James Went To Watford

Dear readers – please do not accuse me of not being adventurous.  How many of you have ever been to Watford?  Well I have.  And so did my little sister.

Watford is not a town known for its architecture.  Which suits the folk of Hull who have travelled for the football.

I think the highlight was the below town centre pond, with its green water.

We managed to find a reasonably-priced pub, at least for food with a bacon sandwich at just £1.75 – bargain.

Sadly, you were only allowed to do drugs in the toilet facilities if you were on your own, according to the sign below.  Quite why anyone would need a second person to help them stick something up their nose or down their throat, I am not sure – it isn’t exactly as if I need someone to help me drink a beer, but hey, perhaps the clientele of this establishment have difficulties.  And what if the two people in the cubicle were having sex, rather than taking drugs?  Would they still be thrown out?

The football ground itself was a bit basic, but like the town of Watford, it had a certain alluring charm.  Sadly away fans were not allowed to drink alcohol.  Though most Hull City fans were already pretty intoxicated by this point so perhaps not a bad thing.

It was an entertaining game – I would do a match report but the wordsmiths of the Hull City fansite, Amber Nectar, do a far better job than me.

The singing didn’t have quite the variety that it did at Reading away, there was no repeat of “Fish Out, Dolan Out”, those being the chairman and manager respectively, that we spent the whole of the 1996/97 season campaigning against – yes the people of Hull do struggle to move on sometimes!

There was however the ongoing chorus almost continuously for the second half of “she’ll be wearing black and amber when she comes”, “singing I love City till I die”.

One last piece of Watford architecture.

I didn’t go to Cocoon Warehouse Party in the end – intoxication, lack of sleep and lack of money all took their toll, but a very enjoyable day had nonetheless.

Followed by a very enjoyable day soaking up the sun around Reading yesterday.  A little sunburnt now.

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