So Ibiza is over for another year and I’m heading back to work tomorrow.

I have no money and I just worked out that I have drunk alcohol on 20 consecutive days – my body feels like it too, albeit I have actually lost weight…there may be one or two reasons for that too.

Further to that I have 33 days to find somewhere new to live.

Therefore it is minisemidetoxtime.

The rule is as follows:

Only one pint allowed per week, until both the end of July AND when I have found somewhere to live.  So if I haven’t found anywhere to live until 8th August, I cannot drink any more than one pint per week until that date.  Also it should go without saying that no caffeine or other stimulants are allowed.

It’s a mini-detox – hopefully just under two weeks.  And a semi-detox as I am allowing myself one beer per week.  My body and bank balance both require it.

The most important task over the next month or so is finding somewhere to live.

I have almost definitely settled on moving to Bracknell.  I don’t want to – my heart is in Reading – but I’ll save £130 on travel to work (slightly mitigated by occasional trips to Reading), plus it’s around £50 a month cheaper to rent there, and the housing stock is generally newer.  I did get lucky on my current place.

Crucially though, I’ll save up to 2 hours travelling every day.  That is 10 extra hours every week that I can spend studying, practice my DJing.  Or sleep.  I won’t have to wake up at 6am (or sometimes earlier).  I’ll be able to sleep in until 730am if I’m really tired.

Bracknell won’t be a bed of roses but it will help me in my life in general, and achieve my number one goal which is to be a web developer – living in Ibiza.

Can I Live Without Facebook?

Facebook blocked me from posting for 24 hours for the below offensive picture.

I am not lying.

I demanded an instant revocation and full apology for this ridiculous action but of course, Facebook being the soulless creation that it is, proffered absolutely no response.

So it got me thinking.  Can I live without Facebook?

Honestly, I do like the attention that my attempted humour gets on Facebook.  But people don’t check it so much nowadays so there is not as much reaction as there used to be.  And there are other social networks if I want a bit of attention.  I don’t even post anywhere near as often as I used to.

I could easily use a photo-sharing service if I wanted people to see my photos.  “Who Needs A Wife” could easily be replicated on Instagram.  Yeah I know it’s owned by Facebook – I am sure that there are other similar services.

The main problem comes from my weather page.  If I deactivate my personal profile, my pages disappear.  I am not too bothered about most of them – but the near 1,700 followers that I have built up on the weather page would be lost instantly.  This is my little baby, and I need to protect it.

I do have a secret profile (it isn’t the James Mullet one, before you ask) that I could use solely for the purpose of posting to this page.

But it doesn’t get me away from using Facebook.  I am now considering setting up a WordPress page for it but I really doubt that it will be able to get the same reach.  I have many loyal followers that will stick with me – but if they rely on Facebook notifications now, how can I replicate such reminders?

Plus, I often post when there are downpours nearby – the instant notifications on Facebook do help people.  Countless times I have helped people make sure they avoid the rain, bring their washing in on time, etc.

Hosting it on WordPress would be beneficial as I could have my own domain, have separate galleries, pages for seasonal forecasts, glossary of terms, etc.  Plus my own design.

It’s a tricky one.

There are some external websites that I use Facebook’s login portal for which I assume I would no longer be able to log into – I guess Tinder won’t work.  It isn’t exactly as if I am overburdened with sexual desires from Tinder.

By not being on Facebook, I will save myself plenty of time.  I do not check it anywhere near as much as I used it, but it still takes up 30 minutes of my day – often it is dead time already but not always.

And then there is communicating with people.  Facebook isn’t the best way to communicate with people.  I like phone calls.  I like meeting people, going out for dinner, drinks, dogging, etc.

I guess some people would forget to invite me to things.  If they really want me there then they know where to find me.


I decided in the end that it would be too much of a ballache to move lock, stock and bollocks from Facebook.

Someone clearly has a vendetta against me, I can only assume that they are jealous of my having all of an amazing personality, a fabulous sense of humour, and true beauty.  I doubt they have any of those characteristics.

This miserable person clearly wants me off Facebook so I shall do a little cull.  I have around 10 suspects.

I am not going to let the bastard/bitch defeat me.