Hello Ukraine

I’ve been following politics in the Ukraine for many years now, since their recent revolution. They are a bit useless at running their country to be honest. Not as bad as the Labour party here were, but not far behind.

Anyway, I am dismayed about the new dress code being suggested for Ukraine’s government officials and buildings.

Men must wear mostly grey and dark blue suits and not wear the same suit two days in a row.

Women must wear business suits and low-heeled shoes, minimal (hmmm) make-up and jewellery.

Apparently, in the Ukraine, woman wear tight, low-cut dresses to work. And if their ex prime-minister looks that hot and she is getting on a fair bit now, imagine what the younger Ukrainian women must look like.

So, Ukrainian women, start queuing at my door. I am open to offers. I know a few people from the Ukraine have visited my blog so you must be out there.

I will still do my own ironing if you agree to wear tight low-cut dresses. Rebel against this stupid dress code – or better still, come and live in my bedroom.

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