January’s Inflation Figures

So the score is 3.5% (link in title)

Is it out of control? Or will it fall later in the year?

Will my rather wild predicition of 10% inflation at some point this year come true…after all when inflation for November reached 1.9% (nearly half what it is now…just two months later), the Bank of England said it expected it to go above 2% in early 2010.

Roll on pancakes at Casa Wintang to celebrate

You Think London is Expensive?

Reading in the Economist last night, I discovered that the most expensive city in the world is Luanda, in Angola.

Bit of a surprise as I expected it to be Tokyo.

Anyway of more interest:

A meal $100
Hotel room $500-$600
Car & driver hire for a day $500
Monthly rent on poor to average 2-bedroom flat $7,000 or decent flat $15,000

60% of the population live on less than $2 a day.

London wasn’t even in the top 30 – the year before it was in the top 10.

Sweeney Todd’s Pie Chart

I am slowly going through all the pies that appeal at Sweeney Todds (in Reading). Here are the scores out of 10:

Chicken & ham – 8
Steak & Ale – 9
Mixed Game – 6.5 (Carrots? Did someone shoot a carrot? I should complain about false advertising, I would mind if it was sold as Mixed Game & Carrots)

I think it will be Turkey & Bacon next.

Any recommendations or arguments?

Pork & Apple is rated 5.5 by Ellie

Dumb Arseholes of the Week Award

I feel that The New Economics Foundation deserves an award for being completely dumb (link in title).

They argue that the working week should be reduced to 21 hours.

They claim it would reduce unemployment. I doubt it. Why would an employer want two employees working 21 hours each when one employee could work 40 hours?

All I can see is a massive reduction in productivity, and GDP, just at the time when the country needs to be more productive to attracy more investment.

They also claim it would be good for the planet. Hmm.

Completely fucking stupid idea.

Updated Weather Forecast

Just a quick one. Cold weather to continue to around 20th February on current expectations. However the chance of snow is small. There will be a weather system coming down from the north on Tuesday/Wednesday however in the south it is more likely to be rain or sleet – or wet snow at best. But there is a chance of disruption.

Come 20th March (ish), we should get a south-westerly wind bringing somewhat milder but wetter conditions.

Summer will come eventually!