I Have A New Job!

Ohhhh you don’t realise just how much I have wanted to tell everyone this.  But I haven’t been able to say anything until now.  A whole week I’ve had to keep quiet – well bar a few of you.

Remember the job interview I went for in Amersham about 6 weeks ago?
I went to meet them last week, in a pub, of course, and they offered me the job.
This is my dream job.  This is what I have been working towards for the past few years – particularly the last 2 years.  This is why I have sacrificed so many good nights out – and why I moved to Bracknell to be able to study more.  I’ve spent a whole year in a soulless place, with almost zero attractive women, a total pain in the arse to get to London from – just so I could achieve my dream.
And I’ve done it.
I will be a junior web developer.  For a small up-and-coming digital agency.  The perfect job in the perfect company – I wanted to work for a digital agency – it isn’t super-cool Hoxtonish so I won’t be overawed by geeky coolness, and with it being new, I’d like to think there is the opportunity to really make my mark, and help the company grow too.
It isn’t going to be easy.  I’ll be going from a job that I can do with my eyes closed, to one where I will permanently be challenged.  I’ll actually be using my brain.  Hopefully my creativity too.
I will need to learn PHP quick sharp.
I am having to take a pay cut.  I was expecting this, and the salary is definitely fair for the role.
The job being in Amersham means I will have to live in London.  Well, I don’t HAVE to, but I want to.  Really, really want to!
Not that I will have any money to go out with until I have proved my worth, maybe bar the odd pint or two.
There is one massive BUT – they don’t have air conditioning.  Surely it cannot be as hot as my current office – and I do get to wear whatever I like.  So if it is hot, I can wear my hotpants.
I am also going to have to train myself out of making animal noises.  And I am going to have to learn how to work without minimal techno, though they are much more relaxed than the average corporation so I’m sure they’ll be fine with my earphones in in due course.  I think they have an office radio too – which does strike some fear into me.
My priority now, as of this weekend is to try to find a room.  The plan is to find somewhere near Harrow/Wembley – 45 minutes to work, 20 minutes to London.  I’ve looked through 413 job adverts and have found 33 possibles – just need to book in some viewings.
I’d really like to spend the weekend celebrating, and I have 3 different invites that I’d dearly like to attend, but alas, house hunting it is.
So 11 years after I first threatened it, I’m moving to London.
And the question you are all wondering – yes, Roast Dinners Around Reading will come to an end, possibly a gory end – do I kill him off, or leave people wondering?  Hmmmm.
Though I might replace it with Roast Dinner Adventures In London – merging culture/fun and roast dinners.
I am super excited about the future – how weird will it be to wake up excited to go to work?
Oh yeah, there will be a leaving roast dinner – probably 4th September.

The Day I Fell Out Of Love With My Country

One week ago today I fell out of love with my country.

I have always been a passionate Brit, but also a European.  Don’t worry, I’m not about to go over the arguments for and against the European Union!

I awoke at 3:45, my alarm had been set, and I switched on the internet to find Nigel Farage making some kind of victory speech.  Surely not?

When the referendum had been announced, in my head it was more of a case of how much the winning margin would be.  I wanted the referendum so that we could finally put a stop to the anti-EU nonsense from around one third of the Conservative MPs.  But with a few weeks to go, I started to be worried.  There were a couple of weeks when people were asking me how it was going to go, that I said leave would win.  Then in the final week, my confidence of a remain victory returned – on the final day, most polls were showing an 8-10% lead for remain – a couple with a small lead for leave.

To wake up to Nigel Fucking Farage, of all people, gloating and beaming about taking his country back, and taking control was anathema to everything I believed in.  Project Lies/Project Hate had beaten Project Fear.

My heart sank.

In fact, last Friday was the most unhappy I have felt in a long time.  At first I was miserable.  Shocked and miserable.  Then anger took over.  I was fuming to the point that I actually considered punching one of my gloating colleagues (who is still winding people up).  Even the next day I was furious.

What really got me was the rejection of the values that I believed in and I thought my country stood for:

  • Openness
  • Tolerance
  • Freedom
  • Internationalism
  • Liberalism
  • Honesty

All of these values that I strongly believe in, had been rejected by 51.9% of my fellow countrymen.

I was hurt and am still hurt.  As it stands, I no longer love my country.

I didn’t even care about England losing to Iceland on Monday.

It will probably come back, and I don’t despise my country like Jeremy Corbyn seems to.  Who knows, Brexit might not actually happen, or maybe we’ll find a way to make it work without too much of a hit to the economy, keeping full access to the single market and most importantly, keeping freedom of movement.  There is no certainty that it will be a disaster.

But the values that I hold dear have been rejected by my fellow countrymen and for that I will long remain saddened.

I want my country back.