Complaint: Badvocado

Written when I was unemployed… ****** “Oh not him again”. Yes I know, you thought that you wouldn’t hear from me again now I’m unemployed (technically on gardening leave which means I do things like sorting out kitchen cupboards looking for out of date tins of pineapple), as I am now just a yellow sticker […]

Complaints: Sainsbury’s & Short-Dated Chicken Part 2

This is a follow-up from an earlier e-mail to Sainsbury’s, when I was getting so fed up of them delivering short-dated chicken (amongst other things).  My original e-mail is here – it will help to put our love affair into context if you haven’t already read it. ****** Dear Sainsburys Thank you for taking the […]

Complaints: Sainsbury’s & Short-Dated Chicken

A complaint from last year, in May, after my Supermarket Slut project and part of my ongoing relationship troubles with Sainsbury’s Online. ******* Hi Sainsburys Do you remember me? We used to be close.  Really close.  We used to date each other every weekend. But then you kept sending me short-dated chicken…and I can only […]

Sainsburys Complaint & My Manly Chest

Dear Sainsburys I am not sure whether you are aware but I am entering my manly torso-chest into a Sexy Torso competition shortly. One of the many areas of advice that I have encountered is for colouring my torso to ensure I stand out to the judges. To do so, I need to rub half […]

Complaint: Lost Wickets & Short-Dated Chicken

From last year… ***** Hi Sainsbury’s I note that you haven’t responded to my first complaint, dated 31/10/2015 about the recent quality of your fruit and vegetables.  This is concerning. I did however send it to so I am sending my second complaint here. I have told you time and again that when I […]