Is It Still February?

Is it just me or has February lasted much longer than normal this year?

At the beginning of the year I said that I’d try to do monthly updates on my blog, of who I am, where I’m going and what I’m up to.

Alas I have not done anything in February. On purpose – I’m on detox and spending my weekends sorting shit out, whether that be throwing away old clothes, cleaning rhe fridge, defrosting the freezer, doing my annual window cleaning – all that kind of really dull shit. Normally when I speak to people, say phone a friend for a catch up…or just write a blog, I have plenty to say.

Not at the moment. It does really feel like February is dragging – partly because of my detox, and partly because I have not really done anything. Not doing anything is by design, I’m very happy to have had a chilled month – but a lack of fun and excitement does mean that it feels like February is taking forever. Not to mention the weather – I’m at that point of year where I am really craving some warm sunshine (yes I’ll be moaning that it is too hot in a couple of months).

Possibly the most exciting thing I have done this month is eat pancakes – it was a pretty special pancake, I could have had 10. Alas I am trying to lose weight…and was succeeding…was…I’m a fucking moron sometimes.

I’m actually starting to think that my cake and chocolate intake is worse for my health than my alcohol intake. I’ve had lots of cake and chocolate this week – I have felt fairly crap and tired all week, plus I put on weight. The week before I had no cake or chocolate, felt good and lost weight. Co-incidence? Maybe I should really be giving up cake and chocolate for 3 months, instead of alcohol?

The other really big question on my mind, is what desk to buy? I’ve decided that my huge office desk takes up too much space – I cannot get behind it to clean it and there is a 3 year pile of dust and dirt. Yeah I’m still single. So, anyway, I’m trying to find a more compact and space-conscious desk. These are my two favourites at the moment:

Desk one – or desk two? I think the corner one is my favourite. Any thoughts? Or any suggestion on other places to find a desk?

Yep – this is what my life is like at the moment, trying to decide on a new desk. Everything is just really ordinary at the moment. Work is fine, I’ve having fairly average roast dinners – even the Met line is mostly running, albeit a bit slow and is closed for engineering works AGAIN this weekend. Life is just fine.

Next month should be more exciting, assuming killer virus panic doesn’t close the whole country like it seems to have closed Japan – were I booked for Japan in March then I’d probably postpone the trip…not quite sure what the point of going across to the other side of the world is if everything is closed. Fingers crossed it resolves itself.

Anyway, in March I have a visit to Hull to see my mum to look forward to – my mum wants proper fish and chips, which is exactly what my diet needs too. Going to an exhibition on British surrealism in Dulwich and have a roast planned with relatively new London friends, who are all rather funny and on my wavelength.

Space in my calendar for more stuff – and I must remember to do something for National Pie Week.

I’m also watching my football team slowly slide into the relegation spots – 10 games, 2 draws, 8 defeats. Though I had a bet on them at 250-1 to get relegated a month ago. How weird would that be winning a fairly large sum from your football team being relegated?

Hopefully I’ll have something more fun to report next month. At least I didn’t mention Brexit. And it looks like spring will spring around 10th March…fingers crossed.

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