How To Have Your Own Property Empire

One house not enough for you?

It is possible to have your own housing empire, in the beautiful city of Hull.

Firstly, for just £5,000.00 comes this little beauty:

Not quite fit to live in yet though

Next comes the wonderful sounding, Raywood Villas, for £19,500.00

Then also for £19,500.00, you can purchase this beautiful end of terrace 3-bedroom house, complete with it’s own mini-garden on the roof.
For £12,500.00 you can have this house which apparently has two bedrooms but the estate agent is unable to confirm and you cannot inspect the property before you purchase it.
Perhaps you would like your own modern studio apartment to live in, yours for just £29,995.00
Or you want a 3-bedroom terraced house.  Complete with modern furnishings inside, available for £39,950.00

Just beautiful, isn’t it?  Some of you perhaps prefer town centre living though, and this can be achieved for just £40,000.00.  Prime town centre property.  Just a short walk to Yate’s.
Or finally, maybe you really want to splash out on the luxury of a 3-bedroom semi-detached, complete with it’s own landfill site so you never have to make those annoying trips to the dump any longer.  Just £45,000.00
I think you will agree that for the price of one house down south, you can have a whole empire of housing in the beautiful city of Hull.

So next time you think about buying a house, consider buying 8 properties instead for the grand total of £211,445.00.
Think of Hull.  The destination for your property empire.

Reviewing 2012 Goals

I set myself 15 goals at the beginning of the year.  I thought I should do a little review of them:

1. Most importantly, try my hardest to find a good new job.  Success.
2. Open at least one business.  Preferably two.  Failure and I don’t have time for this.
3. Launch at least one website.  Nearly there!
4. Continue to learn how to DJ, do more DJ mixes, and play out somewhere.  Success.
5. At least do all I can to look into running an event with house music.  I have ideas which need looking into properly but for now 1-4 are my priorities.  Success.
6. Go to Ibiza.  This year will be my 10th time.  Yes I know I am unemployed but I have budgeted for it.  Success.
7. Go to Cocoon In The Park.  There is no way that I will not be going, assuming Sven, Ricardo, etc are playing.  7th July is the date.  Success.
8. Go back to Frankfurt.  I really want to go back to Cocoon and take a few people with me that haven’t been before.  I can live without doing this though, if funds do not permit.  Very unlikely.
9. Go to a new country.  Even if I have to go by myself.  I have only been to 9 countries and I am 32.  This is silly.  Again though, it depends on funds.  Very unlikely.
10. Go clubbing 12 times, and don’t always go to fabric – go somewhere else!  Looking forward to, erm, fabric on 14th January.  Did I mention Sven is in London on 18th May?  Success.
11. Do another couple of pieces of art.  Very unlikely.
12. Go to Hull 4 times, and Northampton once.  Will be 3 times to Hull, been to Northampton and have met parents in Oxford and London, so success.
13. Find someone to play badminton with on at least a monthly basis.  Very unlikely.
14. Lose some of this sodding weight that I put on last year – I reached 90kg by December, and considering that I started 2011 on 78kg, this is bad, it must be stopped and must be reversed.  83kg is a sensible goal for 2012 I think.  I was losing it, then I started work and now I am my fattest ever.  Total failure.
15. Ignore the Olympics, except to go to London and persuade some innocent virgin Americans to go to some grotty club in Shoreditch.  Failure, but I went to the Olympics and had a great time, so I am classing it as a success.

9 out of 15 is 60%.  I am happy with that.

Ahh, Sweet Reality

I came back from Ibiza in a good mood until I stepped back into Bracknell on Monday, and wow, miserable wasn’t the word. I could feel it in my body, I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I am quite surprised that no customers commented on the miserable tones coming from my mouth. And it was written hugely on my face.

Thankfully I soon recognised that these feelings were totally irrational, as I have been to Ibiza! And others in the world do not even have clean drinking water.

I would like to thank myself, my family and my friends for ensuring that I have a life that allows such blessings, and the pot luck draw of place of birth.

This week has been the first full week of work I have done for a month and it has actually gone quickly.

I am finally going to have a chilled one this weekend, which is a relief after the last month of moving house, Ibiza, fabric twice and Free House Project. I do have two short social engagements planned but both will involve apple juice only. I am really looking forward to spending some time sorting out my new house, maybe some blogging, researching new tunes and doing some more work on my website (which is nearly finished, in terms of design anyway, it mostly just needs content and launching). And lots of sleep and maybe a nice walk, speak to my parents, hopefully my grandma – you know, nice stuff. And gravy.

This does mean that I will miss a good night out in Reading on Saturday, by very good friends, JP, Martin and Tim which I enjoyed very much last time. Normally my attendance wouldn’t be in question but I require the rest and need to save money for a winter coat too.

It has my seal of recommendation.

Today isn’t all sweetness and light though, as it is the funeral of a young lady called Heather that I cannot say that I knew especially well, but what I did know was the huge amount of energy, vibrancy and fun that she would bring to a room, she could instantly light up proceedings in a very special and unique way. It is the mark of just how wonderful she was that someone like myself that more knew of her (as opposed to knowing her well as a friend like many of my friends did) can be saddened by her untimely passing, and I hope today is as pain-free as possible for those who knew her well.

I feel blessed for those short occasional moments that she brightened up my life and she will never be forgotten.

The reality of how fragile this thing called life can be.

I would prefer not to end on such a sad note if you don’t mind so I will share with you a DJ that I just cannot get enough of. She is Loco Dice’s protégé so comes highly recommended, she is from Germany and is called tINI.

During the Ibiza season she did a weekly radio show and she really has a unique style of underground house.

My particular favourite is the one from July 12th, it fits the mood of today as it is emotive underground house, it is somewhat sad but yet uplifting, rather minimal at times with moments of surprise, amusement, obscurity and downright hot Ibizan sexiness.  Seriously – the track at around 38 minutes…something else…I feel like I am about to spontaneously combust.

Only Ricardo I hold in higher regard right now in terms of music that is doing it for me.

Take care folks, and enjoy life.

Ibiza 2012 – My 10th Visit

Before I went to Ibiza for the 10th time this year, I decided that it would be my last trip for a couple of years.

However, upon arrival back upon the magical island that I like to call home, I immediately began to dream of ways that I could move to Ibiza to live there forever.  Or at least a whole summer.

I flew with Monarch from Gatwick as usual, an even more rowdy and party-like flight than previous years, full of young people and far more young ladies than men on board, oh how terrible.  Given the e-mailed warnings from Monarch and police presence upon arrival at the gate, it seems that they have had numerous issues with over-excited, drunken revellers on board – one has to wonder why they do a 10pm flight on a Saturday.  Given the large increase in popularity of house music, and the large increase in twats in London clubs, I guess this has to be expected.  Plus Ibiza is trying to appeal to a slightly different, and may I say it, less mature crowd.

It was however all good fun on board with no trouble, and just the annoyances of an aeroplane MC and someone playing drum’n’bass out loud.  I am going to Ibiza however and have to accept this.

I was staying in San Antonio, yes I know perhaps slightly contradictory given my moan about twats but I do actually really like that part of the island and will always defend it, despite its well-known imperfections.  Given the choice I would have stayed elsewhere on the island, but I was staying with my sister and her friend on their first stay on the island, we all had smaller budgets than ideal so needs must, and it is perfect for beginners like my sister and her friend.

We stayed in some very nice apartments called Sol Bahia, a small family-run business around the corner from Kanya in a suitably quiet area.  The hotel was clean, the apartment had good facilities, it was reasonably-priced and pretty much free of idiots.

Sunday was quite chilled out, just had some drinks around the pool during the day, and then went out for drinks in the evening.  Made the first mistake of the holiday by sitting down at Café Savannah just as the sun was setting, which was very pleasant for 3 minutes and then the electro started banging out.  Loads of people were photographing the DJ, so my sister (who knows next to nothing about dance music) asked someone who the DJ was, to be told, “its Judge Jules, doh”.  This was probably the most painful jug of Sangria I have ever had in my life.  And the service wasn’t exactly to expected standards.  We wandered around and ended up at Orange Corner, with suitably cheap drinks (€5 for two beers and a shot) and much better music in the form of house/deep house.  Not sure what else we did…this is over a week ago now!

Monday my sister and her friend made the first of four failed attempts at catching a boat, leaving me to sleep.  I amused myself with some cans of strawberry and lime Rekorderlig (the drink of the moment it seems) and made my way in the hot sunshine to Playa D’en Bossa, to meet friends (and wander around aimlessly trying and failing to follow direction for quite some time first), before making our way to DC10.

For some reason despite loving the music style and most of the DJs on every DC10 line-up, I have never been.  Mostly because of the stories of over-crowding and the heat inside.  However upon arrival the air conditioning was working and it was really quite nice inside, more pleasant than the outdoor area.  However this didn’t last as the air conditioning broke, it became very hot, the queues for the toilets and bars were ridiculous and it became total chaos inside.  The music was excellent, I cannot remember who I saw except for Soul Clap but I ended up rather frustrated and gave up shortly before midnight and went home to chill out and calm down (which erm took a fair few hours!).  And I lost my shovel inside.

I decided against Cocoon.  This is the first trip to Ibiza since I discovered it in 2004 that I hadn’t done Cocoon and I think I regret it.  However Dubfire was in the main room and I am absolutely not a fan of his, and Mathias Kaden I know little of.  Sven was in the terrace and both times I have seen him this year he has really been banging out the techno and I have well gone off techno.  That and having lost my friends, and the cost of it meant that I decided I would wait until later in the holiday for more dancing opportunities.

Tuesday I met up with a couple more friends in the Welsh bar in the West End (during the day may I add!) for a few cheap beers.  I did want to go to PDB to try to find the sometimes elusive Cocoon after-party but by time several drinks had been consumed it seemed easier and just as much fun to go to Mambo for their charity event with DJs serving the drinks.  I had a crap bottle of San Miguel served to me by Carl Cox which was amusing however it was warm and I didn’t finish it.  The staff were also a tad rude and unhelpful.  It seemed like the customers were getting in their way.   We left earlier than planned.  Carl Cox was on top form though.

In the evening we had one of the highlights of the holiday with a trip to the amazing Tapas Restaurant in San Antonio, slightly away from the hustle and bustle and you wouldn’t find it unless you knew it were there.  Between us we had 9 dishes, and the obligatory sangria.  Culinary highlights including the pork belly which was simply amazing, the battered prawns…oh everything was simply delicious.  Without doubt the best meal I have had all year, and my two accomplices agreed.

Not sure what I did during the day on Wednesday, I assume not a lot.  I really wanted to go to tINI and the gang in PDB on the beach, with the super secret guest from Desolat (well I wonder who that was), however I had bought a ticket for Ibiza Rocks and that started at 7pm so there was a clash.  Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot stand guitar music, especially indie and rock so this was a challenge to me.  I just about stuck it out.  I did dance for about 15 minutes to the headliners, Two Door Cinema Club, but it all sounded the same so I went to the back to drink rather strong vodka and chat to a few randoms.

It was an impressive set-up and as a band, TDCC were impressive, however musically it was just totally anathema to my house music sensibilities.  If you like that kind of thing then I thoroughly recommend it.  I did consider going to Sankeys afterwards but I had lost my excited spirit and was ready to go back and sleep.

Thursday was my last full day and night and I had had enough alcohol so decided on a chilled out and sober day.  I don’t think I have ever had a sober day in Ibiza.  We had a little wander to PDB to see if anything was going on, and walked there from Ibiza Town, but nothing of interest.

Friday we spent the day on the beach, Cala Torida, which was very nice.  I said adios to my sister and her friend in the evening as they went to Ibiza Rocks once more, and I couldn’t resist going back to the super-lovely Tapas restaurant one more time before I caught a super-silent plane home.  I even went for a gander through the West End and made it up the whole strip without anyone asking if I wanted to go in for a drink.  Shocking.

It was a really good holiday, easily the most relaxing holiday I have ever had in Ibiza and unusually lacking in parties.  Said lack of parties was the only real downside but as I was going to fabric the same day I got back, I contented myself with that.

It is the first time I have come back refreshed from Ibiza.  Well…until I ruined myself back in London!

Ibiza seems a calmer island, and it really is a vastly different beast from when I first went in 1998.  It seems a tad restrained and also it is much harder to chat to randoms than I have ever known it.

I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 in terms of holiday satisfaction.  A million miles away from comparison to the amazing and crazy villa holidays of 2007-09.

I am not going to go back next year.  I am going to try somewhere new.  I am going to add to my list of countries visited for the rather embarrassingly first time in 5-6 years.  I am done with Ibiza, at least for a couple of years.

Though never say never.

Art Department at fabric, 22/09/2012

I was really looking forward to fabric on Saturday, having just got back from Ibiza that morning in very good spirits, and the evening started well with a few local drinks for one of my dearest friend’s birthdays.

However it quickly went downhill upon arrival at fabric, and seeing the ridiculous queue, the likes of which I last saw at Jamie Jones night last year, around the same time of the year. The security assured us that we would only have to wait 25 minutes. As a long-time member I am used to this on exceptionally busy nights and this is understandable.

I had to wait more than 2 hours.

Not acceptable.

Part of the problem was that ticket-holders had priority over members (since when?). What is the point of paying to be a member if I have to wait 2 hours to get in?

Part of the problem was the lack of control that security had over the crowd. Not all this can be attributed to the security themselves as there were an unusually large proportion of tossers in the crowd though perhaps the disgusting behaviour of many – pushing, shoving, jumping the queue, etc, was down to the lack of control and the annoyance this caused.

Also experienced was a glass bottle thrown at a passing car, and although absolutely nothing to do with fabric was a drive-by attempted robbery of what seemed to be someone outside the bar next door – I didn’t see exactly what happened myself, having only seen the commotion out of the corner or my eye but it was described by many others and certainly an unpleasant incident.

I finally got inside around 230am, rather deflated, and totally dismayed by the disgusting behaviour of a fair proportion of my fellow humans, fellow clubbers and utterly sick of second-hand smoke being blown in my face. The sooner smoking is banned from all outdoor areas the better.

I am seriously considering cancelling my fabricfirst/fabriclast membership, as I cannot stand half the cds, and only really like about a quarter of them, my members card discounted entry is much reduced, there are never free/half-price entry nights for members nowadays in quiet months (though probably due to improved line-ups) and what is the point if I have to queue for 2 hours? This may be an over-reaction as I have a severe case of Ibiza blues so I will not come to a rash conclusion. And I do not get that glowing feel of being one of the exclusive special ones any more.

Anyway, once I had perked up there was a party to be had though not before I had to endure two minutes of bland, soul-less depressing techno that room 2 has become very well known for. How did I used to like techno? Perhaps it is just the form of fabric techno. Such unhappy music.

Also a matter of frustration that night was that I just could not get into room 3 for Eats Everything. This is not a surprise due to his popularity, I am not convinced that room 3 is the best room due to this.

Room one is my favourite clubbing room in the UK, so we stuck to this for the rest of the night, first up was a live performance by Tone of Arc. A good performance and the crowd generally appreciated it though I think the guitar scared a fair few away. Also the vocals were very quiet and muffled.

Then came Art Department, however I wasn’t really feeling them as I felt the music was too dark and moody. Yes, I know that this is their style but I just don’t think it is my cup of tea any more. More my state of mind and musical preferences I think than their set. They were absolutely loving it as were much of the crowd (surprisingly not that busy with more than enough dancing space…slightly contradictory to the time taken to get in the club).

Also I missed Craig Richards.  Bad move.

It is hard not to enjoy fabric, and I did have a good night but there were too many frustrations and disappointments, and it should have been a far better experience. Also I accept that I was not on usual form.

Perhaps I do have nettle-tinted glasses on due to the worst case of Ibiza blues since 2006 but I only rate the night out at 5 out of 10.

I’ve been blessed with a lot of absolutely fantastic nights out in my life, especially at fabric. I’ll take it with a pinch of salt and look forward to another visit hopefully before the year is out.

Time for a short rest from the dancefloor I think.

I Feel Like…

A crushed flower with just one petal left.

A 70-year old virgin in Bangkok who has just found out ‘she’ is a he.

A war refugee who has been evacuated to Slough.

A butterfly whose wings no longer work.

A superstar DJ who has just gone deaf.

A monkey robbed of his last banana.

A prince, married to a princess who has just chopped her hair off.

A vegetarian locked in a butcher’s freezer.

A duck in the desert.

A kebab van in a pigeon-free land.

A Yorkshireman with no gravy.
Yes, I have the Ibiza blues in severe form and feel like I could cry for weeks.  Deep down I know it is better to love and lose than not to love at all but the reality of Bracknell is causing me deep emotional trauma right now and I am inconsolable.  No sunshine, no parties, no ridiculously beautiful young Spanish ladies.
I will smile again.  But not today.  Or tomorrow.  Even gravy would be futile.

Ricardo Villalobos at fabric 08/09/2012

Yes it has taken me two weeks to get round to doing this review…I moved house and then went to Ibiza so I am kind of a little bit behind at the moment!

January was the last time I went to fabric.  I went rather a lot between last September and January, almost every other week for a while which is quite a feat for someone not living in London, as this requires a 9-10 hour commitment in London.

8 months without going to fabric is an unusually long time, one of my longest ever stints without a visit since I started going back around 2003/04 but I think last year’s repeated visits were a bit overkill and I wanted to try other venues, some festivals, also I have spent time designing, developing, promoting putting on my own house music event, which takes up a ridiculous amount of time.  I have to hand it to any promoters reading, especially those who work full time on top of promoting.  Also my most regular clubbing partner had had some time off for studies and holidays this year and clubbing is not the same on your own.

There was no way I was missing Ricardo Villalobos, my only reasonable opportunity to see him this year (thankfully in July I chose Monsoon In The Park over Bloc!).  A year without seeing Ricardo is not a valid year.  Perhaps not my best decision to go to fabric the day after moving house, 2 hours before I was supposed to be catching the train I was rather stressed as I had no idea which of 700 boxes my clothes were in, nothing was cleaned or ironed, no shaver, no toiletries, oh and I was rather pickled from a day in the park.

Going back to fabric, is like going home.  Like a dark version of going to Ibiza with hot girls in short skirts rather than bikinis.

We arrived at midnight to no queue.  Even my friend who wasn’t able to take advantage of the member’s entrance only had to queue for 5-10 minutes.  Very odd for a Ricardo night.  Lots of girls too, well there was in the cloakroom queue anyway.  A hell of a lot of tourists – yes I know this is fabric but seemingly more than usual.

The crowd in general was a good crowd, apart from the two grotty drunken inhuman specimens shouting obscenities to those waiting for the toilet upstairs, not very peace and love, I resisted temptation to tell them where to go, they were horrifically ugly so I was quite satisfied that they must have a miserable life anyway.  No pushing on the dancefloor, very few drunken idiots, just nice happy smiley people all here to experience something very special.

And very special it was.

First up was Craig Richards – one of my all time favourites and fabric without him is just not the same.  A delightful set of groovy music, varying from deep house, to touches of disco and techno.  A magical warm-up, not that I expected anything else.

Then came Mathew Jonson and Minilogue – a 2 hour live performance with some excellent moments.  I recall hearing snippets of Elephant’s Parade, one of my favourite tracks from my minimal era though maybe I was just hearing things.

We didn’t spend too much time in room 1 during the live set as this was perfect opportunity to see what was going on in the other two rooms – all 3 rooms were house music, no techno, woohoo!  I don’t recall who else I saw but everyone was top notch.

But room 1 is my favourite room in the UK, even more than the toilet at work whilst watching Redtube, so we didn’t stay out for too long and were back in time for Ricardo, and the change to complete musical magic, with that super special room 1 fabric vibe that only Ricardo nights and birthdays can give, and though very busy, I have known it far worse and there was room to shuffle, and later on to dance a bit.

Musically Ricardo started off slow and groovy, enticing us into his unique vibe that he creates, before becoming surprisingly tough and techno like, with some recognisable tunes, brilliant inventive mixing (ok there was a clanger or two, but this is Ricardo not a sync button), some weirdness and some house.

We left around 730/8am, though I could have gone on for a couple more hours, and hopefully I will learn my lesson next time as apparently we missed Donna Summer – typical!

Totally brilliant night, well deserving of a 10 out of 10 and I could not have realistically wished for any more.

I will not be leaving it so long until I go back home to fabric next time.

And Ricardo is officially my favourite DJ in the world now.

The Truth

I was 9 years old when Hillsborough happened, still a shade too young to appreciate the enormity of the tragedy.

However as a young football fan, who had seen running battles between rival sets of fans, and between fans and police, seen the barbaric way that fans were penned in behind tall metal fences topped with rolls of barbed wire and tagged knife-like objects and had groups of hooligans with knives running right past him on more than one scary occasion, without even reaching double figures in age, it was abundantly clear that something was very wrong and danger was manifest.

I have recently tended to avoid such difficult subjects on my blog as it is way too easy to upset and offend anyone, but I have always felt strongly about it as it was the first such tragedy that had a connection to me in that it could have been the fans of any football team in the country.

I don’t especially want to make a political statement, but it was this government who changed the rules in parliament to allow any subject with 100,000 signatures on a government petition to be discussed in parliament which has led to this day which I am sure is a relief to the families. I know because I signed that petition as I have always felt very strongly about the perceived (and now confirmed) injustices.

The bravery and hard work of all those involved in bringing the truth to the public should be acknowledged and thanked.

There are way too many questions left though.

Why did the Conservative government of the day not question the original inquiry and accept the findings?
Why did the Labour government of 1997-2010 always brush the subject under the carpet?
Will there be any criminal prosecutions?
What else has been covered up?
What else have we been lied to about?

Whatever the questions and whatever future answers may be forthcoming, nothing will ever bring back the 96 and my heart continued to go out to all those personally affected and I dearly hope that this brings some peace.

James Winfield’s Plan To Grow The UK Economy

Time to move my efforts away from trying to improve the nightlife of Reading, and to something much easier – fixing the UK economy.

I have talked many times in the past about why the economy has been through such a rough time since 2008 and pointed out who I blame.  And I admit that I am surprised about the double-dip recession, and especially the third quarter’s dip of 0.5%.  This is the worst economic crisis that we have had for over 100 years, in my opinion.  Our government debt will continue to rise until 2017 if, and only if, the economy recovers and the much larger spending cuts and tax rises are implemented (you ain’t seen nothing yet).

So I am going to suggest how to fix the economy.

I’m not going to pretend that this is an exhaustive list, nor do I claim to expect that every single measure would be an unqualified success.

1. The government might be close to bankruptcy but it can borrow at next to zero rates.  There is a big crisis in housing especially in the south-east.  We need houses, lots of them, and to be build at the fastest rate since just after the Second World War.  But yet we are hardly building any.  Therefore my strongest recommendation is to build huge amounts of houses, including on the green belt.  Sorry, but some of the green belt can be sacrificed – I think to extend London by 1 mile all around removes about 2% of the green belt which is nothing.  Yes, I am a Tory and I am proposing a huge building of council houses (which should also be available for sale at market prices).

2. Companies that export need to have their websites translates accurately into languages such as Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Portuguese.  I do not have a grasp of the proportion of websites that currently do, but most company websites that I go on, that are UK based, are in English and English only.  A few do Spanish and German.  Why are we so arrogant to think that everyone speaks English?  I take for example steel, the first thing that comes into my head.  The first website on my Google search for exporting steel – English only.

3. Reduce, or preferably scrap the minimum wage.  I believe that this is a block towards the dream of full employment.  The minimum wage increases far quicker than inflation and has done since it was introduced.  Whilst in places like London or Reading, a company probably couldn’t employ someone for less than the current minimum wage – in depressed places such as Hull, many unemployed people would work for far less than minimum wage.  Perhaps as a slightly less contentious idea, it could instead be rebalanced regionally according to local housing costs.

4. The government is doing one big thing right in investing in the railways.  Much more could, and should be done with infrastructure.  I have mentioned housing as the most important, however new railways, electrification of lines, new roads (possibly toll roads), widening motorways, etc will all be helpful to the economy.  I know quite a bit is planned, but that must be brought forward where possibly.  Also very important is new power generation. 

5. On that subject, we need to solve this ridiculous 4xinflation energy price increases.  We need cheap energy.  This means gas and coal.  Firstly, Germany, that hallowed place of environmentalism is now investing back into cheap coal.  We are we not doing this?  Secondly, fracking.  A few vaguely noticeable earth tremors near Blackpool should not stop us developing fracking – this would also be a source of energy security for many years.  Recently America has become a net exporter of energy.  Bet you didn’t see that coming before the Iraq War.  This is because of fracking, and they have around 200 years of gas now.  Fracking can be done safely and should be given licenses to companies  asap.

6. Also with regards to infrastructure, we need much more airport capacity.  Stop arguing over whether Heathrow, Standsted or Gatwick should be expanded or whether Boris Island should be built, grow some balls and start building them all.  A new runway at Heathrow immediately, a new runway at Stansted and a whole new airport.  Oh and whilst we are on the matter, scrap that environmental tax on flights.

7. Sort out the Euro zone.  OK, this is something that the UK government cannot do, as Europe itself makes more of a mess every time it meets.  The mess in Europe really is having a knock-on effect.  They need to either scrap the Euro or become Europe politically, ie one country.

8. Increase pension age.  NOW!  I think something like roughly 50% of the work and pensions budget, I cannot remember the actual figure, is spent on the state pension.  I do not propose lowering it, however the bill for pensions is only going to get higher, it costs much more than housing benefit and unemployment benefit put together.  The older generation (who remember have done very well financially) should be working longer.  We should be increasing the pension age to 70.

9. Now for my most contentious idea – privatise the NHS.  This is kind of a last resort, but if we do not pull ourselves out of recession, it may become necessary.  If ever we had to call in the IMF to help us pay the bills, I would expect them to make us do this.  It is a huge part of our expenditure, and private companies would be willing to invest as we do collectively spend a lot of money on healthcare.  Of course we would still have to supply healthcare for those who do not have the means to pay for it.  And we should look more carefully at what we are spending our money on in the NHS – are all current treatments that are offered, affordable without sending the country bankrupt?  I would prefer not to privatise it, but I think it needs discussion as it may be necessary one day.

10. Investment in technology.  It may seem now that we have reached a plateau of growth and that we cannot go any further, but future technological break-throughs will deliver more growth and potentially quite rapidly, especially if we are to master such very useful technologies as renewable energy and 3D printing.  I am not one to argue for governments to do this, however they should make every effort to encourage the growth of such industries, including tax breaks.

11. Encourage electric cars.  Again, I would like to see tax breaks for those driving electric cars.

12. Invest further in apprenteships, though I have to say the government is doing far better on this than previous governments.

That will do for now.