Complaint: Met Line. Again

Dear Sir/Madam

I have just initiated the next battle to get refunds for the exceptionally numerous delays on the Metropolitan line over the last month.

Firstly, myself and all other long-suffering customers would appreciate an explanation of why the new signalling is causing so many service suspensions between Finchley Road and Euston Square. I will apply via FOI request if I have to, but I’d prefer an explanation (an honest one – not the social media cover up) of why the problems are occurring and what is being done to resolve them.

Your customers really would appreciate an explanation. An apology from senior management (or even some form of acknowledgement that customers exist) would be nice too.

Further to that, I have applied for the delays over the last month. However it seems that I am too late to apply for the following:

07/10/2019 AM
08/10/2019 AM
14/10/2019 AM
15/10/2019 AM

It would be appreciated if these are also refunded. It took so long last time to get refunds that I have taken my eye off the ball – I hope this time is not such a battle.

Kind regards


Dear Mr Winfield

Thanks for getting in touch with us on 13 November about the service delay refunds for the month of October. This was for your journey on 7,8, 14 and 15 October.

I am sorry to read you are experiencing delays using the Metropolitan Line.

Based on the information you’ve provided, I have refunded these journeys for you.

This will correct your charges and you’ll receive a refund of £18.80 within five working days.

This is a huge technological change that will bring major benefits to our customers over time. As we switch on the new signalling equipment in phases around the network, we will be switching between the old and the new systems. Although we have tested this operation extensively during simulated and live trials, live operations take a little time to bed in. This is only a temporary disruption, and we expect the service to be back to normal very soon. We apologise for any disruption that this bedding in period may cause. Our staff are working hard to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Please feel free to use the service delay refund option within your Transport for London account. Alternatively, you can email me and I am more than happy to process the refunds manually for you.

Once again we appreciate your patience.

Kind regards

Customer Service Adviser
Transport for London Customer Services


Well I got my refund, but the “temporary disruption” is still going on now in February – and the real chaos started in September. It isn’t exactly as if it ran smoothly before the huge technological change.

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