Metropolitan Line Complaint Part 1

It’s actually been alright recently – well, perhaps more accurately I’ve been lucky and missed the worst delays. Working from home two days a week helps too. As does the relatively dry weather recently – there are definite service suspension seasons and the next will be the first really hot day, when it gets to around 30’C.

This complaint is from last year and not the funniest ever – just a rant. Part 2 is more fun.


Dear Sir/Madam
I’d like to make yet another complaint about the Metropolitan line service.
Tuesday was yet another clusterfuck of a service.  A signal failure that lasted, what, 4 hours?
Why are these signal failures occurring so regularly?Why did this signal failure take so long to fix?Why could no trains at all run from Harrow to Aldgate?
Given how often such scenarios occur, why does there not seem to be any alternative plan of action?
Isn’t it time that work on signalling improvements was expedited, especially given the high cost of fares?  Nearly 20% of my monthly earnings after tax goes towards what is at least once a week, an abominable service.
I was lucky that I could go and work from home – but there will have been people that had to be at work on time.  I still begrudge the £1.70 that you charged me to get the tube home on Tuesday – and still insist that all regular Metropolitan line customers are due answers, improvements – and some kind of service refund apology.
I sincerely hope that you are willing to answer my questions.  Action must be taken to improve this service.  We cannot wait until 2022.
James Winfield

I never received a response.