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  • Zefzeed at M – Ulmaridae (Moscow?)

    Published 8 January 2022, 2:11 pm

  • Another week, another Romanian minimal techno mix – this time by Zefzeed.

    But this isn’t just any mix. Well, not to me anyway. This is probably my most played DJ mix of 2021 – time after time this was the sound of my appropriately repetitive walks around my local neighbourhood.

    Quite a squelchy bass-heavy start to Zefzeed’s mix, which suits me well. The mix goes through a range of minimal techno feels, “peaking” halfway with the sound of a supermarket checkout. That’ll be £5.99 please, sir.

    Another moment that particularly impressed was his playing Open Air by Cab Drivers at a pitched-down speed – probably the track of the mix for me, and a surprisingly old track too. This coming after a more stripped-back and slightly dubby phase, which elongated the pleasure even more.

    I don’t actually know much about Zefzeed himself. He’s from Romania, shock horror, and has been playing out for a good 15 years. His productions are pretty sweet too – Control Yourself, Samantha Fox and Coconut Milf are arguably my favourites, and all worth checking out – if you like minimal.

    If you don’t like minimal then I have no idea why you follow this little blog.

    Anyway. Enjoyment rating of 7.72.


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  • Suolo – Afterhours 087

    Published 31 December 2021, 12:00 pm

  • Back to not very well known Romanian minimal techno DJs to start 2022 – Suolo this time.

    A bit of a mystery this one, there’s seemingly no interviews and very little information about Suolo, though I found his Facebook profile. I guess I have to do the “it’s all about the music, mannnnnnnn” vomit-inducing phrase.

    And I guess it is, though it is nice to be able to give you a tiny fragment of information other than dude from Romania that plays minimal techno.

    I think I found this set randomly on Soundcloud, just listening to one minimal techno mix after another, until this mix from Suolo really enchanted me, perhaps triggered by the duck noises.

    This mix glides along fairly seamlessly, with sweeping minimalism and occasional quirky noises, featuring tracks by the likes of Dragutesku and Laza Stojanovik (Way Back is quite a glorious edit).

    It does tail off a little after the hour, as if he’s slowly ending an 8am DJ set, and then it gets a bit emosh towards the end – with a track I’m desperate to know the name of!

    Enjoyment rating of 7.11


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  • Philipp Gorbachev – RA Podcast 771

    Published 25 December 2021, 1:52 pm

  • Russia’s Philipp Gorbachev came to my attention some years ago, I think in a Mixmag article, and he stood out for his craziness and flamboyancy – in a country where it is easy to imagine this isn’t tolerated as easily as it might in say, Berlin or London.

    In my head I had him down as a techno DJ, kind of in the mould of Len Faki, but this hybrid live/DJ mix for Resident Advisor shows him in a different light.

    Most of the tracks played are Philipp Gorbachev’s, but my ears really picked up with Barnt’s Local Fame, after which the energy levels really pick up.

    Overall the hour-long mix conjures up emotions of anger and frustration, yet is bound with energy and intrigue. Not what you might call techno per se but very much is techno – well, maybe you’d closer call some of it EBM or electro. Whatever your classification, the emotion belongs to the world of techno.

    I also really quite enjoy how Philipp Gorbachev has built his live set around a handful of really class tracks, one by Barnt that I mentioned earlier and one by Terence Fixmer.

    Enjoyment rating of 6.61.


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  • Sven Väth – Essential Mix – 30th January 2021

    Published 4 December 2021, 5:49 pm

  • Sven Väth. Oh Sven Väth. You know this DJ, right?

    Gosh I’ve been following him since the early 90’s, and you could say that I was totally obsessed and had a bit of a bro-crush on him roughly 2002 to 2012.

    I look back on peak Cocoon Ibiza years (2006 to 2009 in my opinion) with such fondness, and actually possibly the greatest moments of my life. Every time I have a few beers and put on some of the music back from that period, I just wonder whether music will ever be that exciting again to me.

    Sure enough, I’ve become bored of Sven’s output, though that is more him than me with his sets seemingly consisting of the Tale Of Us wishy-washy drivel of late – perhaps it isn’t his fault either, as I don’t hear much ground-breaking techno music now either – at least not that fits in with the whole Cocoon shebang.

    So I put this mix on with some weariness and trepidation, yet found that it was a mix full of Cocoon Recordings tracks – many of them from the glory days such as Sven’s Komm, Egbert’s Vreugdevuur and Joris Voorn’s The Secret.

    Albeit mixed with some newer less interesting tracks and that bloody annoying Geht’s Noch.

    Is this Sven back on form? Well, not really – he isn’t pushing new, exciting techno any more, but this mix does revel in the past, which is where Sven and Cocoon’s best days almost certainly are (at least to my ears) – and in a way there is nothing wrong with that – there have been some amazing DJs, scenes and music that are deeply rooted in the past.

    And this is an enjoyable trip back in time – enjoyment rating of 6.60.


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  • Amelia Holt – Daisychain 161

    Published 20 November 2021, 11:30 am

  • I’m back, and this week featuring a DJ that you’ve probably never heard of – Amelia Holt, and her mix for Daisychain.

    Well, I hadn’t heard of her anyway, Amelia Holt is based in New York and seems mostly to play in the area so I’m assuming that she’s a good local DJ that hasn’t really made it too far into the broader conscious yet.

    So why should you listen to this mix?

    It’s a bit different to a lot of the mixes I feature on here. Quite up-tempo and bouncy, broadly house music but with a tropical and tribal feel to it at times.

    I had almost concluded that it sounded not a million miles away from a 90’s Danny Tenaglia mix – when Elements by the man himself comes in.

    It does go a tad whooshy weird for a while, but I think that kind of makes the flow of this mix really quite charming, and the last 20 minutes is just gorgeous – perhaps not what you’d expect the mix to go into, but really quite an impressive way to take it.

    You’ll hear from about Amelia Holt in the years to come.

    Enjoyment rating of 6.96.


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  • Mr. G – Shop Sounds

    Published 22 October 2021, 5:17 pm

  • Yes there’s actually house music this week – courtesy of Mr. G.

    I know I post a lot of minimal but it is my favourite genre, and most of the mixes in my head that I should post are minimal too.

    So before I go into week’s more of minimal, this is my recommendation to you to check out this mix by Mr. G – a stalwart of house music, and occasionally techno, for 20 or so years. You can check out his very impressive discography on Discogs. Precious Cargo, 28 and Contrast are a few of my favourites.

    Anyway, lets talk about this mix. Apparently mostly made up of records that he discovered in Tokyo, it starts very much on a house tip, though midway through the hour the tempo really picks up and we do get into something like techno before you really are ready, or at least before I was readyy – but it is just an hour-long mix so maybe that one is on you. Or maybe just on me.

    The transitions in and out of Flash by Green Velvet do seem a tad out of place – like, the mix would make more sense without that track, but either way, this is still an enjoyable, danceable mix.

    You probably know who Mr. G is anyway if you have discovered this little blog, but if you don’t, then do take a bit of time to check him out. He doesn’t play out that often, occasionally live, occasionally as a DJ – and he loves more than just house and techno – so you should get a real treat.

    Enjoyment rating of 6.95.


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  • Tulbure – Trommel Podcast 110

    Published 9 October 2021, 1:27 pm

  • I’ve listened to this mix by Tulbure so many times that I feel writing about it I might not do it justice – because it kind of got stuck in a loop when I was uninspired to search for new music, so maybe I just feel tired of it.

    Yet I’ve left it alone for a couple of months before writing, so hopefully I’ve got a clear mind and as I hear the first plinks of Amazordum by Ricardo Villalobos, it feels like I am in the right place.

    Tulbure is yet another Romanian DJ, and this is yet another minimal techno mix. Hey, I love minimal and this is my little piddly music blog. It isn’t the first time that I’ve featured a mix by Tulbure – who is a rather underrated DJ in the ro-minimal world.

    The whole mix rolls along very nicely, veering between more underground house tracks and more minimal feels, basslines and bleeps with a groove too.

    Like myself, Tulbure seems a huge fan of Ricardo and manages to squeeze at least one more of his tracks – a remix of Animal In Club by San Proper, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were more that I haven’t recognised.

    Frustratingly there is quite a bad mix near the end…which must have been painful for Tulbure – and it does jolt for the listener a bit, and a shame as the last track is rather graceful.

    That aside, this is a really good quality mix, and my enjoyment rating is 7.15.

    Also do keep an eye out on the Trommel podcasts, who have a great selection of guests.


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  • Kenneth Christiansen – Recorder.13 Mix

    Published 25 September 2021, 6:21 pm

  • This mix from Kenneth Christiansen is class.

    I’d only really heard of Kenneth Christiansen from following his Resident Advisor DJ charts when they were a thing – before Resident Advisor decided that they didn’t want any community interaction.

    He often put me onto some really classy dub techno tracks – the kind of rare tracks that I struggle to discover without a DJ chart or two.

    Yet he should be more well-known, especially for running the consistently excellent Echocord label for nearly 20 years – who has published records by the likes of STL, Babe Roots and Forest Drive West. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to expect from this mix.

    It is pretty flawless – starting firmly in the world of dub techno with just hints of a dub reggae background, though perhaps you need to squint a tad. As I said in the opening sentence, the class of the mix shines through and before you know it, an hour has passed and you are into something more up tempo yet still with the laid back techno vibe and smatterings of dub.

    It does get darker towards the end, but stays dubby. As I said, this is class.

    Weirdly, even though the mix is truly excellent, I’m not sure I’ll come back and listen to it many times. But listen to it, you really should.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.33.


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  • Hessle Audio feat. Ben UFO 6th July 2020

    Published 4 September 2021, 9:03 am

  • You can rely on Ben UFO to not give you what you expect – and this show is unexpectedly housey.

    Sure, it starts with some chilled dub reggae, and progresses through a bit of ambient but you quickly realise that you are fully into a house mix, with some classic sounds – Circulation – Emotions Unknown is probably my peak here, released in 1995.

    The second half of the mix (and it is a mix despite also being a radio show), magically transforms away from house music yet somehow by the end you still feel like you have been listening to a house music mix.

    This second half is more what you’d expect from a Hessle Audio show – unusual kind of ambient or bass music from the likes of Robert Aiki Aubery Lowe or DJ Ungel – yeah I’ve not heard of them either.

    That Ben UFO can manage to meld all these genres together so coherently is why he is one of my favourite DJs – and his radio shows are the only show I listen to regularly.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.91.


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  • Cristi Cons – Yoyaku Instore

    Published 14 August 2021, 12:03 pm

  • Cristi Cons was one of the original bunch of new Romanian DJs to really bring about the hypnotic minimal sound nowadays known as ro-minimal. Him and Barac were kind of pioneers for me – of course, there are hundreds of DJs in Romania now doing the same thing, and a few even elsewhere in the world.

    This was recorded in 2017 as part of the Yoyaku record store video podcasts, and you can see a handful of customers just casually browsing – like Boiler Room but in Paris so way too cool to go there or dance or anything.

    It is everything that you’d expect from one of the main ro-minimal protagonists, it is minimal, it is hypnotic, there are some gorgeous basslines and beats.

    Amazingly there is a tracklisting on Youtube – and it features some of the best producers of the sound, be it Jay Bliss, DeWalta, Vlad Caia or Cristi Cons himself, produced with Sublee.

    It just plods along and relies more on the quality of the productions, though there are glimmers of his style as a DJ – but he’s more one of those DJs that lets the tracks do the talking.

    Some seriously great music here from Cristi Cons and one you can listen to repeatedly for many years without it growing old – it’s 4 years old already.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.71.


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