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  • Tulbure – Trommel Podcast 110

    Published 9 October 2021, 1:27 pm

  • I’ve listened to this mix by Tulbure so many times that I feel writing about it I might not do it justice – because it kind of got stuck in a loop when I was uninspired to search for new music, so maybe I just feel tired of it.

    Yet I’ve left it alone for a couple of months before writing, so hopefully I’ve got a clear mind and as I hear the first plinks of Amazordum by Ricardo Villalobos, it feels like I am in the right place.

    Tulbure is yet another Romanian DJ, and this is yet another minimal techno mix. Hey, I love minimal and this is my little piddly music blog. It isn’t the first time that I’ve featured a mix by Tulbure – who is a rather underrated DJ in the ro-minimal world.

    The whole mix rolls along very nicely, veering between more underground house tracks and more minimal feels, basslines and bleeps with a groove too.

    Like myself, Tulbure seems a huge fan of Ricardo and manages to squeeze at least one more of his tracks – a remix of Animal In Club by San Proper, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were more that I haven’t recognised.

    Frustratingly there is quite a bad mix near the end…which must have been painful for Tulbure – and it does jolt for the listener a bit, and a shame as the last track is rather graceful.

    That aside, this is a really good quality mix, and my enjoyment rating is 7.15.

    Also do keep an eye out on the Trommel podcasts, who have a great selection of guests.


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  • Kenneth Christiansen – Recorder.13 Mix

    Published 25 September 2021, 6:21 pm

  • This mix from Kenneth Christiansen is class.

    I’d only really heard of Kenneth Christiansen from following his Resident Advisor DJ charts when they were a thing – before Resident Advisor decided that they didn’t want any community interaction.

    He often put me onto some really classy dub techno tracks – the kind of rare tracks that I struggle to discover without a DJ chart or two.

    Yet he should be more well-known, especially for running the consistently excellent Echocord label for nearly 20 years – who has published records by the likes of STL, Babe Roots and Forest Drive West. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to expect from this mix.

    It is pretty flawless – starting firmly in the world of dub techno with just hints of a dub reggae background, though perhaps you need to squint a tad. As I said in the opening sentence, the class of the mix shines through and before you know it, an hour has passed and you are into something more up tempo yet still with the laid back techno vibe and smatterings of dub.

    It does get darker towards the end, but stays dubby. As I said, this is class.

    Weirdly, even though the mix is truly excellent, I’m not sure I’ll come back and listen to it many times. But listen to it, you really should.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.33.


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  • Hessle Audio feat. Ben UFO 6th July 2020

    Published 4 September 2021, 9:03 am

  • You can rely on Ben UFO to not give you what you expect – and this show is unexpectedly housey.

    Sure, it starts with some chilled dub reggae, and progresses through a bit of ambient but you quickly realise that you are fully into a house mix, with some classic sounds – Circulation – Emotions Unknown is probably my peak here, released in 1995.

    The second half of the mix (and it is a mix despite also being a radio show), magically transforms away from house music yet somehow by the end you still feel like you have been listening to a house music mix.

    This second half is more what you’d expect from a Hessle Audio show – unusual kind of ambient or bass music from the likes of Robert Aiki Aubery Lowe or DJ Ungel – yeah I’ve not heard of them either.

    That Ben UFO can manage to meld all these genres together so coherently is why he is one of my favourite DJs – and his radio shows are the only show I listen to regularly.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.91.


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  • Cristi Cons – Yoyaku Instore

    Published 14 August 2021, 12:03 pm

  • Cristi Cons was one of the original bunch of new Romanian DJs to really bring about the hypnotic minimal sound nowadays known as ro-minimal. Him and Barac were kind of pioneers for me – of course, there are hundreds of DJs in Romania now doing the same thing, and a few even elsewhere in the world.

    This was recorded in 2017 as part of the Yoyaku record store video podcasts, and you can see a handful of customers just casually browsing – like Boiler Room but in Paris so way too cool to go there or dance or anything.

    It is everything that you’d expect from one of the main ro-minimal protagonists, it is minimal, it is hypnotic, there are some gorgeous basslines and beats.

    Amazingly there is a tracklisting on Youtube – and it features some of the best producers of the sound, be it Jay Bliss, DeWalta, Vlad Caia or Cristi Cons himself, produced with Sublee.

    It just plods along and relies more on the quality of the productions, though there are glimmers of his style as a DJ – but he’s more one of those DJs that lets the tracks do the talking.

    Some seriously great music here from Cristi Cons and one you can listen to repeatedly for many years without it growing old – it’s 4 years old already.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.71.


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  • Phase Fatale – KHIDI Podcast Nr.4

    Published 7 August 2021, 3:19 pm

  • So the nightclubs are open and I’ve decided to cut my social life. Well, I’m too old for clubs anyway – but I’m not quite yet too old for banging techno by the likes of Phase Fatale.

    Well, this isn’t just plain, ordinary techno because that would be boring. I’m sure there is good, exciting straight-forward techno out there but I’m not finding it.

    This mix from Phase Fatale channels so much raw emotion – and quite a lot of anger – at least for me. I discovered it during the winter lockdown in January (in the UK) and it just felt so right for the times. And now it’s allegedly summer yet just pissing it down all the time, it still feels right.

    It starts with an oomph. No messing around. And then rolls around in a forbidding manner for some time, going through some twisted techno and some more industrial/EBM sounds (why I really like Phase Fatale in the first place), but then surprises with a drop into a classic emotional breakdown…which I cannot work out the name of. And it is the perfect moment for a rest.

    The mix then growls and slams its way to another climax.

    I hope you’ve got some energy. Enjoyment rating of 7.46.


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  • DJ Tripadvisor – Erratic Episode 208

    Published 17 July 2021, 10:54 am

  • DJ who? Exactly. Amused by the name, DJ Tripadvisor, but I cannot actually find any further information out about him.

    A Google search will lead you only to find out about people who think Mahiki has the best DJ in the world or that went to fabric but complained about the smell.

    So this is just a music thing.

    Apparently this is a one-take vinyl mix, and the initial clashing beats on the first mix confirm this – yet almost sound if they were done on purpose to give it a jolt.

    Just under an hour long, it features tracks by the likes of Gesloten Circle, Tadeo and Dj Wild, and is kind of on the edge of becoming techno without ever quite getting there, becoming really quite trippy around the 25 minute mark.

    Overall this mix from DJ Tripadvisor is pretty raw and edgy, has a touch of darkness to it and is something that you can easily get into, if you want something a little tougher – but not quite TECHNO.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.03.


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  • Marquis Hawkes @ Shades, Watergate, Berlin – 25th July 2018

    Published 26 June 2021, 9:36 am

  • Marquis Hawkes should be no stranger to those of you into quality house music, but perhaps it could be. I’m not entirely sure how “educated” (gosh what an awful phrase) my few readers are.

    He’s been producing decent house music for some years now, perhaps most notably Sealion Woman, releasing on the likes of Aus Music and Houndstooth, and has two great albums out – both Social Housing and The Marquis Of Hawkes are well worth a purchase.

    So perhaps he is less well-known as a DJ, but this set firmly shows why I and you should take more notice of him, assuming you like your house music.

    Starting quite deep, going into one of my favourite house tracks of the moment, Remember by Javonntte – it becomes a really rather bouncy, happy house music mix for a good 2.5 hours – occasionally rather piano-happy in fact.

    Definitely a put it on at a summer BBQ kind of house mix.

    And the mix is really sealed with him playing Cinthie’s remix of Brawn by JVXTA – how that track is not absolutely massive, I have no idea.

    Enjoyment rating of 8.15.


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  • Jamie Tiller & Raphaël Top-Secret – Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival 2018

    Published 5 June 2021, 12:46 pm

  • So I have been enjoying life too much to post recently – if I have any readers then I hope you have too. But I have a list of mixes to recommend, starting with this Boiler Room mix from Jamie Tiller & Raphaël Top-Secret.

    Ahhh Boiler Room – I miss pretending that I was one day going to be brave enough to apply to be in the crowd at a Boiler Room show. And I missed having live Boiler Room videos of people dancing – sure the back catalogue has some classics (and a ton of stuff of absolutely no interest to me) and this is one of the treasures that I found a little while back.

    Mixed by two lesser-known DJs, well I’ve featured Raphaël Top-Secret before, but never even heard of Jamie Tiller until I watched this video – he’s from London too, which is where I’m based so maybe I’ll get to see him play at some point.

    Anyway, mixed by two lesser-known DJs, which is how I like it – this mix is an hour of funky summer grooves, a funk and disco feel to it without actually being disco per se, along with some house music at times – notably the glorious When You Love Someone by Daphne.

    It does quite easily flick between similar genres, never really grasping one too long though almost always staying under the feel of funky summer grooves.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.04.


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  • Prosumer – Wave Mix 0

    Published 3 April 2021, 5:47 pm

  • Apparently a prosumer is an individual who both consumes and produces. He’s also a very good house music DJ, with a solid beard – and you should really be consuming this DJ mix of his.

    Prosumer has been one of my favourite (ish) DJs for many years, though just for a minority of the 25 years or so that he has been DJing – the kind of DJ that I look up when I’m looking for a quality house music set that I can bounce around to.

    Currently located in Edinburgh though he spent many years as a fairly important part of the Berlin scene – and he has a fair discography behind him too, sometimes with other collaborators like Tama Sumo, with releases on the likes of Playhouse, Mobilee and rather regularly, OstGut Ton.

    Yet he’s still not especially widely known as a DJ…in the grand scheme of things. Not as well known as I feel he deserves to be, but I also get the feeling that he is quite happy not being the superstar.

    This is an hour of quality house music, tracks from the likes of Todd Terry and Mood II Swing give it a classic feel – generally uplifting, definitely danceable, and finishes with a little disco moment.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.59.


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  • Denis Kaznacheev – Trommel Podcast 102

    Published 26 March 2021, 2:40 pm

  • Denis Kaznacheev is a Russian minimal techno DJ that in 2020 became known a little more widely known in unfortunate circumstances due being arrested in Berlin at the request of the US government.

    He’s someone that I’ve been following for some years, and those of you in the minimal techno scene will likely be well aware of his exceptional DJing abilities, alongside his running of the well-respected Nervmusic Records label.

    This mix is a true wonder for those of us who love minimal – recorded for Trommel who you really should be following as they are the online home of minimal techno, at least in my eyes.

    Just short of two hours of glorious minimal techno, lots of clicks and bleeps, occasional basslines, understated melodies. I recognise very few tracks and I suspect many will be unknown to us mere mortals for years to come. As a mix it is just really well put together, and so interesting to be worthy of multiple repeat plans.

    And that track at 1hr 27m just fills me with joy – a simple hook but it just fits in magnificently.

    This really is quite a magnificent mix – enjoyment rating of 8.28.


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