Updated Weather Forecast

Ooh it’s the highlight of my day – weather forecast time.  Though I don’t really have anything interesting to offer.

The next couple of weeks, look likely to be dominated by high pressure, but wind light winds mainly from the east or the north, it will feel cool at times.  Some days will be cloudy, some days will be sunny.  And there is a chance of something a bit wintry coming from the Arctic in a week or so, but it isn’t a likely outcome, just a possible one, say 20-30% chance…it will more likely be much to the east of the UK.

Today only reached 4.4’C in Reading.

Tuesday will be mainly cloudy, perhaps some light rain, chilly, 6’C.
Wednesday should be a bit sunnier, after a chilly start to the day, still a chance of a light shower, 7’C.
Thursday should again be a bit sunnier than the previous day, and a bit less chilly, 8’C.
Friday might even be quite reasonably sunny, after a chilly start, 10’C.
Saturday perhaps cloudier, 8’C.
Sunday probably sunnier, 8’C.

And that is the general pattern for probably the first 10 or so days of March.

Maybe something briefly more pleasant around the middle of the month, fingers crossed.

Cool & Cole

I want one of these phones:

Also of amusement, to my slightly current juvenile tastes (forgive me it is a Monday), is a post on a Hull City message board describing what someone would like to do to Cheryl Cole, namely “I would suck a fart out her arse.”

This kind of offer is the most acceptable way to pull in Hull.

Roll on 5pm (ish).

Pleasantly Average

Good morning, folks, how are you?  Not sure why I bothered asking as I hardly ever get any comments added!

I had a pleasantly average weekend, a few drinks yesterday at the Oakford, and a few at this little bar called Up The Junction, at the famous Cemetary Junction, perhaps quite a few as I don’t recall getting home.  Though I do remember watching a 1.5 hour documentary on the Afghanistan cricket team when I got home.

It is bloody freezing in the office today.  All my efforts are in trying to keep warm.  I have manned up and reported it to facilities.  Apparently, there are health and safety laws setting a minimum working temperature of 16’C.  Sadly I cannot find any requirement for management to send staff home if this is not met!

I don’t really have anything else to say.  All I need to do is make it through to the end of the day so I can have some gravy…or maybe some fish?

Being a Dickhead’s Cool

I don’t have much to say.  It has not been a hugely exciting or inspiring week.  I’m tired and perhaps marginally below average on the happiness scale, but nothing that cannot be rectified by a good night’s sleep tonight, and a couple of beers and a bit of socialising tomorrow.  I’m dreaming of those days of sunshine, those long summer evenings.  I just want to sit in the sun, with a beer, feeling good.  Just for a few hours.  I am craving sunshine so badly!  Patience is required though.

I do however have the Visionquest night at fabric coming up next Saturday, which I am very excited about.  Really looking forward to seeing Seth Troxler and his bats next Saturday, along with Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson.

And the week after, of even more excitement, is the chance to see Ricardo Villalobos at fabric.  Last March he totally blew me away.  Just too good.  I absolutely have to go again.

This is after all, what I live for.  With a bit of luck, once these two fantastic nights are out of the way, then the weather might be starting to look a little more promising and we go into my favourite time of the year which is spring and early summer.

Until then, I have a week or so to plough through.  Until I can join the ‘dickheads’ of East London in trying to be cool.  Seth Troxler is cool.  He thinks all the cool kids are in London, so he must be cool.  I don’t mind not being cool, as my thighs are too fat for purple leggings.  This video parady song of the East London ‘dickhead’ scene thoroughly amused me, it is less than three minutes, you might enjoy it.

Have a pleasant weekend x

Updated Weather Forecast

I promised you a bit of early spring, and that was it.  Not quite as much, nor quite as ‘warm’ as I had originally expected – there is a lot of cold air nearby though, so this should not be a surprise.  I believe that we reached 13.4’C today in Reading which was pleasant but hardly unusual for February.

I also suggested that March would be colder than average, and it may even turn out to be colder than February?

But on the plus side, I think it will be quite a sunny month.

Friday will be increasingly cloudy with a band of rain coming down from the north-west in the evening, still mild, 13’C.
Saturday should be brighter but potentially with the odd sharp shower developing perhaps with a little hail and thunder, 10’C.
Sunday also has the potential for showers, more especially in the morning, and they may have a wintry flavour to them, 7’C.
Monday will see high pressure building from the north, dragging continental air in, it will be dry, unsure on sunshine amounts but there will be some, chilly, 5’C.
Tuesday and Wednesday will feel cold, with an easterly breeze, it will be fair, and there is a chance of a wintry shower, 4’C at best.

And the general trend from there is the weather to come from the north or the east, so, yes, expect something wintry.

March really could end up being colder than February, at least the first half of it anyway.

The Cheryl Cole of Reading

There are some news stories that are too irresitible for me not to comment upon, even in the Daily Mail.  In these revolutionary times, I do feel the urge to comment upon such tragedies as the massacre of civilians in Libya, however I am resisting such urges as I am trying to keep my blog relatively light-hearted and amusing.  Instead, I focus my attention on persuading the government to take action/stances against such abuses, and leave such reporting to professional news reporting outfits.

However, abuses of society, such as the so-called “Cheryl Cole of Reading”, I cannot help but comment upon.  It is too easy to blame the young girl herself, who is the product of UK society, circa 1997-2010 (thanks Labour).  I will leave that to the Daily Mail readers who seem to think that she looks more like Mark Owen in a wig.

She walked out of several jobs because she had to get up too early, or she got bored.  Hello.  Welcome to the real world, love.  I did say that I wasn’t going to pass comment upon her, didn’t I?  Oops.  Thinking back, when I was 20, I also thought the world owed me a living so I am perhaps being a tad hypocritical.  Although I kept my job and found ways to amuse myself through the boredom of repetivity without requiring the state to pay me £800 a month to keep me in a nice flat.

The real questions have to be around the state though – why do we give benefits to someone who walks out of jobs because they are bored?  And why do we give benefits to someone whose mother gives her £1,200 a month to live?

Thankfully, I see two ways out of this.  Either the current government’s benefit reform will resolve such anomalies in the system, or she will now become a television star.  Given the state of television, I expect the second is the more likely outcome, especially as she has come to light on a show about to be broadcast on BBC3 called Working Girls (3rd March – get it in your diary!).  I have this feeling that I might strangely end up admiring her after watching the show, we shall see.

Speaking of which, does anyone think Andrew Marr is really worth £580,000 a year?  Apparently he works very hard, and if he worked for a private broadcaster, such as Sky, I could perhaps understand it.  Firstly, he is immensely dull, and quite a lame interviewer.  But, more importantly, the state broadcaster, the BBC, forces this upon us, and if you do not accept to pay towards his lucrative salary, you can be fined or put in jail.

Hardly Libyan standards of dictatorship, I appreciate, but surely this is not right?  The license fee should be scrapped, and replaced with a pay-as-you-watch system to download BBC programmes (many of which are of excellent quality).  Such programmes should also be made available worldwide.  Then I believe that the BBC would be able to flourish even more.  Yes, this is a privatisation model of the BBC, but one which I believe would work.  I think out government has too much reform on its hands at the moment to dare suggest it, but I reckon one year, they might just suggest some BBC reform.  But for now, we are stuck with our dear monolith.

One final thing, a potential bit of good news, in my opinion, is that the government are considering bringing clocks forward an hour.  Which in the summer, will mean an extra hour of light – and an extra hour after work to enjoy the sunshine.  I think this is a truly excellent idea.

Themes From Vapourspace

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, “Why did I buy that?”.  This time, I don’t even have the excuse of inebriation, given the parlous state of my finances.

No, but I can blame Sven.

I found this video of Cocoon (Frankfurt) from New Year 2010/11, and it is typical Sven Vath at his typical suspense building, thunderous techno best.

The track is by Vapourspace, whom I have never heard of.  Probably for a good reason, seeing as their album came out in 1993.

After being inspired by track names such as “Gravitational Arch Of 10” and “Degaussing Atmospheric Charges”, and also seeing a picture of the producer, Mark Gage (below), I just knew that I had to add this album to my burgeoning CD collection.

Take note, Sven, above is how a techno god should look like.

I have nothing else to say.

It’s All Gravy Baby

I don’t have a huge amount to say yet today.  Went to Hull for the weekend for my father’s 60th birthday meal, he seemed very happy to see me – my family duty is done for a while now!  I do intend on trying to get to Hull a couple more times this year.  I enjoy my trips to see my family though 2 days is enough and I am craving to get back to my life in Reading.

And my life in Reading is now more complete thanks to my lovely mother ensuring that I have enough gravy – hopefully until my Easter visit (though I doubt it).

Happy gravy day.  Sorry I don’t have much to waffle on about, but the return of the orgasmic gravy granules really does require a post on it’s own, and has taken up all the space in my mind.

Oh yeah, it’s all gravy baby.

Updated Weather Forecast

So, the cold blast from the east never quite arrived in the UK, yes it is quite cold, but not as cold as it could have been.

My expectations for March were always on the cold side, with perhaps an early spring before it.

The early spring may be this week, and we might want to make the most of it.

Tuesday sees high pressure trying to build from the south but with Atlantic moisture around, it will mean a cloudy day, 7’C.
Wednesday looks like it will rain for much of the day, but be quite mild at around 13’C, maybe brighter later on.
Thursday we can be hopeful of some sunshine, and it should feel quite pleasant and almost spring-like at 13’C.
Friday will see the last of the mild air, before a cold front pushes down overnight, sunny to start but cloudy to finish, 13’C.

From then on, I am unsure what is going to happen – I am expecting more cold weather to follow this brief glimpse of what it could be like.

I Love Nick Clegg

One of my favourite things to do when I feel like a few minutes procrastination, is to wind-up the Nick Clegg haters that spend all day on his Facebook page.

Simple short paragraphs like “Thanks for continuing to repair our fragile society and destroyed economy. Please do all you can to ensure that the disgraceful, selfish, lying, cheating scum of the Labour Party never ever get back into power in this country. Never again should the likes of Blair, Brown, Mandelson or Prescott be allowed anywhere near power. You might not be perfect but in comparison you are amazing.” seem to cause a fair amount of upset, especially to all those poor students being forced to go to university.

I especially admire him for lying to the students.  Easy for me to say when I only had to pay £1,000.00 tuition fees a year.  Ho ho ho!  Though perhaps if I had had been charged more, I would have thought a bit more sensibly about what degree to do in the first place (seriously, why did I choose Maths?), maybe taken a year out first to work and save up some money, not spend so much on vodka and weed during those two years and maybe actually got a degree at the first time of asking rather than dropped out.

No regrets at all though, I may not have ended up in Reading had I not chosen Maths, and may not have ended up doing what I became interested in a few years later, Business Studies & Economics, and may not have ended up with such an amazing group of friends gained over the last few years.