Happy Birthday To Me: Episode 39

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Last year I had a bit of a miserable birthday – it was a Monday, I felt rubbish, I ate loads of junk food, I didn’t have the best day at work and then I had a really disappointing M&S pie for dinner.

So I resolved to take my birthday off this year. I did.

It seems that I spent half the day responding to birthday messages – some pretty damn brilliant ones on Facebook in particular, but I did manage to do a few other things. I think.

Bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast. If I cannot have one on my birthday then when can I?

I also bought myself a fillet steak from Waitrose to cook tonight – I’m filling it with goat’s cheese, lemon and rosemary – wrapping it in bacon, and having McCain chips with it. No, seriously, I am having McCain chips – the gastro ones are actually amazing, albeit 100 calories per chip. By time I have finished writing this, I guess I’ll have eaten it.

I received a couple of gifts, and am now the proud owner of a Verizon mug, thanks to my boss from the time.

For some reason I decided that a good way to spend my birthday was to go shopping down Oxford Street, but I did find this very nice coat for just £39.99.

Alas, I ripped the lining when I put it on in this photo – man, the quality at Zara is crap. I also bought some socks and a pastel pink jumper.

Also – snow.

Not only did it snow, but I also got to see a racist kicking off in Tesco Express. And the Metropolitan line worked despite the snow. Oh and I got a refund that I didn’t know I was due.

Finally, I was also quite bizarrely offered £75 to write about Yorkshire puddings in London. Quite how I am going to write 500-1,000 words on the subject is beyond me but I’m sure I’ll make up some crap, or just bang on about Brexit if not.

Oh yeah, Article 50 wasn’t rescinded today. Now that would have been a beautiful birthday.

Instead, it has just been a very good birthday. Oh and well spotted – this is the new home for my blog. And I have quite extensive plans for it.

The steak was amazing by the way – best thing I’ve cooked in ages. Wow. Thanks for all your birthday wishes.

Skint. Again!

So I am skint again. 
I have enough for rent, bills, food and the train to work but my fun
budget for the rest of the month is just £14.00.
I knew it was coming. 
I spent wildly during the last 6 weeks of 2013, with 3 trips to London
and 1 to Manchester, plus Christmas presents and some treats for myself.  I had a lot of fun though.
There is something perversely enjoyable about being skint,
it’s a bit like getting sunburnt.
I enjoy the challenge of making what little money I do have
last.  There is much more of a feeling of
reward when I do allow myself a little treat – this Friday, for example, I am
going to treat myself to a Sweeney Todd’s pie.
I review every item of expenditure, I have managed to reduce my weekly food shopping bill by £15 so far – I have also lost weight in just a week of minimal expenditure, I cannot afford a sausage and bacon sandwich in the morning, for example, so I have cereal at 10% of the cost.
Also it is healthier – no alcohol and no caffeine.  I am actually quite happy being skint.  I could have avoided it and spent more sensibly but I think deep down I wanted a period of frugality.
On the downside it is boring and lonely not having
money.  I do have a lot of friends, a
fair few that are overdue a catch up but normally this involves going out for a
drink or a meal, sometimes trains to other cities – all of which costs money!  I even shockingly find myself thinking it would be nice to have a girlfriend.  Oh shit, have I just admitted in public that I am not gay?  Oops.

So I find myself staying in at the weekends.  By
I will however celebrate my birthday, I have a budget for that.  I always get a bit
nervous come birthday invitation time, in case nobody turns up.  Birthdays are usually a lot of fun but I
always have that thought in the back of my head – what if nobody turns up?  Stupid paranoia, I know.
If you don’t know what I am doing for my birthday
(actual date 22nd January, celebrating 25th January) and you are a friend of mine as opposed
to just a random, and would like to join me please ask.
The other advantage of being skint and not having my weekends filled up with social adventures means that I can spend time on my web design project.  I have just about come up with the template for my DJ website so I can get that done.  Then I need to re-design www.ubereadoolische.com, bring it into this century.  Finally I will then make a website with my little portfolio to hopefully get some business – that is the plan anyway.
If it comes off I won’t be so skint next time I over-indulge.

Mixmag, Shopping, Disco & Birthday

I just fancy writing a blog.  I have no structure in mind, I am just writing because I want to.

I’m happy – looking on the bright side of life still seems very easy.  If I had to have a complaint at the moment, then it would be my seeming inability to convince a company that I would be an excellent asset to invest in.

I will show you an example, look at this item of clothing I bought the other day:

It is not exactly clear what this item of clothing should be, it could be a hat, or a jumper, or a dress, I had no idea but I loved the colour and bought it anyway.

Once I unraveled it, the mystery became clear:

It is a…

Well now we have that mystery solved, I shall endeavour to return to the original context but because I have completely forgotten, I shall talk about something else.

It seems I have too much experience to get a job.

So I have decided to send my DJ CV out, I have zero workplace DJ experience so I figure I will be much more successful.  What’s the point in having a dream if you don’t try?

And yes I did just try with one of the most respected underground hang-outs in London.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Seems Mixmag are still listening to me, this month’s CD is by Soul Clap and it is a belter – a slow belter with a lot of twists.  Love it.

Oh and it’s my birthday this weekend!  I’m celebrating it on Saturday at the delihgtful Oakford – all welcome, you know me, come down, have a beer or two or ten or none and have a laugh.  It will be fun.

Groove Is In The Heart


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My Birthday Plans

Some people hide from celebrating their birthday, but not me, not even though I am turning a wise 32 very shortly.

Me being me, I am not having just one celebration – I am having two.  Two or three, depending on whether Hull City win.

Saturday 14th January (8 days before my birthday) I am going to fabric as some kind of unofficial birthday celebration for myself (and JP, don’t tell him I said anything as he likes to hide his birthday!) – Mr C, and the amazing Konrad Black in the main room, techier stuff in room 2 and some really good underground house DJs in room 3.

Saturday 21st January is my official birthday celebration – me and my sister (and anyone else who dares) are going to watch Hull City vs Reading at the Majeski during the day.  Tickets are approx £20 and can be bought on the day.  And in the evening going to the Oakford for drinks and we shall see what happens.

This is your invite.  There is no Facebook event.  How controversial.

It would be nice if at least a few of my friends came along, especially if I came to your birthday, at least to the Oakford bit as I know many people are skint in January or on detox, etc, but it isn’t much of a commitment to pop down for a ‘diet coke’ and it could be fun.  Of course I would be extra delighted if any more people than have already agreed come to fabric or the football, but these are fair-sized commitments so I wouldn’t expect anyone.


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