My Friday Potion

I came back from work a little tired and deflated, I needed a pick me up, I consumed one or two of them and now I am good to go.

All legal. All free.

Die Vogel – Blaue Moschee
(I apologise to any German readers for my lack of umlauts but I don’t know how to do them) – a super uplifting trumpet techno track

Cocoon Ibiza Party Animals Video – yes I have posted it before but it is so enjoyable I am posting it again!

And this 10 minute video of Cocoon in Ibiza, circa 2005 at a guess, is rather impressive.

All enough to get me going – I hope you appreciate too 🙂


For those of you that have not spent much time up North, Rochdale is a very typical place.

Population of 95,796, unemployment of around 6% (according to the Rochdale Observer, the rate soared from 7505 to 7657 in August 2009), situated near Manchester but with none of Manchester’s style.

The football team was finally promoted from the bottom division this year, having spent about 35 seasons in it with no promotion or relegation to talk of – some football fans affectionately call League 2 “The Rochdale Division”.

John Peel used to live there for a while.

And now, Gordon Brown hopefully has had his final nail pinned to his politican coffin in this endearing little town.

See – good things do come from up North!

Music To Download/Listen in April

Gillian Duffy


A 65-year old woman from Rochdale, has possibly had a massive hand in rescuing this country from ruin.

The link in the title explains the incident and there are nice little BBC videos too.

I want to say thank you to Gillian Duffy, for giving us a chance to show Gordon Brown as he really is.

How anyone can still want Gordon Brown as a leader after such a disrespectful remark (in case you only read my blog and not the news, he said she was a bigot, off camera, microphone still attached), is completely beyond me.

If I were a newspaper editor next week, I would be offering sums of money to Gillian Duffy for an interview and an explanation of how she will vote, considering she is a life-long Labour voter and has just been mortally offended by their disgraced leader.


Updated Weather Forecast

Well that is it. Pay-back for a cold horrible winter done. Now we can get back to normal.

Some bits of rain on Thursday, rain or showers on Friday and Saturday, possibly quite heavy at times on Friday but nothing too heavy. Sunday the rain might continue though it should brighten up later in the day. Monday should be bright, with the odd shower.

Temperatures are going to take a fall too, Thursday and Friday will be no higher than 15’C, probably lower. Saturday 13-15’C. Sunday you will notice a particularly cold wind, 8-10’C. Monday a marginal improvement.

I have to say that I don’t know what is going to happen from there. I don’t think it will be hugely wet next week but I don’t expect it to get any warmer than 11’C.

It depends as to the location of the high pressure which will develop in the Atlantic over the weekend. To the north, then expect wind and rain from the west, though there will be some sunny days in between where it could be pleasant, around 15’C. Less on wet days.

If it develops more to the south, then expect an easterly wind, just like we had lots of during winter. Still a cold direction (until Russia heats up later in May), though more showery than wet.

My prediction was for a wet and warm May. Not going to start that way though.

Tory-Labour Coalition?

Ok here is one for you.

The election looks likely to return more Conservative MPs than Labour or Liberal Democrats (not definite of course but lets assume for now).

If the Liberal Democrats are not willing to support a minority Conservative government and would rather support a Labour government, what is stopping the Conservatives governing with Labour? After all, Nick Clegg stated in the first debate that they are sounding more and more like each other.

Both sides of course would have conditions.

Conservatives would without doubt want rid of Gordon Brown (and much of Labour probably do too!). Labour would want some prime positions – Alastair Darling could conceivably remain as Chancellor as it wasn’t him who fucked up the economy, that was Gordon Brown. George Osborne does not fill everyone with endearment. Ken Clarke would have to replace the ghastly Lord Mandelson at Business Secretary (who the fuck gave him that title?). Labour could also perhaps look after the NHS and Conservatives education as they have some very interesting and promising ideas.

And neither party would have to cede to a Liberal Democrat demand of proportional representation which would give both parties less MPs than currently.

Is it possible?!

Could a Conservative work with a Gordon Brown-free Labour party?

Would it secure business leader’s confidence?

An interesting idea…I could live with it.

I Love Aeroplane

It is not often I deem necessary to post a link to just one set – however I am truly loving this Essential Mix from Aeroplane. Lots of space disco and some 80’s moments – very uplifting and summery. And the link in the title is to listen live, you don’t have to download.

Aeroplane produced probably the only decent Mixmag CD of last year and one of my most listened to CDs of the year. Soundtrack to the lovely chilled out summer moments at the villa in Ibiza.

Not only that, they have popularised a whole new sound, loosely known by some like me as Space Disco, and by others as Nu-Disco (yuck!) and a much slower form of music than house or techno.

Thoroughly recommended 🙂

Ipod Death

Well my ipod (yes I call it an ipod as most people don’t know what a Creative Zen is so I have to explain unless I call it an ipod) finally died yesterday after 2 years of heavy use.

So not only did I have to do part of the train journey back to Reading yesterday without music, I had to go to work this morning without music and in place I had banal conversations around me on the bus. Tonight I will have to go food shopping without music.

How will I survive? Bear in mind that I probably spend no more than an hour of my time awake on an average day without music.

Still I have purchased a new Creative Zen. Why, considering the last two broke after just 2 years of use? Why not an ipod? Well they are half the price. And allegedly have better sound quality. But I cannot use Facebook on them. Oh shit. Time to upgrade to a Smart-phone then.

Oh and I am rather anti-Apple as I don’t want to be part of the cool crowd. Never had an Apple product and still don’t need one. Not even an Iphone!

But how will I survive 2 hours a day without music?