I am going to blog about nothing.  I have nothing to blog about, but nothing is something so I do have to blog about it I suppose.

The idea of nothing is not easy to comprehend as there is always something, but if you have something then it is taken away then the sum should be nothing, surely?

Can there be nothing if there wasn’t something there already?  I am not sure there can.

There cannot be no nothings, because if there is something, there is always the possibility that the something could be taken away, or could become nothing, so the concept of no nothings is not comprehendable.

So by having had nothing to say, I have said something, but really I guess in the scheme of things, it is much closer to nothing than something which isn’t nothing.

I’d like to think this waffle about nothing has left you with nothing to think about, but again, I have just created something out of nothing, and unless I take it away then this post about nothing will always be something so I guess it will never be nothing.

So if assuming you read this post about nothing, then I delete the post about nothing, in your and my mind there was a post about nothing, which was something, and the past tense is still something, so then it wouldn’t be nothing at all.

You probably do wish I had said nothing now.  Or at least that you hadn’t had read something about nothing.

What have I concluded?  Nothing.  Which is something.

Updated Weather Forecast

Remember that heatwave I was predicting a fair while back and then got excited about quite recently and now disappointed (if only because I am wrong, as I didn’t actually want a heatwave)…well, spare a thought for Moscow.

I believe that they have had 13 consecutive days above 30’C.  It is currently 38’C over there, which I believe beats their record temperature, the city is having huge problems coping with the heat and the smog/smoke created, though I’m not sure I have seen it reported on my favourite news channel, Russia Today.

Even Finland is basking in temperatures of 33’C.

So I don’t think I was far off the mark, granted 1000 miles or so but if the Atlantic had not started up (possibly due to La Nina but I don’t fully understand this phenomenon yet) then it quite possibly would have been us suffering the heatwave right now.  I’ve learnt for next year anyway.  Though there is more heat building which could get us for the second half of August which I am keeping an eye on.

Back to boring day-to-day forecasting which you are probably more interested in anyway.

Friday should start quite sunny but there is a band of rain on the way, for the evening and for Saturday morning, it will drag its tails a bit, and won’t have an awful lot of rain left to offer.

Saturday afternoon should improve and Sunday should be fairly sunny, variable cloud.with a chance of a shower.

Beyond that, I have to apologise but I am struggling to get any kind of certainty on detail.  Pretty much, next week will be like the one just gone, some sunnier days, some cloudier days, some showers or bits of rain possible at times, but very hard to say when, you might as well pick it yourself.  Or ask me nearer the day.

I do think a little cool-down the weekend of 7th August…then hopefully some good very warm summer weather after that.

Oh, temperatures will be between 22’C and 25’C, I don’t rule out a 27’C early next week if we get a good sunny day.

Diego Maradona’s Gone

Oh no, Diego Maradona has gone!

He feels he has been lied to, been cheated.


Erm, what goes around comes around, Senor Maradona.

If you read my previous posts about Maradona, you will understand why I am laughing inside.  I am also wondering if it was my previous blog posts that triggered this?  I did after all have a visitor from Argentina.

These blogs have their mysterious ways…if Sven Vath has read it, why not Diego Maradona’s ex-boss?  I do recall seeing Diego Maradona in Privilege in Ibiza one year, or at least I thought it was him…and it was later reported that he were there though I cannot confirm if it were the night that I thought I saw him…as when in Ibiza one can see a few illusions sometimes!

Me Me Me! And My Hair

I’m going to be a little bit selfish this morning and talk about me and try to get the blog (and Facebook, alas it gets more visitors than my blog…for now) make a decision for me.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, this is me, above.

My hair is now nearly 3 weeks longer than then, and it is a bit too long and I get paid tomorrow so I am thinking maybe I might have to have another hair cut.

I was considering growing a quiff, but I think this is just something I am flirting with – I might come back to the idea when the winter comes around.

I’m tempted to shave my hair off, like I have done before.

So do I shave it off?  Or just get a normal short cut?

Apologies if this self-indulgence offends your sensitivities, or you feel you need to make a negative judgement about me not choosing my hair cut myself, but firstly I post lots of stuff which might interest you that is not in any way about me, and secondly it is only hair, not exactly as if you are choosing my wife.


Good news guys

I have come across a medical study which suggests that 10 minutes of staring at breasts is like a 30 minute aerobic workout!

Fantastic news!

I was going to put a picture up but other websites can probably do better than I can, boob photography is not area of my expertise.

If anyone finds a photo they think I should put up, do tell me quickly!

Friends Keep You Alive

Finally there is proof (story link in title) that having a good network of friends can increase your survival chances by up to 50%

So I was right all along that my fabulous network of friends is keeping me alive (as well as happy…and inspired).

It is a significant study, having studied 300,000 people in 4 continents over 7 years.

Though it does state that having few friends is as damaging to survival as smoking 15 cigarettes or being an alcoholic.

So does having lots of fantastic friends, and drinking lots with them every week cancel out each other?

So therefore I might only have an average life-span?  But if it is filled with the amount of fabulous, funny, enjoyable moments I’ve had since meeting the best group of friends possible 4 years ago then the next 40-50 years should be pretty damn fantastic.

Thanks for increasing my life-span too, much love xx

Good News for Sven!

Sven Vath and his partner have just had a baby boy born, Tiga.

It goes without saying that I would wish them well.  But I’ll say it anyway.  Congratulations Sven 🙂

I wonder if he has been named after Tiga the electro producer/DJ or if Tiga is a popular name in Germany?  Or if it has been inspired by the Party Animals theme?  Or because Sven is a Hull City fan (the Tigers)?

Oh, word of warning on the off-chance of any young attractive woman who would like to create babies with me in the future – firstly you will have to do a fair amount of persuading, I appreciate that I clearly have superior genes to many potential fathers of your wanted child, however I am quite happy with my life as it is.  Please remain patient.

Secondly, if I do ever crack (my mother does want to be a grand-mother at some point!), then I am fully set on calling a baby boy, Sven, and a baby girl, Tinkerbelle (I can be amenable on the spelling of Tinkerbelle if you wish).

I am aware that as one of the superior members of society that I should really be spreading my high quality genes more than the average person, so if you are a young woman that can contribute to affording a few babies then I will allow you to name the third, fourth, etc.

I think that is a good deal.