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  • Prosumer – Wave Mix 0

    Published 3 April 2021, 5:47 pm

  • Apparently a prosumer is an individual who both consumes and produces. He’s also a very good house music DJ, with a solid beard – and you should really be consuming this DJ mix of his.

    Prosumer has been one of my favourite (ish) DJs for many years, though just for a minority of the 25 years or so that he has been DJing – the kind of DJ that I look up when I’m looking for a quality house music set that I can bounce around to.

    Currently located in Edinburgh though he spent many years as a fairly important part of the Berlin scene – and he has a fair discography behind him too, sometimes with other collaborators like Tama Sumo, with releases on the likes of Playhouse, Mobilee and rather regularly, OstGut Ton.

    Yet he’s still not especially widely known as a DJ…in the grand scheme of things. Not as well known as I feel he deserves to be, but I also get the feeling that he is quite happy not being the superstar.

    This is an hour of quality house music, tracks from the likes of Todd Terry and Mood II Swing give it a classic feel – generally uplifting, definitely danceable, and finishes with a little disco moment.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.59.


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  • Denis Kaznacheev – Trommel Podcast 102

    Published 26 March 2021, 2:40 pm

  • Denis Kaznacheev is a Russian minimal techno DJ that in 2020 became known a little more widely known in unfortunate circumstances due being arrested in Berlin at the request of the US government.

    He’s someone that I’ve been following for some years, and those of you in the minimal techno scene will likely be well aware of his exceptional DJing abilities, alongside his running of the well-respected Nervmusic Records label.

    This mix is a true wonder for those of us who love minimal – recorded for Trommel who you really should be following as they are the online home of minimal techno, at least in my eyes.

    Just short of two hours of glorious minimal techno, lots of clicks and bleeps, occasional basslines, understated melodies. I recognise very few tracks and I suspect many will be unknown to us mere mortals for years to come. As a mix it is just really well put together, and so interesting to be worthy of multiple repeat plans.

    And that track at 1hr 27m just fills me with joy – a simple hook but it just fits in magnificently.

    This really is quite a magnificent mix – enjoyment rating of 8.28.


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  • Andrey Pushkarev – Paraffin Podcasts 015

    Published 13 March 2021, 4:06 pm

  • Andrey Pushkarev is a DJ from Russia who has been on my radar for some years now – well, more than on my radar, I’m a regular listener and enjoyer of his DJ mixes.

    And there are quite a plethora of mixes out there from Andrey Pushkarev. Some are more on the minimal, others can be a bit more techno-orientated – and this hour long mix for Paraffin Podcasts is steeped in dub techno.

    It is a damn fine mix, broadly as I described, dub techno – with that dubby feel and general atmospheric surroundings. All stripped back and underground – I didn’t recognise any track on first listen.

    Andrey Pushkarev is well worth a follow – he does put out some really good mixes – quite regularly too.

    Maybe also worth giving Paraffin Podcasts a follow too – they are based in Tehran so perhaps one of the more difficult areas of the world to have an underground scene – kudos to them.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.81.


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  • Sonja Moonear – fabric Promo Mix

    Published 6 March 2021, 4:15 pm

  • I know what you are thinking. Sonja Moonear doesn’t need to be doing promo mixes for fabric.

    But this mix is from 2013 – a time when I still actually went to fabric semi-regularly, a time when we were actually allowed to go into nightclubs – and I time when I thought Sonja Moonear was at her best, at least for my ears.

    This minimal mix is as hypnotic as anything you’ll hear from the Romanians in 2021 – at least for the first half anyway. It features tracks by the likes of Andrey Zots, Jeremy P Caulfield and, of course, Ricardo.

    It does slowly become a bit more housey as time goes on – away from the hypnotic minimal and just into a fine groove.

    Over recent years, Sonja Moonear has played much more techy sounds – at least when I’ve seen her or listened to her, so if minimal is your greatest bag as is mine – then her sets from 2013, or around then, really are gems. This is as fine a listen now as it was back then.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.40.


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  • Alienata – MOTZ Podcast 32

    Published 28 February 2021, 2:40 pm

  • Alienata. I’ve been listening to her mixes for a little while now, and maybe a few years ago they were a little shaky but in a similar way as when you watch a young footballer and you can see the talent – you could hear that Alienata had something about her.

    Now her DJ mixes have become more refined with quite a purpose to them (at least to my ears) and I really do think she is one to watch.

    Kind of venturing towards an electro/EBM feel, this is far more than an ordinary techno mix. It’s even far from techno at the beginning – at least in terms of tempo and does the whole warming up and setting vibe thing really well.

    Towards the end of the mix it does become more twisted with some acidic flourishes. Almost quite venomous – it feels like what you are really listening to this mix from Alienata for.

    So if you like your techno very much EBM/electro influenced, then give this mix a try.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.12.


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  • Ben UFO & Junes – Rinse FM 24th May 2018

    Published 20 February 2021, 3:35 pm

  • I listen to a lot of Ben UFO radio shows from Rinse FM. I often want to feature them but can never decide which one to pick, but this show with Ben UFO & Junes is the one I keep putting on at late.

    The reason why I enjoy Ben UFO’s radio show so much is the feeling of modernity that the music gives me – often abstract, occasionally groovy – sometimes outright weird and very occasionally not to my tastes.

    It can be a challenging listen at times, but for me that is the appeal – and I feel that I gain an understanding of where at least one stand of underground dance music is heading.

    This radio show starts off with a one-hour mix from Junes, which plays to my minimal dreams with tracks by the likes of Jichael Mackson and Ricardo. His mix goes more into house and techno territory as it goes along but keeps things stripped back.

    The second hour is wonder and merriment from Ben UFO – almost early morning wake up music at first, but some real twists including the incredible Dub Hell from Ossia.

    Enjoyment rating of 8.04


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  • ItaloJohnson – The Lab NYC

    Published 13 February 2021, 12:06 pm

  • I’m a pretty big fan of the shadowy ItaloJohnson, this isn’t the first time that I’ve featured them and I’m perhaps an even bigger fan of their productions.

    3 guys making and playing music for dancefloors, which as I write seems a pretty foreign concept, but who doesn’t like an occasional dance around their room? Beats a Joe Wicks exercise video, for sure.

    This starts off with intent, as you’d expect from ItaloJohnson, hoovering into Phantom Space by Hooverian Blur, who’s futuristic techno beats I’m a huge fan of.

    It does go rather techno without sending you into a tailspin, and for me peaks with 12A1 by ItaloJohnson themselves. More in the way of house music in the latter half but all with intent and oomph.

    The mix also includes tracks by the likes of Dustin Zahn, Truncate and Nina Kraviz. So you know it isn’t messing around.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.60. This really is a fine mix with some great music.


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  • Ziúr – Resident Advisor Podcast 545

    Published 6 February 2021, 12:53 pm

  • I don’t get this mix by Ziúr or the music in it.

    Quite simply, it is anti-music. A cacophony of noise based on some bastardised combination of dubstep, grime, bass and breaks, with screeching, snippets of jazz, touches of metal, various industrial noises, girly vocals and odd samples.

    Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

    I hated it at first but it has a bizarre charm, the buckets of unpredictability and the sharp twists into new musical paradigms give it this sense of intrigue. Languid yet occasionally intense – it isn’t something that should scare you on a BPM front.

    Kind of pointless for me to attempt to describe the flow or the journey of this mix by Ziúr – and it really stands contrary to anything else I write about.

    Maybe it is just my lack of understanding of it that makes me rate it highly – a bizarrely well-constructed sheet of anti-music.

    It really shouldn’t work. I should hate it. But yet I keep listening to it.

    Enjoyment rating of 6.20.


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  • Dorian Paic @ Timewarp, Mannheim 2019

    Published 31 January 2021, 4:45 pm

  • Dorian Paic is someone that seems to have been around forever – a mainstay of the Frankfurt clubbing scene in the 90’s and early 2000’s – I guess he first came to my attention during my fixation with Cocoon from 2005 onwards.

    Yet he was just another Cocoon DJ to me at the time. A good DJ – one with a very limited discography and one that hasn’t really stood out to me until recently.

    In recent years Dorian Paic has been heading more down the minimal route – a route that has always interested me so now I’m pretty quick to check out his mixes – as you should be.

    The mix starts in a smooth minimal way, though there are flourishes of house groove and even a little modern two-step from a track by Phone Traxxx – who make some fine garage ditties.

    Towards the end is drifts back more minimal – which is where Dorian Paic’s style seems to drift ever more towards – and I approve.

    His 2012 Timewarp mix is online also – so you can see the comparison with this smooth sound – to the more tech-house and not massively interesting sound that he had in 2012.

    Enjoyment rating of 7.22.


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  • Ricardo Villalobos b2b Raresh @ Amnesia, 2018 (Essential Mix)

    Published 16 January 2021, 3:17 pm

  • If you follow either Ricardo Villalobos or Raresh then this mix is unlikely to be new to you. Released, if I recall correctly, fairly near the beginning of Lockdown 1, this was a tiny little moment of excitement in those really rather dark and uncertain times.

    So maybe this is a reminder for you – it was a reminder for me when I spent a bit of time this morning tidying up all the 3,000 or so icons on my desktop (slight exaggeration but I’m sure you know what I mean) and was like, “ooooh I should really post this”. Especially given that some of you are in another lockdown – like I am sat here writing in London.

    This Ricardo Villalobos b2b Raresh mix starts minimal – clicky tracks, deep tracks – as you might expect though both DJs are known for playing house music too, Ricardo especially.

    And yes, it does gradually tempo-up into house music at times, with the glorious The Surf Way by Point G being a perfect example. But generally retains the underground and quite stripped back feel.

    In a way, I feel that this Ricardo Villalobos b2b Raresh mix could have been more magic than it is – it has a sublime feel to it, yet there is a trigger missing to take it to the next level, that you know these two can produce – and maybe did produce that night later on.

    I guess we are just hearing the warm-up. Enjoyment rating of 7.66. Gosh I wish we could be in Ibiza right now.


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