Updated Weather Forecast

Last week’s forecast of a lot of rain, potential of a bit of snow and potential for some milder weather during the middle of the week, I think was pretty spot on, I’m pleased as the models were unusually confusing.

Anyone ready for Spring? Recent years have seen snow in March. And it could continue.

But first we have a possibility of a storm on Sunday. The exact track is unknown but it looks as though the worst of the winds will be in northern France, if that is the case then we could get snow in Reading. Potentially. Certainly a little further north of Reading would.

If the storm however tracks a bit further north then we would get heavy rain and severe gales.

Take your pick.

But after that it should settle down and next week will be much drier. It might even be sunny. But quite cool and increasingly cold towards the weekend with, yes, the potential for more snow showers on a cold easterly wind.

There is a tiny hope that the easterly may be a south-easterly, and if it does then we could expect after an initial cold couple of days, some pleasently mild weather. But south-easterlies are very very rare in the UK. The only reason I bother to mention it is that easterlies are very rare in the UK but that has been the source of our weather for much of the past few months…so anything could happen!

In summary, stormy maybe snow then drier but getting colder with maybe more snow.

Happy days 🙂

Life in Hull Part 1

I’ve just come across a story of a passenger who was upset that the bus was going the wrong way, so tried to hijack it and ended up biting the driver, and later a police officer.

Quite representative of Hull.

Her punishment was to pay £200 compensation to the driver and write an apology.


So where will the £200 come from? And can she actually write?

New Dance Music Genre Title Alert

It has been a while.

My previous have been much better than the one I am about to announce in shame, backdoor trance, animinimal and semi-detached house being three of the better ones.

I am having a classification problem with certain tunes like Moda by Retro/Grade.

Are they electro? Disco? Techno? House? Well they are all of them but I tended towards techno and disco more.

So I thought, I need a new genre (for my own organisation sake – yes blah blah blah “its all house”, whatever, I am just trying to organise my brain).

Anyway – techno disco became…wait for it…tesco.

I hang my head in shame.

I really do, and I am pleased that I can type whilst looking at the floor (ok I had to correct one spelling mistake).


The Importance of Cheryl Cole to Society

Yes, I am writing about Cheryl Cole.

The emergence of Cheryl Cole as the “nation’s sweetheart” (so I read anyway) I predict will play an important role in reducing chav culture, reducing teenage pregnancy, increasing education levels and reducing crime committed, by the younger end of the population in the UK.

How come, you may ask?

Well my theory is that ever since Princess Diana died, the country has not really had a female figurehead to care about and follow that they can truly respect, that upholds certain standards and that the general population is able to look up to. And that your mum likes!

What we have had since 1997 is talentless vacuous slobs and wannabe chavs hogging the limelight – I’m thinking Jordon, Jade Goody and some bimbo called Jodie (I forget her last name, I think she is from Essex, I don’t think her last name matters).

Hardly role models, hardly setting an example for the young to follow. Hence the downfall in societal standards and the perceived impression many have of Broken Britain (it isn’t broken but that is another argument).

But Cheryl Cole on the other hand seems quite sweet, polite, well-dressed and perhaps has a modicum of talent (I cannot judge this but other people suggest she actually does).

She has the potential to grow her role as a role model for the young, and also to represent the UK internationally – pretty much like Princess Diana did.

So there – finally a celebrity I approve of that doesn’t spend all weekend flying around the world playing repetitive beats in dark rooms to thousands of people off their head on a cocktail of drugs.

Though I still prefer a sausage roll.


Sweeney Todd’s Pie Chart Update

I am slowly going through all the pies that appeal at Sweeney Todds (in Reading). Here are the scores out of 10:

Chicken & ham – 8
Steak & Ale – 9
Mixed Game – 6.5 (Carrots? Did someone shoot a carrot? I should complain about false advertising, I would mind if it was sold as Mixed Game & Carrots)
Sweeneys – 4 (A mix of lamb, pork, beef and vegetables – it struggled to find a flavour of its own, hence its low score)

I think it will be Turkey & Bacon next.

Any recommendations or arguments?

Pork & Apple is rated 5.5 by Ellie

Forces of Hell

According to our chancellor (who I do not have the same amount of venomous disregard for as our prime minister), the ‘forces of hell’ were unleased upon him by 10 Downing Street when he said a while back that this recession would be the worst in 60 years.

Of course, he was right. Though he didn’t go so far as to say that dictator Brown had caused it, or allowed it to happen.


New Falklands War?

Well we have had two successful Gulf Wars – why not a second Falklands War?

Back in 1982, Maggie was at the height of her unpopularity (though I would argue not strictly her fault, she had a backlog of really serious problems from the second half of the 1970’s to fix, and she was brave enough to fix things rather than placate people’s selfish interests)…anyway along came the Argentinians and invaded the Falklands.

Maggie became a very popular Prime Minister almost overnight thanks to her tough action to defend our sovereignty.

Now the Argentinians are talking tough about wanting sovereignty over the islands, and are blocking shipping in certain areas around there. And as a side-issue there are talks of substantial oil deposits. Both the UK and Argentina have debt issues. Oil would be very useful.

Now call me sceptical but we have an election coming soon. If it made a very unpopular Maggie popular again, could it do the same for dictator Brown? And I am not an expert in Argentinian politics but I believe the Kirchner’s who are currently ruling, are not popular either.

Could it even be some kind of dodgy underground agreement between the leaders of the two countries to make them more popular?