Updated Weather Forecast

I think I was spot on for last week.

Those of you that follow my updated weather forecasts on a regular basis may recall that I have consistently been saying that winter isn’t quite finished.

I think this will be the case next week, with noticeably colder temperatures from Monday onwards – think hats, scarves and gloves.

But first we have a weekend to get through, with average temperatures. Friday will see showers, Saturday less showers and could be quite pleasant.

Then it is all downhill with rain on Sunday and possible Monday too when it starts to get colder.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be noticeably colder, unsettled and pretty shit really. And it might even be cold enough for snow, or at least snow mixed in with rain.

Towards the Easter weekend it will get less cold, and also drier.

I’m hopeful that by Easter Sunday and Monday it might be quite pleasant.

And then that will be the last of winter!

Facebook = Casual Sex?

According to a professor, Facebook has given people a new way to meet multiple partners for casual sexual encounters.

I am still yet to see my increase in casual sexual encounters. On the bright side I do not have any new sexually transmitted diseases, which according to the story in the link is a minor down-side to increased sexual encounters.

Higher Alcohol Prices

According to researchers, higher alcohol prices would lead to health benefits for all drinkers.

I disagree.

If the price of essentials such as alcohol and beer was increased, then I will have less money for nice-to-have’s such as fruit and vegetables.

Therefore I will be less healthy. Just waiting to see how expensive alcohol becomes after today’s budget – thanks Gordon Brown and Labour for destroying the country and our economy.

4000 Tunes

I like my music. And I think it quite apt that the 4000th track that I have added to my iTunes library is by Sven Vath! No planning went into it, I just listen to tracks in order as how I downloaded them, and this is the 4000th one I have kept.

Link in title

Updated Weather Forecast

Well I promised you warmer weather for this week 🙂 Granted I also said Monday would be cold and it wasn’t really…I also said I thought next weekend could (and I did say could) be really warm but now I think I got a little over excited about what was realistically a slim prospect.

We are going to get some rain at times over the next few days but be thankful as this is what has brought the nicer temperatures. For those that don’t know, winds circulate anti-clockwise around a low pressure so if low pressure is sat to our south-west like it has been, it will suck up air from the south-west or even the south which tends to be a warm direction. But then the low pressure system wants to move across us which it is now doing, bringing some rain.

The next week will be more unsettled but good temperatures will continue and I either expect fairly moderate rain or sharp showers, when it does rain.

There will be sunshine too, but not as much as of late. Tuesday and Wednesday look quite pleasant, albeit not necessarily dry.

I’m still thinking late taste of winter for Easter though…fairly dry April, wet but warm May, mostly dry June but with some very wet short periods and not overly warm, and much drier summer than the last couple. Increasingly confident that there could be some really hot weather at times – though my confidence was originally very low so an increase isn’t too much to get excited about yet! Also thinking cold winter again for 2010/11.

Screw You Holiday Inn – I Win

You may remember I wrote to the Holiday Inn asking them to explain how they would ensure the all attending the London Olympics in 2012 would have an unforgettable experience. Here is the response:

Dear Mr Winfield,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Guest Relations regarding the London 2012 Games.

Please allow me to advise that as IHG are the official hotel sponsors for the 2012 Games we would ensure that every guests stay is satisfactory.

It is IHG’s goal to consistently provide superior service and accommodations therefore your comments are very important to us. We appreciate the candid feedback we receive and welcome any opportunity to make improvements.

Once again, Mr Winfield, thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Yours sincerely,


So there we have it. They will only ensure that every guests stay in satisfactory. I believe this falls short of unforgettable.

A satisfactory steak is far different to an unforgettable steak.

Making Your World Better Part 3

If you are ever unsure which way around to put letter-headed paper in the printer, put 4 sheets in at once, each a different way around, and print 4 copies – 1 is guaranteed to be correct and it will save you walking to and from the printer.

Making Your World Better, by James Winfield

Ugly Managers

So Iain Dowie has been employed as Hull City manager.

The man who helped relegate Newcastle, did relegate Charlton and got sacked shortly after, and recently got sacked at both Coventry and QPR. And is known for playing the long-ball game. Oh and is horrifically ugly.

Oh and last time we tried to employ him, he turned us down, quote “it would be a slap in his families face if he were moved to Hull”.

This was about 4 years ago, and we ended up with our saviour, Phil Brown instead.

I wonder why Mr Dowie is now interested in the post? I have been to Hull since he originally turned us down and I can confirm with certainty that it is even more of a shit-hole than it used to be (recessionary effects – lots more closed businesses and shops, lots more unemployed people, etc). Perhaps his family have now dis-owned him?

However his saving grace seems to be how ugly he is. He will fit in well as the people of Hull are not especially known for their beauty (I think I can get away with saying that as I spent the first 18 years of my life there).

Oh and we were quite used to the long ball game in the many many years of shit managers that preceeded Phil Brown.

I have to admit, I did rather enjoy the Championship. And there are 8 more games of football each season.

Plant Food

I note that the death of two young people is being attributed to Mephedrone, with a side mention that they were drinking heavily into the early hours.

But as drinking kills thousands every year and hospitalises thousands too, maybe tens of thousands, that would hardly be a sensational news story, unlike something fluffy sounding like Meow Meow as The Sun calls it.

Oh and if anyone needs to feel a little more intellectual than they are, have a look at the message board on The Sun’s website. Hilariously inciteful into how the under-class think. Albeit worrying too.