Last Ever Updated Weather Forecast?

On this blog it is anyway.  I have decided to open a new blog for my weather forecasts and various thoughts, which will give me more options to put bits and pieces of weather stuff without distracting too much from my main blog.

I will put up links to good weather videos, etc, and update my thinking on weather more often.

This bank holiday weekend should end up pretty decent, though not quite as good as the last one which was quite exceptional.

‘THE DAY’ should start off cloudy with perhaps a little light patchy rain, but it will brighten up and warm up – though this may trigger off a few showers, 19’C if you are lucky with sunshine, 17’C if not so lucky.

Saturday sees low pressure to the south, high to the north, with easterly winds over much of England.  Showers to the south and west – Reading should be too far north and therefore stay dry, it may reach 21’C, though 19’C is more realistic.
Sunday sees only subtle changes, more cloud, again a chance of a shower, probably only 18’C – unless it does turn out to be sunny, but I am expecting cloud to be more likely.
Monday looks a bit more favourable for sunshine, but still plenty of cloud potential and slight shower potential, 18’C.  I would not be surprised though if it turned out better than the current forecast – the very warm air is still over France and it would not take too much to change things markedly for the better.
Tuesday, the low pressure which has been very slowly developing to the west of the UK over the weekend will start to form more and progress towards the UK, rain in the west but Reading should be fine and dry, but cooler air, 16’C.
Wednesday looks likely to see some rain at some point, as the low pressure moves slightly further eastwards towards Ireland.  15’C.
Thursday, low pressure still to the west of Ireland, not really moving anywhere now, and if the rain has clearly it should be bright and sunny, but with showers, also with warmer air again, 18’C.

And from then on, the signal is that there will be more warm air trying to get into the south-east of the UK, with low pressure slow-moving to the north-west.  So a mixed feel to the first half of May.

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