James Upsets DJ Mag

Those of you that know me, know I like to write a good letter of complaint sometimes. The response I receive tends to show me what the company is made of, and its ability to serve its customers.

Recently I realised that I had stopped receiving my DJ Mag subscription. I was still being debited for it. And having realised that it has taken me 6 months of not receiving it for me to question it, I soon realised that I didn’t actually miss it, as I just used to gloss over it and throw the CD in the bin.

Either I have moved on, or DJ Mag has moved on, I don’t know, people change, organisations change.

So, after a bottle of JP Chenet wine or two (and they have also had an e-mail from me which I will share at some point soon as it could be a source of amusement), I wrote an e-mail which is a little less constructive than I perhaps normally would, but hey.


Dear Sir

I have been a subscriber to DJ Mag for some years now, and have only just noticed that I have not received an issue since February 2011.
I have not done anything to change my subscription or cancel it.
This is very disappointing.
However, after careful consideration, I realised that I am not actually missing it.
I never read that many of the articles, the music reviews were too dull to be of any use and the CDs are consistently shite…it seems almost as if the shit artists have paid you to promote them as they do not match the artists written about in the magazines.
And the constant wanking over technology is banal and misleading as there seems to be many blatant attempts to promote digital over vinyl.
The stupid DJ popularity poll is still quite funny though.
Anyway, I wish you well, you have served your purpose in my life and for that I am grateful.
I shall stick to my trusty Mixmag, and websites such as Resident Advisor.
Oh and I shall be checking my bank account to make sure that you still are not debiting me.
Kind regards


The response was



Love the email – You and Mixmag deserve each other.

Best wishes,



That quite amused me. I do realise that I should not have written it as though every artist they have had produce a CD for them is shit, that is not at all representative of me, that was the wine talking, the said artists are just not to my tastes, would have been more appropriate.  Joachim Garraud was the last DJ Mag CD I received, who comes from David Guetta’s school of music which is commercial fun, of which I don’t especially enjoy, but do appreciate what they do for the dance music scene, and he is not shit, he does his job very well from what I gather.

Mixmag had a CD-related rant off me a while back, maybe 18 months ago, and look who they have on this month’s CD…

Another Busy MOnday In The Life Of James Winfield

So I have entered into another busy week in the life of James Winfield.  Busier than the last 52 Mondays anyway.

I have lots of plans and lots of things that I want to try out and the next few weeks is the perfect chance to do so.  I have a little project which I have started on the basic admin work with.  I am not sure if my project will work, but if you have a dream then you should pursue it – and I have many dreams and this is one.  It really will rely on other people getting excited about it too – I hope to have it ready by November, if not much sooner…but only so much is in my hands.

Today I did some voice recognition testing for a major software company which was quite fun – basically when they launched software a while back they had problems recognising some voices so they need to add to their repertoire of voices that their future software can recognise.  Money for talking.  I like that idea.

The other thing I did today was buy some socks.  Did you know how difficult it is to find yellow socks though?  Will have a search around Ebay later.  I have increasingly realised recently how dissatisfied I have become with my wardrobe so I am setting out on a project to replace as much of it as I can afford by the end of the year.  Starting with socks.  Next a few things for Ibiza – might have to just get a few cheap H&M t-shirts for Ibiza, not got enough funds to import that many t-shirts.

I bought the perfect socks to go see Hull City with.  Though it might take a little while until I am persuaded to part with my money to go see them as they are playing pretty badly, by all accounts.

Anyway, enough for now.  I really am liking this not being at work stuff.  And the day of sunshine.  I’ll do my weather blog in a bit.  Hopefully I will get quadruple the amount of visitors my last one got…a shameful 2.

Goodbye Jimmy Bullard

I don’t often talk about football on my blog, but I do still care about my home-team, Hull City, even though music, art, politics and economics are of more interest to me than football…I still have a passion for my team and that will never diminish.

Sadly, Jimmy Bullard, who some Hull City fans would have you believe is the best player we ever signed, seems to have no passion for Hull City as a club, or the fans.

There have been far too many stories of disrespect, and we have seen far too little of him on the pitch to believe that he could be a representative of The Tigers, let alone the highest-paid one, and the highest transfer to boot.

I remember just how disinterested he looked when we were fighting for survival in the 2009-10 season of the Premiership, that poor penalty against Burnley, I think it was, at home, who then went on to beat us.   And the lack of interest after that.

I am sure that he may be a lost soul because of his off-field activities, and I can understand him but I cannot emphasise with him as he did not do anything productive to ensure that he was the professional creative midfielder that we thought we had bought.

I remember when I was a young child, revering Paul Gascoigne, as a hero.  My now long-deceased grandfather, could not understand why.  He told me that Gazza was a pratt.  I am sure he would have used stronger words, had I not been so young at the time.

Jimmy Bullard is equal the pratt.  He might be a genius footballer but until he gets it together, he will be more myth than hero.

A lesson to anyone.

Having fun is great, but don’t make it your profession.  Have a profession, and have fun outside of it.

And with regards to Jimmy Bullard – he has finally been sacked.  Without a pay-off.  I am truly delighted.  This rarely happens in football as the players have all the power, and this is probably why the game has been ruined to the extent it has today.

The PFA kind of reminds me of the stranglehold that the miners had over the UK government 30 or so years ago, until Maggie sorted them out.

I do wonder, and hope that this could be a turning point and the power goes back into the hands of the clubs – not the players, and especially not the agents.

Time will tell – but goodbye and good riddens to Jimmy Bullard, as far as Hull City is concerned.

I wish you no malice, I hope that you sort your life out and don’t waste it.  Too much of a talent for there not to be a positive story at the end.

James Has Been Elsewhere

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts this last week or so, and Facebook status updates if you are a friend of mine…fear not, life has taken a turn, life has changed but I am positive and hopeful about the future.  All is good.

I have spent much of the past week thinking, and I have plans, and ideas, and I intend to try my best to make them come to fruition…I will reveal more in due course.

The last week has been a bit of a strange week, quite a lot of uncertainty but also quite a lot of opportunity.  I just need to take my time to get my head around everything…and I will.

Over the last week, I have been rather elsewhere, both in name and in event, for one of the highlights was the Elsewhere party at Afro Bar on Saturday.

Elsewhere is an occasional free party thrown on an afternoon in the Afro Bar, in Reading, I think they have had 3 of them now, and they are incredibly enjoyable events with like-minded people, just coming to have a drink and listen to some good house music, a bit of dancing and lots of smiles.

Sadly there were not a huge amount of people attending this one, but I think there will be more, and once word starts to spread, it will become rather popular.

The event is for the people, it isn’t to make money.  So if people like it, then they should spread the word, which is what I am trying to do.

You can also check the music section, and they have podcasts to download via itunes or whatever your podcast player is.

I recommend.  I hope to see you at the next Elsewhere party.

Flathunting – Scam?! I wonder…

Thanks for the reply and the sincere interest you have in my flat.My flat is one bedroom flat self contained , fully furnished in and out and also has garden with is parking space in my flat,I spoke with my lawyer concerning the interest you have in my flat and we both agreed to have you in my flat.

However it is unfortunate that my past bitter experience of inviting people to come and view or reserve my flat without any form of confirmation of their financial ability and not keeping up to time as at when scheduled, has brought about great loss to me. I have traveled all the way from Ireland to take some interested candidates round my flat because that’s where i work with (P. Elliott & Company)

Some tenants do not have the money to pay the rent and yet they disturb the the landlord to arrange a viewing with their friend or relative who are in city so some do not meet up with the appointments which has led to the dismissal of some landlords in office by their employers.

Henceforth my lawyer and i have decided to carry out a simple test on financial ability to pay for my rent before coming for viewing.I would have asked you to provide your bank statement but some prospective candidate has misused the opportunity in the past providing fake document. At least one month rent and security deposit which is £ 400 which is refundable after your stay in my flat, would be required from you to transfer through western union money transfer, You will make the transfer with your name as a sender and someone close to you as a receiver (Partner/Friend).

Once you have done this, Scan the receipt to me and if you do not have scanner, you may write out the details on the receipt as it’s stated on the transfer receipt and will send it to my lawyer to verify if it’s truly genuine and available in your custody, after verification, then we can Schedule convenient day for the viewing on and you can as well tell your Receiver to pick up the money and also, i will refund back to you the cost of transfer when we meet.

I look forward to reading from you.


My response:

1. Your flat is not in a convenient location.
2. I was not born yesterday.

Hmmm, I thought the price was way too good to be true.

My Suggested Solution To The London Riots

Whether the bleeding-heart Liberals, or the hard-nosed angry sorts that want the rioting scum shot, like it or not, I believe that there has to be a twin-track approach to solving the issue of the riots.

I know that you won’t believe me, but I used to be a disaffected youth in the mid-90’s, roughly between the ages of 13 and 16, so I would like to think I know something about their mindset. 

Granted I didn’t burn down shops (wheelie bins were my preference), I didn’t smash private property (school windows though were a must) and I didn’t go looting (I stuck to stealing sweets and chocolates, mainly).

Straight away you have to try to stop the riots in the immediacy.  Priority has to be given to the innocent, hard-working folk of London and other cities who are suffering – their needs have to be met.

Those causing the trouble have to be stopped but if the police go in heavy-handed then it would likely provoke far worse trouble.

The police are generally not respected in this country, especially by the young.  Probably because they enforce the law on drugs which many young people see as unfair, rightly or wrongly, and also the stop and search powers that they use, and are seen as abused, again, rightly or wrongly, I do not know.

However, the army are respected, in general.  The army needs to be sent in, with tanks, with water cannons, plastic bullets, whatever is necessary to bring these little shits to think again.

Those arrested of a criminal offence need to be locked up.  I don’t care if it means locking them up 3 to a cell and breaking human rights or whatever bullshit.  Any judge not locking them up should be sacked.  Or sent to live in Tottenham.

If the government need to enact emergency laws, then they should not be afraid too.  Oh, and why the hell does it take 3 nights of rioting for Boris and Dave to come back to the UK?  A statement should have been made on Sunday by both, and Boris should probably have come back then.  Not impressed (see – I can criticise the government that I believe in).  And why were all of our major politicians on holiday at once?  What is wrong with staggering them?  And why the fuck is Ken Livingstone almost excusing them?

I would not have messed with the army had they confronted me on the streets when I were causing trouble.

However, there are reasons that these youths feel disaffected, just as I did when I was young.  And there are ways to connect with them and bring them into society.  You may question why we should do this, but it is in our own interests to do so.  Only a small minority of the disaffected youth are causing trouble from what I gather but many are angry.

As I child, I could have played football or rugby (LEAGUE!), but I didn’t like getting kicked or punched in the name of sport, so I stayed away.  Computer games kept me occupied but they cost money.  I wanted to go out and causing trouble was fun.  There really was little else to do, unless you had money – I didn’t have anything significant until I was 16.  Co-incidentally (or not?), I stopped causing trouble at 16.

More people have to get involved with young people of today, especially those like footballers, music stars, etc, need to start connecting with them directly.  Not only them though, the police, firefighters, the army, politicians, nurses, city workers – anyone that can show them that there is a future if they work hard and get an education.

Responsibility has to be taught to the young from the age of 13, and they should be allowed to work, perhaps 10 hours a week maximum, with a much lower minimum wage than 16 year olds.  Work taught me responsibility, and young people have to be engaged more into society.  Work will give them money to spend on what they want, rather than believing that they have to steal it.  We have a consumer society, and kids are consumers too.

There has to be more for young people to do, or at least more opportunities for them.  A couple of my suggestions – free music events, free studio time for them to make music, free days at theme parks, free training sessions at sports clubs, free days at gold clubs – anything to give them something to do, to discover new hobbies and new passions.  It might cost money, but so does clearing up from a riot and insuring against damage.

If I had the chance to make music, or to try new sports, etc as a child, then who knows, I may not have had my troublesome years.

Anyway.  Stop them.  Punish them.  Engage them.  My solution.

Quick Weekend Review & Fucksticks

Another good weekend just gone.

Friday night, I went to meet Martin and Martin to watch the football. Sadly The Turks were being shit as they were showing the Paul Scholes testimonial of all things rather than a proper football game. That is the pub, not 80 million people in a big country which might be European.

So we went to Great Expectations in time for the second half. They have a very wide range of chips, by the way. Well actually the chips are the same on each dish, but the toppings differ.

Ull Citeh played well I thought, that Brady kid from Man Utd, sadly only on loan, is something quite special. The Irish Messi? Sadly we lost to a sucker-punch goal near the end. I very much remain to be convinced by our goalie on loan from Liverpool, Galusci, he really did not look comfortable and made several simple mistakes.

The night ended up quite spectacularly messy.

Saturday was a write-off.

Sunday, I very nearly spent the day in bed, but I got a call from Martin & JP which was a far better idea, and went to join them in London Street Brasserie – sadly I had already eaten as their roast dinner looked amazing – I have to go and eat there. Next was Old Orleans. A pleasant mixing of drinks and just an all-round good day and evening.

I woke up happy and productive this morning. And now I am at work. Fucksticks. What have I done to deserve this?

No significant plans except for Elsewhere at Afrobar on Saturday and probably fabric afterwards.

Random picture because more people look if I include a picture:

The City Ulltras Are Here – Be Scared!

Oh yeah.  The anthem goes:


Nothing too complex.  Which is useful as one of the conditions of being an Ulltra is to be adopt a simple singular state of mind.  This is easy for us ‘Ull folk.

The other being to sing and stand at a football ground when supporting ‘Ull Citeh.

I went to two away games last year and both were thoroughly enjoyable events because of the singing, standing and laughing at the ridiculously drunken idiotic fellow fans, so I am very pleased to see this initiative.

Home games at the KC have a similar atmosphere to finance departments in offices.  With the stewarding gestapos ensuring nobody swears or stands up for more than 5 seconds.

Hence the backlash to create the Ulltras to improve the atmosphere.

What Do My Stomach And My Gravy Cupboard Have In Common?

It was annual parents visit yesterday – and both my gravy cupboard and stomach are full.

Two cartons of Goldenfry chicken gravy – but also two onion – what was my mother thinking?  Onion – yuck, yuck, yuckety, yuck.

But she redeemed herself with bringing toothpaste, household cleaning products, ketchup (Heinz, no longer my favourite but still ok) and a tin of ham.

Such are my weather forecasting abilities that I told her two weeks ago that it would probably be raining or thundery for her visit as the good weather wouldn’t last until Thursday, I was right.  Just wanted to let you know.

Anyway, I had a great day.  I love that I am of an age and relative maturity that a visit from the parents is something to be excited about, the highlight of my week.  Gravy or no gravy.

For lunch we went to The Griffin in Caversham, I had the Wild Boar burger, and it was absolutely lovely, with an egg and rocket leaves.  I was very impressed by their pub menu, especially as it is part of a chain.  I must go again.

For dinner, we went to Loch Fyne along the river from the Oracle, I really wanted Salmon but sadly the only dish with this (except some weird salmon dish with cucumber and weird stuff – yuck) was some kind of seafood special, it came with molluscs (what the hell are these?!), a king prawn, a piece of seabass, and said salmon.  Oh and two of my mother’s scampi.

It was all totally delicious.  Even the molluscs.  Wild Boar and molluscs for the first time, all in one day?  I’ve changed.  I hope you still like me (assuming you used to in the first place and don’t just read my musings to take pity on me for being from Ull…more about that later).

And yes, my Dad got drunk.  As did I a little.

This weekend is going to be an attempted quiet one.

I have casually invited a few people to The Turks for a beer or two from 7, anyone welcome to join.  I have not told them that Hull City are on Sky and this is the reason for me going there.  I would go by myself anyway, but I would rather have the company of my good friends.

5 years ago, I used to have a love affair with a local nightclub called Mango.  It was where many a beautiful friendship blossomed – most of which are still thriving to this day.

One of my favourite nights was a night called Erotique run by good friends, Paul and Shaun.  I remember once there being 50 of us there as a group, it was the night to be excited about.  Sadly they were axed, but they are having a re-launch tomorrow, my good friend Sam is playing too.

I wish them well, I am sure they will put on a very good night.

My days of going to Mango are long over as I don’t enjoy the experience and haven’t done for some time – I always regret going and spending my money, and there is nothing anyone can do to persuade me to change my mind, despite my feeling I should support good friends – but they have all had lots of support from me over the years!  Average pubs, yes, average clubs, no.

Maybe I am getting old but I like a more relaxing experience on an evening out, unless of course it is something special like fabric, Ibiza, Shoreditch, etc.