Get Those Prisoners Working

So Ken Clarke is today going to suggest at the Conservative Park conference, that prisoners should work a 40-hour week.

What an excellent idea. I cannot believe that our government actually has the balls to suggest this.

I am very pleased. Here are my suggestions:

1. They could build Crossrail or the High Speed Rail 2 line. Crossrail has been in the planning stages for about 25 years now.
2. They could clean litter from the side of the roads – the state of our roadsides is disgusting.
3. They could generate electricity. Simple wire up exercise bikes to the national grid. We have a big upcoming problem with the lack of electricity generation and this could possibly solve it.

Alternatively to save money, why do we not outsource our prison service to China or Vietnam. They would run it much cheaper and I suspect criminals may be a little less reluctant to commit crime if they are likely to be sent to China. I think there would have to be some leniency, in that the whole of the sentence should not be served thousands of miles away, perhaps 50-75% of it.

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