Air Traffic Control

I recently upgraded my telephone to a HTC Desire.

I watched how people became consumed with their iphones – I wanted a Smart Phone too, but for many reasons, I really did not want to be part of the iphone gang – and also I didn’t think iphones were that good.

I do love my HTC Desire, except for the fact it needs recharging every day.

It seems every day I can get a new obsession on it. Whether that be monitoring earthquakes around the world, finding out the names of stars when I point my phone in the sky or telephoning people.

Today my new obsession is Air Control, a game which simulates the landing of various types of aircraft at an airport, which travel at different speeds and you have to try to ensure that they do not crash into each other.

Only problem now being is that it is a bit more difficult to get to sleep as I am trying to land planes whenever I shut my eyes.

I have included a link to the game online, but it is much better on a telephone.

Updated Weather Forecast

Well you may be pleased to hear that the weather is going to be boring this week. I am quite thankful as it makes my life easier, my computer has broken so it is making my life more difficult. And pretty boring too. So boring that I might go into work early tomorrow, even though my job is boring beyond reality.

Anyway enough about me.

This week will be fine. Variable amounts of cloud but I’m hopeful for reasonable amounts of sunshine. Temperatures of 20 or maybe a notch higher. Might be a bit chilly overnight though as the nights are quickly drawing in.

Fingers crossed it might last until the weekend.

Speak soon.

Queens Wharf

Until a couple of weeks ago I lived in a fabulous flat in Queens Wharf. It was my dream to live in a beautiful flat with a very good friend, a place in which I could host parties and numerous after parties and I certainly took advantage. Alas it was becoming unaffordable, it was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. I really do miss that place as it was the only place I have ever truly loved living in. Maybe I just miss the ducks?
My new place isn’t that bad, at least it is in a good area. Too small to entertain though.
I’ve had a taste of fabulous living, and I want it back. The only problem being that I don’t know how to get it back. For now…

Updated Weather Forecast

There is a bit of a lack of detail this time due to my current work and accommodation situation which is hampering my research efforts, however I am currently expecting an improving picture over the weekend.

I think the worst of the rain is over, there may be some more tonight, there could be the odd shower over the weekend, but it will be predominantly dry and fine over the weekend, though noticeably cooler than you would expect, probably no higher than 19’C and could be quite chilly overnight.

From then on, I am expecting that high pressure that has been pushed over us will build to an extent and the Atlantic depressions, coupled with the remnants of tropical storms/hurricanes could then stall to our west and suck up warmer air for a period.

So we could actually end up with a week of summer, during the early part of September, with sunshine and temperatures above 25’C.

I’m hopeful for a reasonable September – kind of similar to June perhaps, with interspersed cool and warm spells, but predominantly dry – in preparation for a wild autumn perhaps?

It isn’t so set in stone as the track of major hurricanes can have a significant influence, and they are notoriously difficult to predict in advance.

But overall, an improving picture.

I’ve also done some more research into why my expected July heatwave didn’t occur in the UK, and consequently why Russia had such a severe heatwave, and it seems that it is down to an unusual jetstream pattern. I like to follow the jetstream projections but I do not have a huge amount of experience so I am not always sure how to connect it to future weather events, like I do pressure charts.

Going into more detail, jetstream patterns are influenced it seems by sea surface temperatures and the anomolies between them. A little more complex than I am currently able to understand in full. I’ll keep working on it.

If you want to know more, click the link, which shows the source of my research.

That’s all for now.


Another piece of research to back up my belief that broccoli is a super, magical food as it fights stomach problems. I always feel better after eating broccoli, and lets face it I do ingest enough rubbish to upset my stomach sometimes, especially at the weekend. Shame it doesn’t also repair liver damage!

I also believe that it is one of the most mis-spelled words in the English language.

I’m also a big fan of bananas, grapes, oranges and kiwi fruits for their magical properties in making me feel good. My diet has been unusually poor the last couple of weeks whilst my living situation has been very much in situ so I haven’t really been planning my eating properly, and I have noticed the difference in decreased energy levels.

Interest Rates

I’m interested to note that I am not the only one crazy enough to think that interest rates might have to rise to 8% to fight increasing inflation…something I have been worried about for a while, and it is nice to see someone with more economic credibility than little old me saying this publicly.


I know, there was no forecast on Monday. Like the weather, i’ve been a bit topsy turvy recently. I was not able to do a forecast due to my climate being too unsettled. Fingers crossed, normal service shall resume shortly.
For now, expect more rain at times on Thursday, a reasonable bank holiday weekend and maybe a week of summer in September, though that does depend on what hurricane danielle does.

Labour Going Bankrupt?

Oh what a wonderful outcome that would be if the Labour party itself went bankrupt.

The party that when in government, contrived to do everything they possibly could to bankrupt the country just to keep themselves in power, and to keep their selfish desires alive – for them to go bankrupt would go some way to compensate for all the economic pain that we are going through thanks to their disastrous mismanagement of the country’s finances.

You can see how desperate it is, with them trying to create news stories to unsettle the Liberal Democrats, such as Charles Kennedy allegedly defecting to Labour.

In my eyes, Labour are trying to destroy the Lib Dems as a functioning party, to try to get those that are skeptical of the coalition, into their hands.

I find it all quite pathetic. I really hope they do not ever get back into power.

Labour, to me, are morally bankupt, and the political landscape would be better without them.

Facebook Hiatus

I find that Facebook can enhance one’s life but also consume it, and it is a difficult beast to manage at times. Though perhaps, the difficulty is more to do with the user than the beast itself.
Facebook can be far too distracting, and I think a break from it, from time to time, is a good idea. Especially if one has challenges to overcome.
A lack of Facebook is providing clarity of thought. I am actually not sure if I will ever go back to it. I probably have no choice. But for now I am enjoying the peace and quiet.