The New Coat Hangers…

…I know you have been dying to know which color I went for.

Well that is the highlight of my weekend done.  Unless of course one of my FA Cup accumulators comes in – I had 4 of them and I could win anywhere between £86.00 and £6,074.00.  Which will pay for my new mp3 player.

I also found a bargain in Sainsburys in town, 50 blank Sony CDRs for less than £5 – a third of their original price.

Perfect excuse to mention Free House Project.  Saturday 2nd February 2013 8:30pm to 1am.

Please come.  I will have lots of good new music for you.  And I will promise never to use an American spelling on purpose ever again.

Forecasting During The Cold Snap

I love the extremes of weather and that is what drives me to do my weather forecasting – that and the belief that people should have access to the same level of information that I do, not just what the major agencies dare tell them.

I do have a slight advantage – if I get it wrong, I am not going to lose a major weather forecasting contract, I may have a couple less likes on Facebook or someone might tell me I’m shit – but I won’t lose thousands of pounds or a job, etc.  Therefore I can say two or more weeks in advance what I believe is going to happen in the weather, quite safely.  I have nothing to lose.

The recent cold spell, whilst I am very happy with my predictions, especially predicting it well in advance, was tremendously difficult to forecast.  It is very frustrating when I have to say “70% chance of snow, 20% chance of sleet/rain, 10% chance of dry” just 24 hours before an event rather than being able to be 100% but the cold spell has given so many marginal calls to make, and mostly I feel I have given a good interpretation of what can be expected.

I also have an advantage that I am predicting for a very small area of land that I have lived in nearly 15 years as opposed to a whole country.

I do put a lot of effort in, and as much as I have enjoyed this cold spell, I am delighted that the forecasting will now become much easier – no need to spend 1-2 hours a day studying various models to be point of totally confusing myself, rain is rain and it now becomes a quick and simple task.

Being an amateur, all I require is a few ‘likes’ now and again, a bit of love for my efforts!  During the cold spell, I have gone from around 30 likes to 73 likes, and from reaching 34 people a week to 764 people a week (not exactly sure how Facebook calculates this).

Who knows, maybe one day in the distant future, my childhood dream of working in a weather-related job may come true.

Though I am actually realising my childhood dream in my own very small way.

Thank you for reading (and special thanks if you shared my forecasts). x

Ah ah ah ah staying in?

It’s that time of week where with nothing special planned for the weekend, I need to think about whether I go out or stay in.

Staying in is a very attractive prospect. I have lots of things coming up – Free House Project, tINI and Guti, drunken catch up with my lovely friend Julie whom I have known nearly 15 years, Ellie’s leaving drinks plus more I am sure that I have forgotten to list so a rest and time to catch up on all those household jobs would be very welcome.

Also my bank balance is closer to zero than three figures – not to mention that if I want a weekend away, let alone a holiday during 2013 then I do need to stay in some weekends and save. Or enter a thousand competitions for holidays.

However the last time I attempted a weekend in, I made it until 2pm on the Saturday and temptation proved too much, beers bought and adventures begun.

I am just not very good at staying in and staying sober.  I am a bad influence upon myself.

There are lots of exciting things to do if I stay in. For example, I need some new coat hangers (pink or lilac…tough one), some boring socks for work and some new blank CDs. Oh yes I kind of need to burn some CDs for next Saturday and prepare Free House Project for public consumption.  Maybe I could do a roast dinner?  That would be innovative.  My room needs dusting.  Still haven’t caught up with washing and ironing from Christmas.  Oh and I need to work out why my website isn’t working.

Staying in sounds appealing doesn’t it?


Being 33

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday beautiful, amazing me,
Have a pint of gravy.

OK so my birthday was yesterday but I am so busy and behind with everything – I haven’t even finished writing my review of 2012 yet.

Thank you for all my wishes, I hope I have responded to them all individually (Facebook makes everything more difficult).

I had two wishes for my birthday, well realistic ones anyway – hot water and gravy.

Firstly the heating miraculously starting working overnight on Monday so hot water returned (though still pretty damn cold in my house thanks to heating politics).

And then in the evening I had gravy.

I received a few nice gifts too and a few quid to spend on crack whores.  Oh and confirmation of a date for Free House Project (Saturday 2nd February).  Yes I might need a DJ or two.

I have done some celebrating, I had a great party on Saturday night, massive thanks to those who came – I didn’t have an open invite as it was a case of testing the water as the first party in the new house to see what I can get away with…I suspect there will be more parties and some summer BBQs to come.

And I loved DJing.

Sunday we were supposed to go to The Star in the middle of nowhere for an amazing lunch, however the snow put most off and it didn’t happen – instead a few of us went to the Abbot Cook – all I have to say is that the gravy was not for me.  Nor was the live jazz band with my banging head.

I do feel like I perhaps haven’t celebrated fully (though I did have a whole pint of gravy last night) and luckily this year I turn one whole third of a century so on the weekend of 24th/25th May I am going to celebrate this milestone as I never have a birthday when it is warm (cue late spring Arctic blast).

Anyway, thanks for the love, I love you too.

Working From Home

Today was the first day that I have ever worked from home.

The company I work for nowadays are actually organised enough to prepare for such eventualities and gave me a laptop on Thursday evening so I could work from home if the snow got bad…and with the huge amount  of work that I have on at the moment, a snow day is the last thing I need.

Needless to say I liked it.  No getting to 530pm and thinking, now I need to get the train and walk lots in the cold…straight to the fridge to pour a glass of wine.

I could make as much noise as I wanted to.  Music was on loud.  I had a little boogie now and again.  It isn’t too hot, cold and there is plentiful oxygen.  I could have sat here naked but I don’t want to frighten the neighbours whilst watching the snow.

I got about as much work done as I would have otherwise, however if I hadn’t gone in and then gone home this morning I would have got more done.

I also had an excellent excuse for not answering the phone.

Downsides – well the laptop is a bit old and clunky unlike the brand new desktop PC at work.

Sadly I suspect it is a one-off…well depending of course on the weather on Monday 😉