Fabbers with Deetron, Craig Ricards & Eats Everything

It’s been a while.
It is a rare event that I persuade someone to head into
London or other out-of-town clubbing locations nowadays.  Various reasons – my main wonderful clubbing partners
spends about 48 weekend a year studying, my life does not revolve quite as much
around clubbing as it used to and the local scene in Reading has drastically
improved in the last 18 months.  That and
my burgeoning superstar DJ career – DJing does indeed seem to be even more fun
than dancing – why did I not learn 10 years ago?!  My reputation is so great now that I even get paid sometimes in drinks tokens.  Tiesto must be jealous.  Anyway enough of my ego.
So my two-week London clubbing window has come around and
where else could it be but fabric.
Who was on the line-up was not of consideration, as long as Craig Richards is on the bill, that is all I care about.
Upon arrival it was straight into room 1, well…after 30 minutes of various queues and other preparations.  In probably my most unnecessary sentence of my blog, Mr Richards did not let us down, playing the perfect warm-up and the best set of the night by some way – some luxurious slower, groovy house beats stick in the head and some bass-influenced tracks in particular causing an earth tremor underneath.
We saw a bit of Mr G who was good but went into room 2 for Eats Everything.  The heat sucked out a fair proportion of my energy – it was boiling hot in there, I really enjoyed the music but couldn’t stand the heat for long.  One assumes fabric was trying to keep their European fans happy which probably well out-number us northern exiles who after 15 years of living in the south still cannot handle anything above 20’C.
Back into room 1 for Deetron and I didn’t quite connect to his set.  Some really good tracks played but totally killed the mood with an almost DJ Sammi-esque piece of cheesy trance.  I am all for some of the really nice melodic deeper sounding trance around at the moment but this was a vomit-fest of a track.
It was a bit all over the place.  It was still enjoyable but I much prefer Deetron as a producer than as a DJ.
I only lasted until 7am before tiredness kicked in.  My stamina not helped by a late night on Friday, followed by all-day drinking on Saturday with two consecutive sets of sporting heartbreak.
The crowd at fabric was an improvement from some recent occasions, less sleazy types (maybe they have worked out that fabric is about 80% guys, not exactly playing the numbers game), even I was chatted up on a couple of occasions – must be the increased sex-appeal from my mullet.  “I love your t-shirt, want to buy me a drink, I only have 50p”.  I am sure plenty of people would be daft enough to but I would rather donate my spare cash to those in the Philippines instead of those not drunk enough (yeah still on my to-do list!).
We did meet some really nice people too, some equally passionate about the music.  It does always tickle me when someone comes up to me in fabric and tells me they read my blog.  Though at first I thought he said “do you own a club?”.  I wish.  Ego inflated a touch more.
Roll on next Saturday for Sven Vath at Cocoon, London.  After all-day drinking with my Dad in Manchester at the Rugby League World Cup Final.  I’m up for the challenge.  Sven, if you are reading (I know you read my blog when I reviewed Cocoon In The Park a few years back), I will happily accept a lift in your helicopter after you play Warehouse Project that evening on your way to Building Six.
Just a thought.

Manic Weekend Number 1

So the first of two manic weekends approaches.  I am tired just thinking about it, despite
having slept for 10+ hours last night.
First up tonight is my first DJ set since my enforced
headphone silence.  Of course I am not
anywhere near as prepared as I would like to be, I feel out of practice, not
got a clue what I am going to play.  Any
support would of course be appreciated. 
Zeus 10pm.
It will of course be alright on the night, it always is.
I have set myself a midnight curfew, but then again, how
many times before have I said that?!
Onto Saturday and starting with watching England vs New
Zealand in the rugby.  Kick off at 1pm
and if we win, I will fulfil every sporting fan’s dream of seeing England in a
World Cup final in England, actually at the stadium.  Stick that in your dream-pipe football fans.
Then Hull City have a vital match against Crystal Palace
which is a must-win.  Our form has
dropped, injuries have kicked in and a defeat on Saturday would be concerning
with Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd all to play by the end of the year.
Following this up with a couple of drinks for Mr Bolger’s
birthday – a diamond of a young chap and a rather popular one too.
Sadly I cannot stay for too long as then I am going to
fabric to celebrate my diamond of a dancing partner’s temporary freedom.  Deetron, Craig Richards and Eats Everything,
amongst others.
Sunday for washing, ironing, roast and recovery.  And hopefully a 12 hour sleep on Sunday
Roll on Monday for restful chill-out time at work.
Next weekend is another level.

We Are Your Friends (For £1)

So last night I made probably one of the wisest investments of my adult life and bought Friendship.

I am now a friend of the Conservative Party.  I can officially now be called a Tory.

My new mate Dave, wrote to me straight afterwards:

Dear Mr Winfield,

Firstly, let me offer you a very warm welcome to the Conservatives.

I’m delighted you have taken the decision to help us turn Britain around by
becoming a Friend of the Party. Your membership card will be posted out to you
shortly (within the next month).

As a Friend, you have a vital role to play. The Conservative-led Government
has many challenges ahead before – and including – the next set of elections,
but with your help we can continue to make the case for Conservative values.

The more who join us, the more we can achieve – so please email everyone you
know who would be interested in becoming a Friend of the Conservatives. Together, we can build
a better future for Britain.

Thanks in advance for all your help,

David Cameron

I even get a membership card, for £1.  How cool is that?  And I can attend party conference now (assuming I can afford the admission).  Before you pooh-pooh that idea, there are some hotties that attend party conference.

I am not a fully-fledged member so I cannot vote Boris in but as there will not be a leadership election when Davey-boy wins the Tory majority in 2015, I do not have to worry about this yet.

Given that membership of the Conservative party has plummeted so much in recent years that they won’t dare release the membership figures, I think this is a wise move to engage their potential supporters and grow their base in the coming years.

Here is another one of my new friends: