Updated Weather Forecast

Was that the calm before the storm?

Not quite.  But it was boring weather for quite a while and now it is going to get somewhat more interesting.

Tonight is the last cold night for a while, -3’C.
Tuesday will be a bit milder, 7’C, cloud increasing during the day with some patchy rain in the afternoon.
Wednesday should start fine, but again some patchy rain in the afternoon, and quite breezy, but milder, 9’C.
Thursday should be fine, some sunshine likely and 8’C.   Chance of a shower.
Friday looks cloudy, and particularly windy, chance of some rain at times, but mild, 10’C.
Saturday remains windy, but at 12’C won’t feel too bad – unless it rains, which it probably will at some point, more likely in the afternoon.
Sunday will remain windy and mild, 12’C, again a chance of rain, especially later in the day.

The outlook after that remains unsettled, and probably a bit colder.

A Year Of Blogging

It was a year ago today that I decided that I required a blog.  I cannot remember who suggested it, but I do owe them a debt of gratitude.

The reason was because I was generally quite bored.  I am less bored now!

The highlight was my review of Cocoon In The Park being mentioned on a Facebook post by Sven!  I did quite enjoy my political postings too – and a lot of people visited my blog on the day of the election, 48 in total, which beat my previous record of 17 by some way!  58 came from Cocoon In The Park.  And also 58 on the day that Russia were announced as hosting the 2018 World Cup.

And I have had visitors from 76 countries across the world.  1,984 different people across the world have visited my blog.  Enough to fill a good nightclub.  Visitors have definitely grown over time.  I know my blog is far away from having a significant impact on society, but the main reason I do it, is because when I find things of interest, I want to share them with as many people as possible.  Whether that be good music (see my top tunes blog), something funny or just my opinion on something…I’m just trying to make the world a better place, at least in my perspective of ‘better’.

Anyway, I just wanted to mark the occasion.  Happy 1st birthday dear blog.

I’ve had plenty of fun along the way, and I intend on trying to make it as enjoyable for myself as possible.  And hopefully that will replicate into you continuing to enjoy it too.

Updated Weather Forecast

Want some exciting weather?  Go book a holiday.  Get out of the UK.

At least I know my forecast should be accurate!  Only question is how much cloud each day, and will there be any fog?

Tonight, cold, -3’C.
Friday, sunny, cold, 3’C, -4’C overnight.
Saturday, sunny, cold, 3’C, -4’C overnight.
Sunday, maybe some cloud, ooh!  4’C, -1’C overnight.
Monday, sunny, 4’C, -4’C overnight.
Tuesday, probably still fairly sunny, 5’C, 1’C overnight if there is a band of cloud.

Look, it just carries on like this, ok?  Maybe reach 8’C next week but not certain.

Around 7th it could reach 10’C with some wind and rain, which goes against my long-range forecast of February getting colder.  But the models have down-graded this option slowly over the last few days.

Signs of colder weather for mid-February but far from guaranteed.

Easiest forecast I have done in some time!

If only it was summer – this would be 25’C and lovely!

The Correct Way To Explain The Offside Rule To A Woman …(I cannot take credit)

You’re in a shoe shop, second in the queue for the till. Behind the shop assistant on the till is a pair of shoes which you have seen and which you must have.

The female shopper in front of you has seen them also and is eyeing them with desire. Both of you have forgotten your purses.

It would be rude to push in front of the first woman if you had no money to pay for the shoes.

The shop assistant remains at the till waiting.

Your friend is trying on another pair of shoes at the back of the shop and sees your dilemma.

She prepares to throw her purse to you.

If she does so, you can catch the purse, then walk round the other shopper and buy the shoes!

At a pinch she could throw the purse ahead of the other shopper and “whilst it is in flight” you could nip around the other shopper, catch the purse and buy the shoes!

BUT, you must always remember that until the purse has “actually been thrown”, it would be plain wrong for you to be in front of the other shopper and you would be OFFSIDE!

A Few Things Of Mild Interest

Most importantly for today, I have discovered that Angry Birds toys are available for sale on Ebay.  Not too late to get me a birthday present.  My desk at work is particularly boring.

At £10 though I might just get myself a badge for £1.50 (see title link).

I read quite an interesting article here about Berlin, and the anger that some of the locals are having towards the gentrification of the city (ie rich people moving in and their squatty dumps being replaced by nice flats) and that they are threatening to target tourists.  Won’t stop me going again – a fantastic city and well worth a visit, especially if you enjoy sunbathing in the nude which is perfectly acceptable there.

I might do a proper evaluation of the UK economy and the risks to it at some point, but all I am going to say is don’t worry about -0.2% GDP growth in Q4 of 2010 – the UK always gets a dip after coming out of recession, and with the bad weather, this is perfectly normal.  Plenty to be hopeful about – perhaps unless you are over-paid or lazy.  Or bought a way over-priced house/flat…especially flat as they are poor stores of value over the long term.  Seen any flats from previous decades that look nice?  Bet you have seen plenty of houses from previous centuries, let alone decades that are good though.

Also, I hear there is going to be a wine festival in Reading in June…bring on the wine!

Still waiting for my guest writer – if you are reading this, hurry up!

Oh and yes, as previously suggested you may see a snow flurry or two any time from tonight until Saturday but don’t be too expextant and if it does, don’t expect anything above the tiniest temporary covering.  It is going to be much colder though.

Lineswomen, Brazil & My Football Bet

I’m a little perturbed about the fuss over Richard Keys and Andy Gray being derogatory towards a female linesman.

After all, if women can be derogatory towards men with accusations of manflu, then what is wrong with stating that women don’t understand the offside rule?

I’m going to go one step further and state my strong dislike for hearing that woman who commentates on football on the BBC. It just sounds wrong.

As would anyone commentating on rugby league that didn’t smoke 40 a day, drink 15 pints of bitter a night and come from some backwards northern town like Featherstone.

Nor would I want to see a guy play Juliet in Romeo And Juliet.

Some things are not to be messed with.

However, I have just come across a lineswoman from Brazil. I might be about to change my mind…


On another topic, I’m a bit skint at the moment.  Nothing too serious, but this 6 weekend month since the last pay-day has put a dint into my overdraft of a few hundred quid.

I had a football bet on Saturday – not often I do it but was encouraged by my sister.  I picked 5 teams in an accumalator, Aston Villa to beat Man City, Sunderland to beat Blackpool, Fulham to beat Stoke, West Ham to beat Everton, Newcastle to beat Tottenham.

I don’t think any of these were favourites but all were winning come injury time – until Everton and Tottenham both scored.

Bastards.  I would have won just over £200 for a £1 stake.  Would have done very nicely!!

Updated Weather Forecast

The main reason I gained a substantial interest in the weather as a child, was the varied and unpredictable weather in the UK.  The last week and the next couple are anything but.  I would worry about boring you but as my previous forecast managed a huge 3 readers, I am not too worried about that.  However there is a small potentially interesting event this week – not highly confident but a possibility.

Anyway, for the sake of a forecast, here goes.

Tuesday, mainly cloudy, perhaps a light shower or two, 8’C.
Wednesday, cloudy start, maybe some sun later, becoming cold with increasing winds, 5’C, -1’C overnight and a small chance of a wintry shower.
Thursday, much colder with cold wind, variable cloud, chance of a snow flurry or two, 1’C and -3’C overnight.
Friday probably sunny but cold again, still cold breeze, 2’C and -4’C overnight – possibly colder if wind dies down by then.  Small chance of snow flurry.
Saturday probably sunny but still cold, 3’C, -2’C overnight.  I cannot promise it will be dry but it probably will.  Cold wind should be gone.

I foresee a week of dry weather afterwards, perhaps longer, hopefully sunny but no higher than 5’C with overnight frosts.

I did say winter was coming back around 25th January a long long time ago – though I guess in comparison to December this is nothing!

Currently looks like getting a bit milder and more unsettled afterwards, which goes completely against my long range winter forecast…oh well…bored of cold anyway.

Goldenfry Gravy

This my friends, is the daddy of gravy.

I never used to be able to buy it in Reading, my mam used to send it down to me sometimes but she cannot do it often enough to satisfy my gravy demands.

A while ago though, Sainsbury’s in Broad Street in Reading started to stock it and I was very excited, but now they no longer do so.  I wrote a letter of complaint – here is the response


Dear James

I’m sorry you’ve been unable to buy Goldenfry gravy in our Broad Street store. I can understand your disappointment as you clearly hold this gravy in high regard.

Unfortunately this has been discontinued in this store and in our Friar Street store. Our buyers carry out regular reviews of all items to determine how well they are selling in each store. It was decided that because this item was not a big seller, it should be withdrawn to make room for another more popular item or to give us the chance to introduce a new product.

I’ve submitted a product request for this item to be restocked in our Broad Street store. Although this isn’t a guarantee, it does alert our buyers that there is a demand for it here.

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us and lhope to see you in store again soon.

Kind regards
Customer Manager


And my original e-mail…

Why can I not find Goldenfry gravy (chicken) in the Reading Central store on Broad Street any more? Gravy is a vital commodity in my life and makes me happy nearly as much as ecstacy, minimal techno and good sex do.

I can only find Bisto now, which to me is rather substandard.

Your other store in Friar Street does not sell it, and I don’t think it ever has.

I hope you can put this right, it will encourage me to visit on a more regular basis, after all, evil Tesco Express is much closer to my house and despite how much I despise it, they offer me the same choice of gravy and a much shorter journey to purchase it.

Kind regards


I probably should add just for the purposes of any boring people reading that I am not condoning the use of ecstacy which is classified as a Class A illegal drug and according to what I have read over the years does sadly contribute to the death of a few people every year, approximately 0.01% of the amount that good old alcohol does every year.

James Winfield’s Artistic Abilities Part 5 – And fabric’s Opinion Of Said Artwork

I think many of you may have already seen my New Year’s Eve artistic creation – with real paints, but for the purposes of history, I am putting it on my blog.

I received a friend request from ‘fabric on’ the other day on Facebook – and I have a policy of only befriending humans that I have met (although I am sure that a couple of slipped through the net) so I wanted to know what they thought of my artwork first…


Dear fabric On

I fear that I may have to decline your friend request because I have a policy that I actually know and have met in person anyone who becomes a friend of mine on Facebook, yes perhaps a couple slipped through in the early days that I am still confused about, but now I am more rigorous on the qualifications required.
I cannot allow myself to be friends with Yellow Taxis, or Pizza Hut…I am sure you understand.
But fabric is so ingrained into my soul, I hope you can see why I have not accepted straight away. It is difficult.
By the way, do you like my artwork?


well, It’s up to you really… you are IN or OUT!

Fabric ON is not Pizza Hut ;), that’s for sure!

Your artwork is OK.
I have since sent my previous two works of art – Whore Loves Money Not Art, and the X-Factor one – a further response has not yet been forthcoming.

Updated Weather Forecast

My forecast has to start with apologies.

Firstly, because I didn’t do the usual Monday evening forecast due to ill health – however we are entering a very benign period of weather so I didn’t feel that it would be so necessary to do so.

Secondly, I am quite confused and embarrassed as to how I predicted Monday to be dry and it was anything but.  I really do not know how I got that so wrong.  But as the Met Office on the same day I issued my forecast, had a forecast for heavy rain all day on Sunday which did not occur, I am going to let it pass, I don’t understand where it came from, I shall leave it as that.

And that is probably about as interesting as this forecast is going to get as it is going to get pretty damn gloomy and dull.  If we could repeat this set-up in June, then we would have one hell of a glorious and increasingly hot and sunny month.

Sadly it is still January.

Friday should be sunny, cold, 3’C, -2’C overnight.
Saturday will be fairly cloudy, 6’C, chance of a spot of rain, maybe a light snow shower overnight.
Sunday will be cloudy, boring, 5’C.
Monday perhaps some sunshine, 5’C
Tuesday, maybe an early shower perhaps of snow, 5’C
Wednesday, boring shit, cloud, 5’C
Thursday, still pretty boring, maybe some sun, 5’C.

And on it goes I’m afraid.

I did originally expect winter to come back around 25th January and well, maybe it will but so far it looks like it will just be cold and dry, with possibly quite a niggly little easterly wind developing towards the end of the month.

I still do fancy snow during February but my confidence is starting to diminish on this prospect.  I also think we may see 15’C around the end of February but I am also expecting a cold spring.  March might actually end being as cold as February.  And the beginning of April may be unusually cold.

That’s all for now.