Honestly, I Am Not In The Slightest Bit Bored…

This very second anyway.  I enjoy writing a blog post.  Even if only 9 people on average read them – unless I put a picture of a hot young woman in a bikini, in which case it will get about 200 viewers once it comes up on a Google Image search.
I have to say that yesterday was possibly one of the dullest days in a long time from start to finish. I wasn’t expecting anything in the way of excitement or fun as I had prioritised getting things done both at work and home and generally being productive, and it did end up being successful in that way.  As is the plan today.

I am trying to limit the amount I spend during the week and also stay sober. This isn’t so fun.  I need to find something cost-less to enjoy during the week – I have a couple of things in mind that I am investigating and may say more about them in the future.
One of the most disappointing things about yesterday was listening to about 40-50 new tunes and not wanting to keep any of them, let alone post one on my top tunes blog. Music is the one non-human thing that can normally guarantee me a smile but yesterday – nothing! Just discovering one new top tune makes such a positive difference to my day.
But even on the dullest days, there are always a few things to make me smile – like the spelling on this Labour rosette from the recent local elections.
And the possibility that I could have won the Euromillions allowed me to dream about who I would take to Ibiza the next day to live it up – I think I would just have to take all the people who have kept me entertained and nearly sane during working hours over the past month. I think that is a fair reward. I’ll let you know if you qualify when I win the £60million jackpot on Friday. This is a hint to e-mail me at work and talk to me to keep me amused 😉
I would also buy this bus.

But I wouldn’t buy somewhere to live in Hull.
But I would employ this man for a private party. In a villa in Ibiza of course.


I’ll keep on dreaming, it should keep me amused.
Actually, let’s see some women in bikinis…

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