fabric (with Cocoon)

This weekend just gone was one of those fairly rare weekends where everything looks so exciting, and everything and everyone comes together as planned quite spectacularly.

The highlight was always going to be my trip to fabric, only my third this year – for Cocoon – also my third Cocoon event of the year.

I did expect that my favourite club night at my favourite nightclub with my favourite DJ playing should be the most amazing night ever.  So much was my expectation that I was a little apprehensive on the way.

Alas, it was not the most amazing night.  But it was still absolutely fantastic.  Ricardo at fabric in March was better, as was Cocoon In The Park.  But take nothing away – this was a 9.5 out of 10 night – the others were 10 out of 10 – almost impossible to beat.

Cocoon, and Sven, do however work best in a larger nightclub like Amnesia in Ibiza, or the sadly deceased (temporarily???) matter, as they can put on more of a show.  fabric is all about being under-stated – the opposite to what Cocoon is about.  So combining them together, didn’t make them better than they are individually, at their best.

But this is kind of like saying you have just had the second best steak and blow job day ever.  Unless you are a girl in which case I guess you might say this was the second best day’s shopping ever.

We did spend the best part of 10 hours in there.  Of course being a member, I got to walk in straight away rather than queue in the freezing cold for ages with what was probably approaching about 1000 people when it opened at 11pm.

The music played at the beginning by Marcus Fix, Matt Tolrey and Jozif was a bit much of a muchness, just warming us in.  All deep hour in all three rooms – I would rather have heard something a little different in one of the rooms – maybe some minimal or some disco.

Sven came on at 1pm and he did play some really good stuff, mainly house as one has come to expect from Sven nowadays.  But it was like a sauna in the main room – the complete opposite from outside, I haven’t been in a club that hot in the UK I don’t think.  It was a bit much so we went into room 2 to see Ilario Alicante who was excellent, playing lots of good house and mixing it up a bit.

We did wander from room to room a bit, catching Craig Richards play a few fantastic tunes, a bit more Sven, but then the highlight of the evening – Dinky.  I cannot recommend her enough (Dinky set).  Lots of late 1990’s house, mixed in with some speed garage which I think Berlin-based DJs have just discovered (I’m sure they would not have heard of it back in 1997 as it was very much a UK thing).  Also some new jacking house.  So so good.

Heard the end of Sven, and then spent a few hours dancing to Onur Ozer who is really good – but couldn’t match Dinky, and was perhaps a little soul-less towards the end – I would have preferred him before Sven, but life isn’t perfect, and this was one excellent night out.

I love fabric and Cocoon – life wouldn’t be the same without them.

Updated Weather Forecast

I do feel a small apology is in order, last time I offered a 70% chance of heavy snow for today, with a smaller chance of light snow.  I feel I got a little carried away with some unlikely outcomes. Said winter storm has remained west of France, and we are getting snow developed over the North Sea instead.

And not much snow either.  I do see a little more light snow at times but we in Reading are on the western side of the snow.  And it is light and patchy.  Probably not this afternoon.  It might reach 1’C and -4’C overnight.

Wednesday I would say that there is a 50% chance of a little more snow, perhaps more likely later in the day, but again, nothing substantial.  It may not get over -1’C, and -3’C overnight.

Thursday perhaps a 60% chance of some snow showers, perhaps a massive 1’C but -5’C overnight.

Friday looks dry at the moment, maybe as high as -1’C during the day, and -5’C overnight.  At the moment it looks like a band of something coming from the west, I would guess snow at first but turning to rain.  Quite uncertain at the moment.

Saturday could be less cold, at 3’C and perhaps some light rain at times.  Again – uncertain.

Sunday, maybe some light rain, maybe some snow, 1’C.  I would also say a small chance, 20% perhaps of heavy snow in the south.

It really does get quite uncertain at the weekend so the above is my best guess.  It looks like milder air tries to push in from the south, but the cold air is so entrenched that it may not get further north than France.  And there does seem to be quite a large and strong pool of cold air developing over the Arctic which has potential to spread south in 10-15 days time – a reload of cold.

So a lot of uncertainty I’m afraid.

Happy Fridays

Well I feel like blogging so here we go.  No idea what is going to come out of it, nor whether there is any point to it, but I feel I should.  Like Gordon Brown would say “it’s my duty” and would probably not add “I have elected myself to this position and I like it, so go stuff yourself, unless you are from where I am from in which case you can build some great big aircraft carriers”.

He probably wouldn’t be singing the lyrics which are going around in my head right now.  Which I cannot sing out loud at work.  Nor can I really repeat here.  Well I could, but then you would think I had a girlfriend that didn’t wash her clothes.  Which I don’t.  Or you could just go to my top tunes blog and work out what song is top of my list.  Ooh maybe I will have to put a few more up there to make it difficult.

Still reading?  I’m still writing.  Are you dancing?  I’m dancing.  Well my feet are tapping away very merrily.  And I shall be dancing on Saturday night.  My favourite DJ is going to play my favourite nightclub.  I like DJs and I like nightclubs.  And I will have some most excellent companions.  Too fantastic for words right now.

It’s a shame that it may involve standing in the cold queuing up because nobody has tickets and it is sold out, but it shall be warm inside.  Are you disappointed with the lack of snow?  My forecasts always said “chance”.  I was never convinced.

What is quite exciting me is the potential for “Snowmageddon” on Tuesday.  Now it is really not possible to predict the exact track or development of the winter storm, but something is coming for Tuesday.  Ironically, the Met Office have just issued weather warnings for blizzards (not just heavy snow) and the latest GFS charts I have viewed (nothing to do with the Met Office, in case they are watching me again, bless their cotton socks) seem a tad disappointing for those that might want a free day off, but I still say 70% chance of an absolute blanket of snow, probably worse than anything last winter threw at us.  So there.  Go dig it.

Not sure I agree with these latest charts full stop as they extend the cold snap right through to 12th December.  Goes against my surprisingly mild December forecast.  Urm.

And tonight – doesn’t really link in does it.  Think again, James.

Tonight I forecast much fun and frolics at the delightfully enchanting Oakford Social Club thanks to the return of a certain fabulous friend.  I forecast I get drunk.  I’m still playing that damn song.  Still want to sing those lyrics out loud.

Oh and another thing that tickled me – “Dane Bowers arrested in mephedrone probe” on Mixmag.net.  I was never one for feeding plants.

I trust I have just made your world that little bit more special than it already is – as it must be a special world if you are in your world.  Ahhh.

Kisses!  Hugs!




Updated Weather Forecast

I guess you want to know – will it snow?

I bet you will love my answer – I don’t know.  There is however a substantial chance of a major snowfall next Tuesday – more about that later.

For now:

Tonight, maybe the tiniest of snow flurries, like about 5 flakes, -3’C.
Friday, again, maybe a tiny snow flurry, probably cloudy, 3’C, maybe down to -5’C overnight.
Saturday, the previously expected low pressure hasn’t developed hardly at all, that said I think there will be some bands of light snow around, so a 70% chance of a slight covering, 1’C, maybe -3’C overnight.
Sunday, perhaps a 40% chance of a little light snow again, 2’C, -5’C overnight.
Monday, 30% chance of a snow flurry or two, 3’C, -3’C overnight.

Now Tuesday is where it gets interesting.  A low pressure is set to develop over the Bay of Biscay, and move towards the south of England.  It depends on how it develops as to the likelihood of snow, but I reckon there is an 70% chance of heavy snow, perhaps up to 20cm, especially in the afternoon, with gale force winds making it a real blizzard.  There is a smaller chance of a light snow event, and a small chance it could be sleet rather than snow.  And 0’C all day.

I strongly recommend you keep an eye out for this.

Currently, I think there is a good chance that it will turn back to rain either overnight on Tuesday or into Wednesday, so it will melt quickly.

So, Wednesday if Tuesday happens like I think most likely (but far from guaranteed), then it will remain cold with a gale force easterly still, however I think upper air temperatures will be too warm for snow, and hence it could rain.  Potentially could see some flooding as well due to snow melt followed by heavy rain.

Thursday, low pressure moves away – I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little snow on the back edge, colder, 2’C.

And from there on is anyone’s guess but it looks like remaining cold.

I am, believe it or not, going for a milder than average December!  Once the cold clears away.

I’ll probably do another forecast over the weekend if I can get more certainty on what exactly is going to happen on Tuesday.

Students Feel My Wrath

OK, when I went to university back in 1998, I only paid £1,000.00 a year tuition fees – though in my second year that did work out to about £250.00 per lecture (perhaps if I had turned up more then it might have worked out better).
So perhaps you could sit there and think, well it is ok for me to be arguing against higher tuition fees as I did not have to pay them and won’t have to (unless I ever have kids and they want to go to university of course, though I will encourage them to be bankers if that is so, so I can then retire earlier. Small problem, James – you are 30 already…better find a wife quick sharp if you want to retire early on this plan. One which doesn’t watch X-Factor. Oh you’ll be working until 75 then).
Anyway, and but, when I went to university, we didn’t have a humongous debt as we had just had 17 years of the Conservatives running the country, and had just handed over the running of the country and the economy to a Labour party which was still continuing sensible Conservative economic policy, for a couple of years at least. We also had no huge budget deficits. In fact, we were in a good economic position and could afford to hugely subsidise university education.
Now things are different – there are a huge amount more graduates than graduate jobs – we absolutely cannot have any more reckless spending on what we cannot afford, and also do not need.
If you feel let down by the government then you probably have a point. But it was the previous Labour government who wrecked the economy. Students, and anyone else suffering, should point their wrath at them. The coalition government is trying to rescue the country from financial Armageddon. Which is far from assured despite the cuts, thanks to possible defaults in other countries and our own huge debt and budget deficit.
There should not be any entitlement to a subsidised university education. Yes I had one and so have millions of others. But until the country gets back to a good economic position which won’t be for many many years, perhaps two decades, then this is a luxury that we cannot afford.
Besides if this means less students going to university, then you will also have less graduates to compete with in the jobs market. There are also plenty of other options to kick-start a career (Open university, the army, starting a business, to name just three) – university is only one. It is not the be-all and end-all. And the new higher education bill actually looks after poorer students and lower-paid graduates far more than now and is in my opinion, much fairer.
I despise this current protesting – where were you when the previous government were destroying the country? Where were you when they nearly bankrupted the country? Why are you not angry with them? What is your suggestion for reducing the deficit? Shall we scrap pensions instead? Privatise the NHS? Increase tax by a few percent? Double alcohol tax? Increase VAT to 25%?  Answers on a postcard – or stop moaning and get back to studying.  Or drinking.  Or dossing.

David Cameron Approves Of Extra Bank Holiday for Royal Wedding

Just two days after my e-mail to David Cameron (the news story is from last Thursday), Dave has said that he thinks it would be a good idea if the Royal Wedding next year was a bank holiday.

Granted this is not the official go-ahead but I think if it is formalised that you perhaps all owe me a drink as he has clearly listened to my advice, just like he did earlier this year when I advised him on his election campaign a couple of times.

I look forward to receiving lots of gifts and love for probably gaining you an extra day of next year.

Three cheers to myself and Dave, I reckon.


Ooh it has just been announced as 29th April – so a 4 day weekend 🙂
You definitely all owe me a beer!  And Dave.  And Kate & Wills.

Updated Weather Forecast

So I guess you are expecting snow.  It is more likely than not, but don’t expect a guaranteed dump of snow.

Today should be quite sunny at times, 6’C, with a frost overnight, -1’C.
Wednesday similar, a touch colder at 5’C and -3’C overnight.
Thursday sees the first chance of snow, more likely in the morning, but far from guaranteed and I don’t think it will be more than a cm if we do get some.  Colder, 4’C and -3’C overnight.
Friday a dry morning but again, a chance of some snow showers in the afternoon.  I would say again a 50% chance.  No higher than 2’C and -5’C overnight.
Saturday sees low pressure coming down from the north-east, perhaps no higher than -1’C during the day and down to -6’C overnight.  Again, a 50% chance of snow but more cloud than previous days.  And a particularly cold wind.
Sunday, perhaps up to 1’C, again a chance of some snow showers and -4’C overnight (perhaps down to -15’C towards Scotland!).

From then on, I see it remaining cold for perhaps up to another week, maybe not getting back to normal temperatures until Sunday 5th December.
Any day could see snow showers, perhaps more organised towards the end of the week.
Again, I don’t see it getting above 1’C during the day or -5’C most nights.

I expect a few cm of snow in total.  I don’t expect any massive snowfalls but these tend to come at short notice – last year I rarely had more than 48 hours notice of one of the heavier snowfalls.  I will of course advise if anything heavier or more significant is expected.

Remember – the snow is likely in showers and the nature of showers is hit and miss.   But more likely to get some than not.

Enjoy…until you get fed up of it!