Review of 2021 Goals

Yes it is that time of the year where I look back at what I achieved in the first 3 months of the year whilst I was on detox, and then talked about doing for the next 9 months, with a review of my 2021 goals. So the way this will work is that I … Continued

Mehry Christmehs

I went into the Christmas season in fear. Not because of covid, but because of my social life. Somehow I’d agreed to go out 9 days/nights out of 10. At 41 years old. Oops. Of course, this didn’t actually happen. Some gatherings were cancelled, most work things were cancelled (except the one where I got … Continued

Another Year Without Escaping This Damn Stupid Country

It’s easy to have a downer on the country that you live in – see all the fucking stupidity that goes on, of which thanks to our government there is sufficient. I’m pleased that I’m long past the point (by about two decades) where I thought Britain was the best country in the world, though … Continued

I Want A Holiday…But…

September is one of my favourite times of the year for a holiday – balls to going to the Mediterranean in July/August during heatwave season. September is still hot, October can be hot, or at least very warm. It’s also that final opportunity to get some sunshine before the gloom of the northern hemisphere winter … Continued

Longer Term Goals

I’ve recently found myself being in plodding mode. You probably know that mode, it is very easy to fall into where you are just doing life stuff, going from day to day, week to week, everything is reasonably fine but there isn’t any progress towards goals. So I’ve started thinking about longer term goals. Where … Continued

Halfway (ish) Review of 2021 Goals

Well I’ve been a bit miserable and grumpy this last few weeks – and this has happened a few times since England lost in the final of Euro 2020. Not convinced that is the causation – it’s probably more a combination of the lack of sunshine, needing a break/holiday, being a bit bored at work, … Continued

A Summer Of Some Fun Not In London

Sometimes I know how to start a blog. Most times I do, actually. Yet I find myself in this weird linguistic limbo right now – I’m writing about the fun I’ve had and the places I’ve been since restrictions were removed, yet I’m also feeling a reluctance to plan more fun. I wonder if it … Continued

Being English: It’s Complicated

I’ve been wanting to write an article on my nationality and my relationship with it in the post-Brexit age of increased English nationalism for some time – and with England in the final of Euro 2020, the time has come. There was a time when I’d watch every England game, hand on heart singing the … Continued

James Went To The Lake District

It looked like I would have to eschew foreign holidays again this year, so myself and two of my closest advisors decided a couple of months back to book a staycation, and the Lake District was a fairly clear choice of preference. We booked a cottage on Airbnb that was pretty much in the sticks, … Continued

James Went To Matlock

I had contrasting responses to the end of the two main lockdowns – as the first lockdown ended I was still very subdued and I think somewhat shaken out of living – it took weeks until I ventured to a pub or restaurant. This lockdown, I ended with a flurry of activity – drinking out … Continued