Updated Weather Forecast

Well you have had your first taste of winter, now we are getting back into autumn properly.  Which means wind and rain, but also milder weather.

Zonality, as we like to call it, us people who follow the weather.

What is causing most confusion is the jet-stream, as it seems to want to dive as far south as north Africa, which to me seems absolutely bizarre, and therefore will have a strange impact on the low pressure systems approaching the UK.  Low pressure systems instead of crossing the UK may split into two low pressure systems, with one being anchored to our north-west and the other darting down towards Ibiza.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, not something I have seen before in 15-20 years or so of reading charts so I am not sure how it will pan out.

I shall try my best.

Friday is the first example of such – had it not been for the jet-stream, I think this system would have been a wet and very windy affair, however as it splits, I think it will mean rain overnight on Friday.  It will be mild and fairly breezy, 14’C.

Saturday, the next low pressure system tries to come in, but it cannot quite make it.  Its intensity dies, and gets sucked south.

So Saturday and Sunday will see mainly cloudy skies I feel, with some rain at times but nothing substantial.  Temperatures around 12’C.

And Monday, a similar kind of day, cloud, with a band of rain probably in the evening.

After that it may get milder, still with the potential for some rain at times, before high pressure sets in I reckon around the middle of the month and will cool it all down again.

So in summary, unsettled, but nothing significant in the way of rain.

There might be floods in Portugal though.

Economic Thoughts

I thought it only prudent (don’t worry, not in the Gordon Brown sense of the word ‘prudent’) to comment upon the state of the UK economy today, with the release of good news with the quarter on quarter increase in GDP of 0.8%.

I am sick of the bashing from the Anti-Tory left-wing of this country already (BBC – you are on notice as my favoured news provider). They are so desperate for power that they will choose any way to attack the government, and talk down the country’s prospects. And don’t even get me started on the politically-motivated unions, like the London fire-fighters looking to strike on November 5th.

The left of this country had 13 years in charge of the economy. Despite my natural misgivings given how badly Labour handled the economy in the 1970’s, I had no major complaints at the handling of the economy when Labour first took over in 1997, until around 2003 anyway, and looking back now, I stick with my same stand-point. It was around 2003 when I really started to get the jitters about the future of the economy.

Now the Tories and Lib Dems have only had 5 months.

It will be a good couple of years before we really see the fruits of the work going on now. Many economic inputs have a significant lag-time.

That the figures for this last quarter were better than expected is no surprise to me. Our annual GDP growth rate is now 2.8% – just about what it was prior to the recession.

I still expect it to dip somewhat in future quarters before rebounding strongly later in 2011 or 2012.

I don’t think we have felt the full effects of the £200billion quantitative easing from last year, and I think inflation could very well rise further, which would likely mean higher interest rates to tackle it, and more problems for home-owners, and subsequently the poor banks.

There is still quite a rough ride ahead. Enough internal possibilities on the down-side without even considering all the potential external down-sides. But I am confident that the seeds of future prosperity are being sown.

I really wish everyone would give the government a chance. I gave the Labour government a chance back in 1997 despite my misgivings…and it took them a few years longer than normal for their standards to mess it up.

I have faith in the government – and fear not, I will be warning if I feel they are not taking the right steps in the future, I am not blind to following one party – just because I fully believe the Conservatives fixed the country in the 1980’s and are doing so now (along with the Lib Dems), does not mean I assume they will always get everything right. I will be scrutinising and making my opinions known to them if necessary.

But for now, please give them a chance. If in 5 years time, we are in a worse place, then I will stick my hands up and admit I was wrong, and re-consider all my learned economic thinking (you have this in writing).

I have placed my confidence in our government.

Taxi Spotting

Here I am on a drab Tuesday morning, and sadly my imagination was a little too slow to start.
Standing around, waiting for a bus, which is next to the taxi rank, where there were about 10 taxis waiting for customers.
Enjoying not only the finest pork and apple sausage roll, but also a suitable podcast from kabale Und Liebe with the latest disco, house, minimal funk, when a woman rushes up to me asking “is this the queue for a taxi?”
Fair enough, maybe she didn’t realise that she was interrupting the groove, but surely she could see I was mid-sausage roll?
I politely pointed her in the correct direction.
A missed opportunity, I feel, as I perhaps should have said yes. And the reason the queue wasn’t moving?
We are all taxi collectors, waiting for the next taxi that we have never used. It’s the latest app that everyone is using. We go around collecting taxi journeys, like football stickers but for people who go to work.

Updated Weather Forecast

What am I doing writing a weather forecast at this time in the morning?  I have no idea.  I should still be in bed, pushing the sleep button, trying to get a little extra sleep.  But no.

Anyway in case you haven’t realised, rain is on its way.  Not especially heavy.  Rain.  But temperatures will rise to around 12’C (the peak may well be around midnight).  It will become windy.

Wednesday should be a reasonable day, perhaps a shower or two, more likely I suspect in the morning – again windy and maybe 14’C.

Thursday may just feel quite ok. Maybe 15’C, still a fair wind but from a mild direction, again there could be a couple of showers.

Friday and Saturday I expect to be wetter than the previous two days and windy still.  Again, not cold, around 13’C to 15’C with no cold nights.

And that pattern is set to last roughly until the 10th November, give or take, I reckon.

Monday Is Moanday

A lack of human contact is not good for the soul, certainly not my soul anyway.

Monday’s are rarely my favourite day of the week, unless I have had a really good weekend. And I most certainly did not. Shit weekends = shit moods.

I now feel inspired to commit random acts of violence, or at least vandalism, however I expect that my current level of lethargy can only lead to having a moan.

After all, this is what I have my blog for. That and weather forecasts, but more people read my moans than my weather forecasts.
So this is a list of the trivial things that have pissed me off today:

1. My 6am alarm clock. Like I was going to get up at that time you fool given that I haven’t got out of bed before 07:40am in weeks.
2. My 6:20am alarm clock. Like I was going to get up at that time you pillock given that I haven’t got out of bed before 07:40am in weeks.
3. My 6:40am alarm clock. Like I was going to get up at that time you arsehole given that I haven’t got out of bed before 07:40am in weeks.
4. My 7:00 alarm clock. Seriously need to punch myself.
5. My 7:20 alarm clock. Would be useful to get up now so I am not late for work.
6. My 7:30 alarm clock and the fact that it will not fucking shut up.
7. My 7:40 alarm clock. Fucking arseholes, bastards. Can I say the C-word for the first time on my blog?
8. State of my kitchen…and flat in general.
9. Me again. I didn’t bother to get any food. Oh the fridge is fucked anyway.
10. The number 4 bus to take me to work just 3 minutes walk from my house being axed.
11. A 15 minute walk to the station.
12. No apple and pork sausage rolls left.
13. Being late for work. Arsehole.
14. The arsehole that filled up his 20-litre bottle of water for 15 minutes whilst I waited to fill my small glass up.
15. Severe lack of hugs, love and human contact.
16. Current level of sobriety.
17. Distinct lack of funds.
18. Who put that table in the walk-way forcing me to take a 10-secnond detour? Twat.
19. And now I have hiccups.
20. I have run out of staples and the stationary office is 5 minutes walk away.
I would apologise for moaning, but I have been ignoring my frustrations recently and therefore been in relatively good moods so it is long overdue and if you don’t like it then fight me. I will vandalise your face. I will ransack your face. And then throw my shoes at you.
I now hope to find an excuse for a large intake of alcohol at the first available opportunity.  Or vandalism.  Or drunken vandalism…hmm.

Weekend Fears

Why do I fear the weekend so much when I have nothing planned?

Many years ago I used to be able to cope. But over the last few years, my social life has gone into orbit with all the fantastic people I have befriended.

I do quite like my own company, but I really like the company of others.

So I’m coming back from work now with no plans and wondering how the hell I am going to occupy myself for two days and three nights?

What do other people do? How do they cope?

I shall have a pie but then what? I guess I may have to default to football manager.

I guess I could have been more proactive in arranging something but I am reluctant to spend much money this weekend.

Will I keep my sanity? Time will tell.

Blogging, Drinking or Art?

I feel that I have been neglecting my blog over the last week or so.

The thing is though, nothing has really upset or annoyed me. I am rather content in life at the moment. Everything is OK.  I would have preferred a few more cuts in the spending review, but nothing enough to blog about.
The only minor quibble is that I do seem to be spending too much on drinking and going out as I do find it increasingly difficult to entertain myself.
Especially now nothing is annoying me enough to inspire me to have a rant on my blog. I think I might buy some paint and a canvas. I was terrible at art at school, and I am sure that I am no better now but I need to get my creativity out of me somehow, and if I am not inspired to write anything at the moment, and there is no dancefloor potential, then I conclude that maybe I need to paint.
I am not yet sure whether to replicate my previous artwork (a few blog posts below) which was just done in pastels, as I would like to see what it would look like in paint, or whether I should try something new.
I know that I could never replicate anything I see in life, in art. But I reckon I can replicate what goes on inside my wonderful mind when questionned.
So…will my weekend produce art…or will it just simply produce hangovers?