll have to come back to you on this one.

I am generally really quite bored and I always have a lot to say so I have come to the conclusion that I need my own blog.

I intend this to be where I put all my thoughts, my rants, my predictions – the subjects are likely to be music, weather, politics, economics and anything that I despise – or that inspires me.

Anything that I want to share with the world, especially those closest to me but not just those.

Maybe nobody will read it…but maybe it will become every day reading…would love to hear your thoughts and comments ๐Ÿ™‚ x