6 Reasons Why You SHOULD Panic Buy Petrol

1. Petrol isn’t about to go down in price – think of it as a good investment.  Especially in a week or two when there is none – if you have a kitchen full then just imagine how much you can sell it for.

2. The people who don’t panic buy will be the stupid people – so the quicker we run out of petrol, the quicker the stupid people won’t be driving.

3. A sense of belonging.  Everyone is doing it, so just like watching people with big dicks rowing a boat every 4th August, join in with your fellow countrymen.

4. More people at the petrol station means more chance you can strike up a conversation with a random – and you never know, you could get lucky as those petrol fumes overcome and persuade your potential date that you are an Olympic rower.

5. If the petrol station runs out by the weekend, then when you pop in at 4am stoned off your box to fulfil your craving of 8 packets of monster munch, there will not be idiots in your way paying for petrol at that stupid time, because there isn’t any.

6. Teachers might not be able to buy any petrol so if you are still at school, stock up on petrol with your pocket money because you might get another day off.  Oh, wait a minute, teachers are probably on strike anyway.

Panic buying is cool, efficient and makes you sexy.  Do it – IMMEDIATELY!  And again!

Sascha Dive @ 93 Feet East (free entry!)

I saw this on Thursday night and e-mailed my most regular clubbing partner on the off-chance that she might be up for it…even though it was supposed to be my first proper chill-out weekend of 2012.

She said yes.  So I put our names on the guest-list, and it being a Saturday day-time party I decided to stay up all Friday night.  Will I ever learn?

Saturday day-time clubbing is the way forward.  Whenever I go clubbing in the evening I tend to have spent about the past 8 hours drinking as I get too excited too early.  On Saturday I had two bananas and some orange juice before entry.  And one solitary pint.

We probably got  in around 4pm, I didn’t check but I know the bouncer inside was relaying the latest football scores – oh a quick word on the security, absolutely spot on, friendly on the door, they wanted people in there, they were hidden inside and just let the party get on.  Take note, Reading venues.

The crowd was spot on too, a fairly young crowd but a musically knowledgeable crowd, many a time a whoop or 100 went up with tracks I had never heard of that just devastated the floor – but the clear winning track was the Jamie Jones/P.Diddy ‘Tourist Trap‘.  And some very good looking girls – a much better ratio than fabric.

The music was absolutely spot on all night and had a good variety too, from good quality underground deep house to jacking kind of Chicago house, plenty of devastating basslines but definitely not too many, a smattering a Jamie Jones style disco, some older disco, some garage including a few 90’s classics which had the whole crowd singing, and a little twisted techno later on.  I really didn’t want to stop dancing all night though it was hot inside and my feet did tire later on…I need more practice!

I cannot actually tell you which DJ was playing when, nor when Sascha Dive was on (the warm-up for Sven in May) but I can tell you every one of them was totally on the ball.  Though the DJ in the second room later on when it opened really could have done with taking his eyes off his laptop and look vaguely like he was enjoying himself.  I think he hated every minute.

And this is possibly the cheapest ever club event I have been to in London.  Free to get in (free!!!), £15 travelcard, three beers, two bottles of water, an orange juice and a sandwich.  I probably spent around £40.  I don’t even spend that little in Reading on a night out.

One thing is for sure though that I don’t think I could live in East London – I don’t seem to share their penchant for ill-fitting clothes, nor have a moustache and my side-parting is only a half-hearted attempt – not a fully combed and waxed on affair.

Oh and another thing is for sure…you just couldn’t replicate that in Reading.  Impossible.

I have to go back asap.

A Balancing Act

Regular readers will have noticed a dramatic fall in the amount of blog posts, not just on this blog but all 6 of them since I started working full-time again. I am even seriously considering stopping my weather forecasts.

This is not the only area of my life that is suffering whilst I am struggling to manage my time.

Such is the importance of being successful in my new job, I am not even blogging during work hours now…though I did write this on my lunch break after my stuffing balls.

I have three priorities at the moment:

1. Passing my 3 month probationary period in my new job. I think I am doing well, the figures show I am doing very well – but neither myself or the collections figures have the casting vote. But all slightly hesitantly good so far.
2. Learning to DJ. I have hardly touched my decks in the last 5 weeks.
3. Learning web design. I haven’t touched any of my web sites I am developing, nor learnt any code in the past 5 weeks.

I have however spent plenty of money and gone out lots, even during the week. I seem to be averaging 4 nights a week at the moment.

I need to rebalance my life, and I want to rebalance it. I want to spend more time and energy on DJing and web design, as they are major things that I want to achieve this year. I would love to do some more artwork but I really just do not see when I will get time for it.

So it might mean that I socialise a little less. I really want to keep the weekends for fun, and for the weekdays to be solely for productivity. I need to stay in more so don’t be offended if I turn your invites down to concentrate on my future…it is all for the long-term good 🙂

Shock Horror – Reading Is Still A Town

So Reading has not been chosen to receive city status.

Anyone who seriously thought that they would be, especially when it is in honour of the Queen’s jubilee year was quite frankly, deluded.
Simply, the Royal Family despise Reading.  And who would blame them from their experiences in recent years:
1.  Prince William went to Mecca Bingo once a few years back.  It is due to be demolished.
2.  Prince Harry went to Mango.  It is closed.
3.  The Queen opened Reading train station.  It is due to be replaced shortly.
4.  The statue of Queen Victoria faces away from the town centre and looks seriously shabby.
But more pertinently, have you ever heard of a city without a proper nightclub?
Town, or city, Reading is a very good place to live anyway.
Microsoft et al are not about to move to Chelmsford to take advantage of the inhabitants of Towie.
And before you say anything my sister told me of the existence of said televisual abomination.

Mummy’s 60th Birthday

I suggested to my mother at the weekend that I was going to mention about her on my blog on her birthday- she told me not to dare.

So as I feel that I missed out on my rebellious teenage streak as I never quite managed to get arrested by the proper police, only the crappy transport police, despite years of trying, I shall rebel now.

I like family weekends.  They are a good excuse to recharge the batteries both physically and mentally, though a fair few glasses of wine were drunk.  It being my mam’s 60th birthday today, the preceeding weekend was all about her birthday.

Saturday was good fun at Hull City.  It was a bit odd watching the football in a shirt and tie, sitting in a corporate area.  In fact it was totally wrong – like not licking the remaining gravy off your plate.  I don’t plan on doing that for another 10 years.

We had a few guest speakers, including the goalscorer, Robbie Brady, after the match who was incredibly quiet and shy, not exactly what you would expect from a over-exuberantly confident footballer on the pitch.

I also met Roary – the highlight of the weekend.  This is now clearly my claim to fame.  Actually, maybe still the runner-up to Dean Windass signing my arm once.

And then we had a meal in the evening with family, all very pleasant – well the steak was rubbish but the starter was lovely, I had some smoked salmon and tomato effort with bread and olive oil.  Normally not a fan of tomatoes, nor starters, but this was superb.

The weekend was so worthwhile to see the smile on my mam’s face all weekend, well except for the part in the restaurant, sorry, rough local pub, where I was playing with my food.  I don’t see what is wrong with turning a potato into mashed potato.  I think there is a reason why we no longer go to the pub with candles.  Have you ever tried pouring pepper into a candle?  I recommend it.

Caterpillar cake.  Yummy.

Taking My Time

I like to take my time with things.

Which is why I like 15-minute long minimal tracks.

And thick gravy which takes a week to digest.

Also why I like to get drunk on a Thursday night just to make Friday painfully long.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it took until March for me to finish:

Weekends Past & Future

I had a good weekend just gone – well Friday I was just too tired to go out annoyingly, especially considering that there are now two places worth going in Reading now for the first time in who knows how long, but Saturday was a lot of fun with a real kind of BOA reunion of most of the original members, and many more that have joined the fantastic and super-sized group of friends that I spend most weekends with.  It was all in aid of saying goodbye (for now) to one delightful Josie as she goes to Australia and happy birthday to the lovely Amy.

Speaking of birthday celebrations – they don’t come much more important than this coming weekend as I go back home to celebrate my mother’s 60th.

Of all the contrary things to do, I have to wear shirt, tie, trousers etc to the football.  WTF?  Do I look like a prawn sandwich eater?  Actually, one of the first things I ever became well known for is eating all the prawns at Christmas family gatherings.  No wonder I ended up so brainy as a youngster.  But still, this is totally wrong and is only forgiven by my one and only mother turning 60.

The weekend after has rumours of the return of a lost soul and a weekend in London, if all comes to pass.

Plus more birthdays to celebrate during March and April, and more trips to London too.

Having a full-time job means that I can now start to plan for the rest of the year.

Having friends live in Dubai and one moving to Australia has made me interested in visiting both places as they are places I want to visit and whilst I have friends over in those places that gives an excuse to go rather than put it off for the future.  As I keep doing every place othan than Ibiza.

But neither are exactly on the nice side of affordable.  So I would have to make sacrifices to do either – which would involve one of staying in every other weekend for months, not going to Ibiza, or finding somewhere much cheaper to live – ie a house-share.  Not sure I want to make any of those sacrifices.

Decisions, decisions.

Incidentally I did see a one bedroom flat at Queen’s Wharf up for rent for the same price of my current flat – just a slight difference in quality but I don’t really want to move…it is a pain in the ass and I have enough to do at the moment.  I do miss having a balcony though…and the after-party potential…maybe I should have a look?!

I cannot really make any plans anyway until I pass my 3 month probation at work, fingers crossed, but at least I can actually start to think about the possibilities