European Solidarity

Many issues in Europe at the moment, such as the tragedy in Norway, seem to come down to some individuals not being accepting towards people who are not of the same race, culture, sexuality, etc as them.

From my reasonable but certainly far from exceptional understanding of European history, events over the previous decade in Europe, in various countries, such as those back in Holland around 2004 which I cannot remember off the top of my head (please can someone remind me so I can reference it) going back to and the rise of such far-right parties and beliefs like we have in England, with the EDL, have so many similarities with the build-up to World War 1 and World War 2.

Two things need to happen.

Firstly, there needs to be a complete and thorough talk about what the European Union should be for.  Every member of the European Union should be consulted.  We like each other, we are similar to each other, but if we are not careful we will end up at war with each other (check your history if you don’t believe me).

Secondly, there needs to be less unnecessary hatred of people for such ridiculous things as the colour of their skin, their sexuality, their religion, their music tastes, etc etc.

If someone is evil, then fair enough, hate them, but don’t hate everyone else in the culture that they represent.

Anyway, that is me over, I do not want to end up fighting in some stupid war.  I want to be partying, just like our predecessors did in the 1930’s…before the war.  Sort it out human beings.

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