Monday Morning Musings

Sometimes in life I have to remind myself that perfection is not easy to achieve. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, however such is my general desire for everything to be perfect, when things do go wrong, I can focus on the negatives too much. I have to remember not to dwell on them too much, especially on a Monday morning. I must keep the faith. Hull City did get into the Premier League – even what is seemingly impossible can come good!

I still have 10 days of holiday left and only about 10 or so weeks to take them in, which is quite a nice prospect. I have decided to take tomorrow off from work to catch up on stuff around the flat, and also take next Monday off which I might need after a weekend in Manchester for the Warehouse Project…and maybe, just maybe, fabric’s birthday on the Sunday. But as it is so long since I have been clubbing, one will do! I actually am thinking of just going by myself one night to fabric – but a night out in London is a bit of a commitment to do by myself!

I don’t really have much else to say for now, I just wanted to spend a few minutes writing something – it makes me feel better if nothing else.

I hope to have something more entertaining to say either later today or this evening.  I might even do my weather forecast this evening.  I’m expecting to advise of more dry weather, but a drop in temperatures.

I hope your Monday isn’t too minging. The weekend will arrive soon enough.

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