Croatia Cost Analysis

As you may know I was planning to go to Sonus festival in Croatia, which has quite an amazing line-up.

I’ve already paid £250 on non-refundable Bastardair flights and £130 on the festival ticket which is potentially saleable.

I am trying to decide if I can afford the rest of the cost.  So…

Return train to Stansted £46.20.
Airport to resort – there is one boat at 5pm which costs around £15.  If I miss it then a taxi is £140.  Bus service on the way back is £18.
Accomodation £408
Drinks, Food, ‘etc’ £500 minimum
Taxis around resort (hotel is 25km away from festival site) £100???

Estimated total – minimum £1,000.00.

I currently have a massive £200.00 saved up with a small bonus due at the end of the month.

I haven’t decided for definite but I am thinking I should sack off the idea of going on holiday by myself.

I would rather spend the money either on Hull City’s European adventures, or failing that maybe Ibiza closing parties.  Or go to Germany in October for Sven’s 50th birthday.

If I don’t go away then I could buy some new speakers, or a Microsoft surface or even one vinyl deck.  Or spend it all on crackwhores.

I don’t like throwing away £380 but I would be hermerraging at least a grand, only half of which I would have in cash, the rest would be debt.

Decisions decisions.  I think I should cancel.

What would you do?!

My First Ever Storm Chase

I met my storm-chasing buddy on the Friday night to discuss our plans.  It was to be my first ever storm chase.

We concluded to head towards Birmingham.

However when we met up in the morning, the high resolution model was suggesting the south-east and there were already some cracking little storms developing over northern France and heading towards the Worthing area, so we changed our minds and headed there.

Below is the current lightning strikes when we set off, high resolution rainfall prediction for 3pm, CAPE prediction for 3pm (huge!) and rainfall radar when we set off.

It was a very close decision, but given the photos from the Kent storm the night before, one we thought was justified.
We drove along the M4, then crawled along the M25, finally again gaining speed on the M23.
The clouds were not particularly promising in our location but it was breaking up and we hoped that surface heating would generate home-grown storms north of London, if what we were chasing did not survive the English Channel.

But after around 2 hours of driving, it became clear our storms had faded away, and if we carried on we’d be lucky to get a light rain shower.
We carried on driving for a bit until we some this suddenly towering cumulus cloud and got excited – hey we are getting home-grown storms after all.

We lost it whilst in traffic and it was headed into London which would have been a pain in the backside to chase through, so we decided to go around the M25 to the east and hopefully head towards Cambridge.

It faded anyway so we stopped, somewhat exasperated, still seeing that it was kicking off towards Bristol.  We thought about heading towards Birmingham to catch what would have been left of it but didn’t have confidence that we would get there in time.

And then we saw more beauties over northern France develop.  So back to the south coast we headed – over the Dartford bridge and into a long queue of traffic.  Again.

But by time we got into Hastings, the storms were already starting to fade, although the cloud did look somewhat threatening and we had a rain shower on the way home.  The storm did produce over the far east of Kent but this was too far away from home so we headed back.

After a pint.

And looking at some lobsters.

It was absolutely no consolation to hear that there was a great storm from Oxford through to Northampton, which we would have caught had we decided to head to Birmingham – some reports of cloud rotation and perhaps a funnel cloud or two in the various storms, not to mention large hail, torrential rain, flash floods and of course copious lightning.

We missed it all.

If only we had gone west.

7 Days Of Freedom

Can you believe that it is not far off a month since I have written to my main blog?

That is how busy and tired I have been recently.  I just need to relax and become myself once more.

So I have taken a week off work.  Mainly to chill out and recover – I haven’t had a week off since October.

I have lots of plans:

1. Chill the fuck out.
2. Sunbathing
3. Storm chasing
4. See the Queen
5. Get a hair cut.  Will the mullet stay or go?
6. Study.  Lots of JavaScript.
7. Start a new blog or two, hopefully getting my head around WordPress to expand my skills.
8. Finish sorting out the garden.
9. Decide if I am definitely going on this damn expensive holiday to Croatia next month.
10. Do some holiday shopping.
11 . Get on my bike.  The least likely one to happen!  I’ve only owned it for a year.
12. Have a beer.  Or two.
13. Start my web design company.