I have 7 alarms set now to wake me up in the morning, albeit all on my telephone which is perhaps where my problem arises – not one of them went off the other morning – very strange.

Thankfully I did manage to wake up in time – somehow.  Quite scary though that I could easily have slept through.

The other day I came across a leaving speech for when I worked at Natwest, circa 2000-2003 (I keep all sorts of sentimental/amusing crap) – in it was quoted my lateness record for the first 4 months probationary period which was 6 occasions – not the end of the world, unless you take into account that the average period of lateness each time was just under 3 hours.

This was just after coming out of university so perhaps to be expected, seeing as I hadn’t quite worked out that a bottle of vodka and some hash-cakes at a random student party on a Wednesday night was not condusive to a successful career (please forgive me for the hash-cakes – if Barack Obama can do coke as a youngster and still become president, then I can eat hash-cakes when I am 20 and still achieve in life – not my cup of tea nowadays due to the lethargy it induces, much prefer a beer or three – I have things I want to achieve in life other than getting the munchies and fawning over Bob Marley).

Also quite alarming is that they are planning to replicate the London Eye – in Hull.  I guess this will be a tourist attraction – just like Hull’s other famous tourist attractions like The Deep (the world’s only submarium!) and the Tidal Surge Barrier.

And not forgetting the annual Hull Fair – Europe’s largest collection of chavs, sound-systems playing happy hardcore and intelligent upper class travellers shouting “scream if you want to go faster”.  Not forgetting the many stalls selling brandy snap, ladies telling your future fortunes in life and the stray religious guy trying to tell you all not to live a life of sin any more.  Yes – Hull Fair has it all.

Who is up for the road-trip to Hull?

Oh´╗┐ and another thing, in true Hullite fashion, I have figured out how to get some things through the self-check-outs at Sainsbury’s for approx half the price – I think it only works for things that need weighing, not sure yet.  Anyway, if you weigh for example a bunch of bananas, weigh them half off the scales – it will only price it up partly.  This will bring up a double weighing error, with an option of “Are you using your own bag”.  If you press the button twice quickly, it will accept it.  This is advice from someone who works there, so I assume it is legitimate.  5p a banana, thank you very much.
Another alarming thing is that Fifa and Uefa have been trying to take away the right that our government has set for the World Cup and Euro’s to be guaranteed to broadcast on BBC/ITV.  They argue that this diminishes the amount of TV rights they can earn.  Yet another disgusting action by those who fraudulenty run the world of football.  I would like to see the English FA withdraw from Fifa competitions – yes I know this means that we would not be competiting in the World Cup (of fraud) but I think our national pride is being destroyed by allowing such corrupt bodies to rule our national game.  Thankfully the European Union have blocked them in their attempts so the World Cup shall remain on BBC/ITV.
Finally I have started my own group on Facebook.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it, if anything.  It may just be as pointless as my fan page.  I have 7 fans – 1 of whom isn’t a friend.  1 of whom though is me.  And my group has 1 other member than me.  My online presence is growing all the time!

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