Updated Weather Forecast

Not much to say really, high pressure is going to build this week and we will get several really nice days, with temperatures between 21’C and 25’C.

Though we will have rain on Tuesday before we get the good weather.

The big question is how the break-down of the good weather will occur. I originally thought that the good weather might last until the 10th June and then there would be thunderstorms, but it is perhaps now more likely that it will last until about 6/7th June and then there will be more Atlantic lows.

I think it will depend on the jet-stream. We shall see.

Scientific Study

Being 30 is all about trying out new things.

I have a scientific theory which I want to test out. I don’t think it has ever been studied, or if it has, then I am not aware of it. Even so, I have to test my theory, I cannot just rely on my own subjective opinion to back-up my theory forever.

I am not going to give any details out of this theory, as I will need volunteers to help collate data.

I still don’t know if there is relevant scientific data available to compare it to, so I will not be asking for volunteers yet. But I hope a few of you will be willing to take part if I discover that it is a go-ahead.

It is oh so good me having these theories on how the world works but until someone proves it, then people can think I am talking bollocks.

When I was a child, I was convinced that volcanoes affected global temperatures, and cooled the planet. Nobody in any education that I came across could answer me, and there were no books on the matter. Nowadays it does seem to be accepted that this is the case though there is no conclusive proof, and no conclusive study done, as the sample of volcanoes that could affect weather patterns is relatively small, at least for the duration of good measurable global temperatures (roughly 1970 onwards I think – anything prior to that is not very substantiated due to the lack of available data). But the point is, I think my theory is now being proved right.

So this new theory, it seems I need to test myself. I hope I can, and I hope I will have some volunteers to collate data for me. About time I could call myself a Scientist!

Why Not Turkey?

I see that the Euro 2016 football tournament hosting rights have been awarded to France.

Italy and Turkey were also in the running. Now one can think of many reasons why Italy should not host the tournament. France, the only reason I have against it is that they hosted a World Cup in 1998.

Surely it should have gone to Turkey?

Turkey is a country which is progressing on many levels, both economically and socially. It will increasingly become an important trading partner, but more than that they are a connection to the Middle East, which is full of countries which trust Turkey far more than western countries.

Turkey should in my opinion, be working towards European Union integration. And before anyone gets worried about a nation of 70m relatively poor muslims who suddenly have free immigration rights to the United Kingdom, then I think you need to re-assess the Turkish psyche.

They are feriously nationalistic and love their country. And I see no reason why they would want to come and live in a cold and wet country. Just like Romanians and Bulgarians didn’t want to join the EU.

So Turkey should have got it. About time it fully integrated into Europe.

Updated Weather Forecast

Well, we got our hot sunshine, followed by the cold blast. It really has not been easy to predict the weather recently, for short-term forecasts anyway, there is a lot of uncertainty out there.

This weekend will not be anything special. Friday will be nice, quite sunny and quite warm, maybe 19’C which is average and will do very nicely.

Saturday sees the return of the Atlantic, with a weather system pushing rain across – we haven’t seen that for some time. So, rain, followed by showers.

Sunday should be fine but might feel a bit chilly, around 16’C. Monday should start off ok but there is some rain coming.

The weather is definitely starting to wake up. The Atlantic is starting to develop (ie Saturday’s band of rain) and the jet-stream is finally moving north and it is pretty much over us right now (I swear the jetstream affects moods too not just the weather) and the Azores High is pushing towards us.

I am expecting good weather next week, sunshine and temperatures 20’C or more, thanks to the Azores High pushing its way northeastwards towards the UK, which will bring sunshine and warmth. Also I think there is hot air from Africa about to be sucked up over Spain, some of which will then probably make its way here.

But at the same time the Atlantic has just woken up I think. And the jetstream is over us. I am currently projecting some kind of thundery breakdown around 10th June.

We shall see. I will of course keep you updated.

No Gordon?

Did anyone notice that Gordon Brown didn’t take his place on the back-benches of parliament on Wednesday? Why not?

The 3 previous losing leaders of John Major, William Hague and Michael Howard did.

Was he too embarrassed? Weak? Or does he just not like being the dictator any more?

Fabric In Trouble Too?

Following matter’s closure, rumours are abound that fabric might follow too. Here is my assessment:

For the last accounts filed for the year ending 2008, they had a negative net worth of £150k, and had made a loss of approx £220k, but that was on a turn-over of £8m.

Add on a loss of £180k that I read earlier for year ending 2009 (not filed at Companies House yet), this would give them a negative net worth of £330k, assuming there was no other financial input from the backers – I’m not sure how much the owners are worth, if they are able or willing to do so.

However I’m also led to believe that fabric is guarantor to matter, and if matter are £3m in debt and traded at a reputed loss of £1m last year, one can understand why matter had to stop trading immediately.

fabric was trading at a small profit in years prior to 2008 (when the recession kicked in) so I believe it is still a going concern, however I expect that it would need a restructure to continue. Which is where administrators would come in, and this is what my money is on. Less profitable parts of the business, less value-add employees (88 employees in 2008) and less profitable nights would have to go – as would over-priced DJs unless those particular nights were profitable (I have no idea of which individual nights are the most profitable).

Either that or they need to find a buyer, willing also to pay enough to cover the guarantee of matter. And would a new buyer let it continue to trade as an underground venue, or would they be looking at ways of making a quicker buck?

Credit rating agencies rate fabric as a higher risk of business failure than average, and that was on the figures from 2008 – long before matter failed.

My conclusion is that they may have to go into administration (unless the owners can pump money in). Fingers crossed it comes through the other side – London without fabric to all those who love dance music would be like London without Buckingham Palace to all the tourists.

Blog Stats Update

Well it might be of no interest to you but it is me, I am a bit of a stats fan.

I’ve now had 259 unique visitors to the blog, from 18 different countries. The only continent without a visitor now is South America. I’ve had visitors as far apart as Australia, India, USA, Russia, South Africa and much of Europe. Though 94% of my visitors are from the UK, which makes sense as that is my target audience!

My highest amount of unique visitors on one day was 48 (previous best was 18) – and that was on election day which is not a surprise with the amount of blog posts I did about the election. I guess people really were interested in the election, and also what I had to say 🙂

In total, the site has had 823 visits, so the average person has been here 3 times. Not bad.


I can finally announce that I have achieved a promotion at work.

I will shortly no longer be doing Debt Recovery, which has definitely run its course after just under 3 years, and will now be working in the Commission Ops department, as a Specialist, trying to ensure that the internal sales people at Verizon get the correct commission paid for them, investigating queries and correcting it if it goes wrong.

Very much a finance-based role again but something much different to Debt Recovery.

Happy days (except that I might have to cut down my Friday lunch beers…and be more awake on a Monday morning!)


Another colleague of mine looking very attractive, I’m sure you will agree.

He joins esteemed company of those most attractive individuals with a photo on my blog; my colleague Adam after been attacked by a dildo, a homeless Gordon Brown and The Sloth.

The North

I would just like to confirm what part of the country the North is.

It is approximately 30-40 miles either side of the M62. It includes Blackpool, Scarborough, no further south of the river Humber, but does slope south-westwards to include Chesterfield and Sheffield, but definetely not Derby. Then westwards to Crewe, and just about includes Cheshire, but not the set of Hollyoaks.

Definitely not Birmingham, Cumbria or Newcastle. They are the midlands, the north-west and the north-east respectively.

Hope you appreciate the geography lesson. And all of these towns have a rugby league side. Any with a rugby union side of similar stature to the league side (such as Leeds) are traiturous northern places. Though as Sven loves Leeds, I do not propose it to be nuked.